Sample Bottled Water Marketing Plan Template

Here is how to write a bottled water marketing plan sample.

Within your business plan for a bottled water company is the need for a healthy laid-out marketing strategy. As important as a marketing plan is, only a handful of entrepreneurs fully grasp what’s needed to write one.

However, this isn’t something to be ashamed of if you lack the knowledge.

You can always find the correct information on what’s required, such as the one you’re currently reading.

Here, we’ve supplied relevant information by providing you with a template to follow.

Bottled Water Marketing Plan

It would be best if you didn’t ignore certain vital factors to create an effective marketing plan for your bottled water business.

These include; creating a customer profile. Creating a customer profile has to do with interviewing existing customers. You want to know why a customer prefers bottled water over others. This helps you find more of the same customers.

Focus is crucial to delivering your message to your target market.

It would help if you also were open to reviewing marketing strategies that work and what doesn’t. Persistence is vital to success. Your message needs repetition to have the desired impact. Seek repeat patronage.

Water is essential to survival. However, never make the mistake of ignoring repeat patronage. There are many competitors to take your place if the right effort isn’t made.

Marketing Plan For A Bottled Water Business


  • Mission Statement

Eva Klear is a bottled water company with over 20 years of experience.

We focused on providing superior water filtration and purification services for residential, industrial, and commercial uses. This includes filling equipment, among other applications.

Located in the state of Nevada, we cover the entire state and the surrounding states of California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Oregon. All bottled water products produced at Eva Klear undergo stringent quality control inspections.

  • Target Or Niche Markets

As a bottled water company, our target market includes those hooked on soda drinks. This has become a significant health issue as soda drinks contain harmful sugar content.

Our bottled water products serve as a healthy alternative and a solution to the problem.

Instead of grabbing a bottle of soda when they go out, we promote the need for clients to take a bottle of our quality products. Our market segment includes just about all categories of individuals needing some quick refreshing drink.

  • Product Description

Our bottled water products are among the best in the industry.

We ask that our products be perceived as having the best quality. Water is a tasteless liquid. However, our bottled water products have a smooth, silky mouthfeel.

This characteristic is considered our unique flavor, which is different from any other.

All bottled water products at Eva Klear undergo a thorough quality control test. This is meant to ensure that only the best reaches our esteemed clients.

With a highly experienced staff with expertise in this sector, we can churn out products that meet the industry’s highest standards.

  • Marketing And Promotional Strategies

Our entire marketing efforts rest on the promotional strategies adopted.

We’ve included several considered highly effective in reaching our target market. The single aim is to help understand what the client needs in addition to specific promotional strategies they respond better to.

Among the many marketing and promotional strategies used are press releases and publicity sent out through local and regional newspapers and TV and radio stations.

Other promotional strategies include direct marketing, such as distributing flyers and sales letters.

Direct marketing is done more frequently to help push clients into buying our water bottle products. Directories and print media adverts are also targeted to attract customers. We also offer distributorship opportunities structured so that partners or distributors are well compensated.

Trade show participation is also one effective promotion strategy for selling our products.

We also write articles for health journals and magazines about the importance of our products to their healthy being. We have also devised an effective way to market our bottled water by creating an image of prestige.

We’ve identified the craving of people to be associated with success. Hence the association of our products with success. To make this even more effective, we’ve hired sports and fashion stars as product ambassadors.

We are also open to making the needed adjustments if the need arises. In other words, some marketing strategies are bound to perform better than others. Those making little or no impact will either be adjusted or dropped entirely.

Constant improvement will be focused on.

By keeping up with current promotional trends, we can keep ahead. Relevant courses and books will be read to improve our message delivery.

  • Understanding Our Competition

There’s no denying the fact that lots of bottled water businesses exist. This presents a significant level of competition.

Nevertheless, we are well-positioned to compete favorably by leveraging our strengths. We have been able to identify what the market needs. When combined with the superior products we churn out, this places us at an advantage.

Currently, most bottled water companies focus on price and service.

However, we will be adding value to both price and service in addition to projecting our unique flavor over those of our competitors. We also intend to continually study our competition to find better ways of leveraging our strengths.

  • Marketing Goals

We consider specific goals vital to the success of our marketing efforts. In the medium term (within a decade), we hope to expand our operations to cover all states.

Achieving this will involve ramping up our marketing efforts and expanding production. The latter will be influenced by demand. We are working on ensuring we achieve this goal within the set time frame.

  • Results Monitoring

Little can be achieved in marketing without clarifying and examining previous efforts.

We are determined to track the level of progress made with our marketing strategies. This helps us consolidate those strategies with the most impact while adjusting or changing those with little impact altogether.

If you’ve been stuck trying to piece together a workable bottled water marketing plan, this sample should be of immense help. We have focused on all the relevant sections any good plan should contain.

You only need to fill these with information pertinent to your business.

Proper implementation of your bottled water production marketing plan is as meaningful too.