Do you have a passion for cars or automobiles? Are you interested in capitalizing on the transport industry but have no idea about the best automotive business idea or opportunity to choose from?

If yes, then this article will provide you several business ideas in the automotive industry that are reliable, comfortable, and profitable if they are being set up.

About Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is massive and offers a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to benefit from its numerous value chains.

For readers having little to no idea on what opportunities are available within this industry, this article will provide you with ample information on a variety of auto business you can invest in.

The industry is a wide industrial sector with business activities and ideas that comprise technological development, engineering, design, marketing, manufacturing, sales, distribution, maintenance of the motor vehicles or automobiles, etc.

Conversely, the automotive industry is no doubt a billion-dollar industry with big names and notable market leaders like Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Chevrolet, etc.

However, it is very important to note that this article has nothing to do with the big names and brands of the industry; rather, it is on the verge of revealing the several opportunities you can take to tap from the billion-dollar automotive industry.

Are These Ideas Profitable?

The automotive business ideas listed in this article are all highly profitable. However, such isn’t automatic. Strong commitment and the strategic implementation of business goals will impact on profitability.

Several other factors contribute to the success of your preferred auto business.

These include the location of the business, how effective the marketing strategy is as well as how favorable your clients perceive your business among other things.

Profitable Business Ideas In Automotive Industry

This is where we consider the many different automotive business ideas you can exploit. There are so many as you’ll soon find out. We recommend going for ideas which you find more interesting and are likely to give you the fulfillment you crave for.

Below are, however, the business ideas and opportunities in the automotive industry that you can kick start.

Auto Magazine

If you’re interested in keeping yourself updated with current events and innovations within the auto industry, then this idea might be rewarding. Vehicle enthusiasts always seek for new information on the latest auto technologies.

Being able to provide them with reliable information can serve as a great opportunity to start a business. There are lots of factors to consider such as your preferred niche area, planning on its smooth take-off, having adequate finances as well as choosing your preferred medium (that is print or online format or both), etc.

Tow Truck

Tow truck services are vital for vehicle owners. Each day, cars breakdown and will need to be towed to the garage or mechanic workshop to have them fixed. There’s never a lack of patronage.

To start this business, you’ll need to get the right equipment such as a tow truck among other things.

Tire Store

Tires are essential parts of every vehicle. These wear out with continued use and will need to be changed. You can take advantage of this automotive business idea to start selling tires. You’ll need to keep the right inventory consisting of various tire sizes.

Plus, a tire store can be opened in a major city or a small town. It all depends on which serves your needs best. Choosing your preferred tire brand is also necessary.

Mobile Oil Change

Vehicles require servicing or oil change which must be done at the right time. You can take advantage of this business idea by establishing a mobile oil change service. Products or oils used must be from trusted and reliable manufacturers.

Also, a lot of advertisements will be needed to promote your business.

Battery Reconditioning

Car owners will require the services of a vehicle reconditioning expert.

This business idea helps restore energy-deficient batteries to their full capacities through the mixing and addition of chemicals. You have to be skilled in this area before proceeding to implement it.

Mobile Mechanic Service

Not all vehicles will be towed to a mechanic garage to get them fixed. Some customers will need a mobile mechanic to come over to have their vehicles fixed.

As a mobile mechanic, you’ll be visiting homes, offices, as well as cars still stranded on the road to diagnose and fix problems.

Such a business is only possible when you’re skilled in vehicle repair and maintenance. Wherever there are cars, there’ll always be opportunities.

Window Tinting Business

This is an automotive business idea you can start from home with limited capital. A growing number of car owners seek the services of window tinting technicians to have their car windows tinted.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then by all means it will be a great idea to try out.

Vehicle Review

If you’re a car enthusiast, you might want to take things a step further by creating a vehicle review blog.

Here, you’ll be providing a wealth of resources for persons seeking the right information to help them make informed decisions on the right automobile that best fits their needs.

This involves a lot of work. However, it’s worth the stress as long as it’s rewarding (which it is for car enthusiasts and writers).

Become A Used Car Dealer

Another great automotive business idea to consider is a used car dealer.

As the name implies, you’ll be dealing in fairly used cars which can be sold to businesses and individuals. This business is capital intensive. The financial demands must be properly addressed to increase your chances of success.

Mobile Windshield Repairs

A wide range of problems occurs with vehicle windshields. These range from cracks, chips, stars, bulls-eye, and more. These can either be fixed or replaced depending on the level of damage. As a mobile windshield repair expert, you’ll be engaged in fixing those which can be salvaged while replacing windshields that cannot be fixed.

Car Accessories

Car accessories sell fast due to obvious reasons. Now, you can leverage the opportunity presented by opening a car accessories store.

Here, you get to sell different types of car accessories. Due to wear and tear, vehicle owners, will patronize your business to have affected areas fixed and replaced where necessary.

Multi-Level or Multi-Storied Car Parking Lot

Vehicle owners are faced with a real challenge when it comes to parking spaces.

You can start a multi-storied car parking lot to accommodate and solve their parking problems. This requires quite a substantial amount to put up the structure.

However, such investment pays off with time as people patronize your business.

Driving School Business

Would you like to make money in the automotive industry but you don’t have any idea how to go about it? Why don’t you venture into starting a driving school for beginners and enjoy free flow of financial stability?

Driving school business is one of the profitable and most patronize business ideas in the automotive industry.

Countless numbers of people are out there who will love to become an expert in driving. For this reason, your prospects will surely come after you daily.

If you love to teach people how to drive, you can make solid plans to further actualize your desire by establishing a driving school. To do this, you’ll need to meet the requirements such as licensing and business registration among other things.

Startup capital for a driving school will cover expenses for purchasing a car or fleet of cars for training. Running costs will include maintenance of vehicles as well as the payment of instructors’ wages etc.

Vehicle Customization Company

Also, this is another business idea in the automotive industry that you can capitalize on.

Some individuals, most especially the celebrities and the wealthy ones who love to stay classy and stand out amidst the crowd. You can set up this automotive industry business idea to cater to the needs of these important figures.

Vehicle Assembling Business

This is another business idea in the automotive industry that you can venture into. The most interesting thing about this automotive business idea is that it has a lesser capital intensiveness and by so doing, you can stick or place your business brand on the vehicle you assembled.

Be informed that, you don’t need to start big if your capital is not up for big vehicles like truck or car, better still, you can just focus on assembling the lightweight vehicles like the tricycles, scooters, motorcycles, etc.

Car Dealer Business

Of course, you can buy the right to be a car distributor in your country from any car manufacturer company of your choice. Or better still, this automotive industry is so comfortable that you can begin small by importing used cars and retailing them.

Findings show that the used car business is soaring high these days, even the United States is presently booming with the business as many people have adopted the system of buying used cars in other to save costs.

Spare Part Business

Since vehicles are made up of machines that have a lot of movable parts, which sometimes required to be changed for its smooth running. Therefore, selling spare parts is another ideal business idea in the automotive industry.

It is a business idea that you can kick start with just a little cash on you. You can buy, import, and at the same time, retail vehicles spare parts of different brands in your country as such, making profits off vehicle owners.

Vehicle Re-Spray Business

Talking about business ideas in the automotive industry, vehicle re-spray business should never be over-emphasized.

You can set up your vehicle re-spray workshop and help several car owners reclaim their cars’ aesthetic looking appearance after the color must have been faded or worn out.

Auto Detailing Service

Auto detailing service is another business idea in the automotive industry that deals with the waxing, cleaning, and polishing, thoroughly, of automobiles. This business service does cater to the cleaning of both the interior and the exterior.

Auto detailing service however is done on fairly used cars that are meant to be resold, hence increasing its outlook plus value to the proposed prospective customer.

Mobile Car Wash Business

A mobile car wash business is yet another business idea and opportunity you can venture into the automotive industry. Not everybody has the time, strength, and energy to wash their car themselves and as a result of this, they employ the service of washermen to do the cleaning.

This business idea in the automotive industry does not require much capital, to begin with.

Private Parking Lots

You can tap your financial freedom from this profitable business idea in the automotive industry.

Establishing a parking center or lot for cars in congested cities will surely fetch you huge money. Every car owner loves to keep their cars away from sunlight, so establishing a parking lot for this purpose wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Your prospects will always be there to pay you up with enthusiasm.

Vehicle Registration Agent

You can become a reliable vehicle registration agent everyone will be seeking for. Help car owners out there to register their vehicles with the required regulatory bodies or authorities.

You can also render your service to them by processing and procuring their driving license.

This business pays because not everyone has the time to do the vehicle registration on his own and some people also fear running into the hand of a scammer as a result, they will go for someone they can trust.


These are some of the automotive business ideas you can choose from today. Each has enormous potentials to attract significant profits. However, success isn’t automatic. You’ll need to give in your best to make the business succeed.

Conclusively, though not limited to these, the above-mentioned business ideas in the automotive industry have been doing great now and then, why don’t you pick one and start now!