Sample Moringa Marketing Plan Template

Here is how to write a moringa marketing plan sample.

The market for moringa is vast, with immense opportunities for anyone willing to tow this path. All efforts towards making this business successful won’t be complete without a marketing plan.

This is the core of all business operations.

Moringa Marketing Plan

It starts by drawing out a marketing plan. Now, not everyone has the know-how to write this plan.

This is why we’ve taken the time to guide you through the process. Here, you will find helpful information on how to set your marketing strategies in motion.

Mission Statement

Evergreen Life is in the business of healthcare promotion. Our products are primarily derived from the Drumstick tree or Moringa Oleifera. This plant is well known for its immense health benefits, including antiviral, antifungal, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

We’ve identified the huge market mainly consisting of the global millennial population.

Our products consist mainly of moringa-infused beverages, skin care products, tablets, and capsules containing the body’s essential nutrients. Currently, we serve markets within the EU.

However, we plan on expanding to North America, Asia, and Africa. Such expansion plans will be systematic and will be implemented in phases.

Niche Markets

We have identified our niche market and plan on serving these with our quality products and services. This consists of millennials within the age bracket of 17 and 36 years.

Their obsession with health-enhancing products is a significant focus for our company. We’ve understudied this segment of the market and designed products that fit their health needs.

While this is true, awareness is another important factor in creating awareness about the benefits of moringa products. This will be done simultaneously with our expansion plans.

By this, we hope to speed up our growth plans.

Products And Services

We offer a wide range of products and services and plan to diversify these through constant innovation further.

Our products at EverGreen Life include organic moringa capsules and tablets, organic moringa powder, herbal tea, dark chocolate, moringa greens and proteins, and moringa oils.

Others include pure moringa powder, moringa butter, and lemongrass moringa tea. We are constantly researching on developing more products beneficial to the health of our market. Skincare product development is the area we are currently looking into.

To successfully implement this, we will be improving our current capacity. This will be in terms of additional staffing as well as the purchase of more moringa processing machines.

Marketing And Promotional Strategies

This is the heart of our operations. We understand that to reach our target market. Specific unique promotional strategies will need to be implemented.

We have selected some of the most effective ways to sell our moringa products. They include an advert in print and electronic media.

Other marketing strategies will include writing guest articles in health and wellness magazines and creating training programs. Such training programs will expose participants to the benefits of moringa from a health and economic perspective.

We are also prepared to participate in health-related trade shows in addition to personal or direct selling of our products. Currently, we’ve been able to hire experienced marketers to head our marketing department.

All of our marketing strategies will be coordinated by the marketing department.

Identifying Our Competition

At Evergreen Life, we understand the role competition plays concerning sales. Already, some major players have been able to capture a good share of the market for moringa.

Despite this, there are still lots of opportunities for businesses like ours.

However, we’ve identified and understood our competition to gain a fair share of the market and be profitable.

Most of our competitors focus more on export to major markets. While this is an area we are also interested in, the moringa needs of the local market are left mainly unattended to.

We see this as a huge opportunity to grow our business locally and internationally.

We can better extend our reach by capturing the local market, impacting our business significantly.

Marketing Goals

Our marketing efforts are targeted at achieving set goals. We’ve set income targets within two years of launching our marketing strategies. Promoting our moringa products is a continuous activity.

However, strategies might be changed along the way based on how effective or ineffective they are.

Our sights are set on improving our income from its current threshold of $1,200,000 to $30,000,000 annually. This target will be attained within the next two years by properly implementing our marketing strategies.

To make our marketing goals more achievable, we’ll introduce marketing strategies targeting and encouraging repeat business.

In other words, customers who purchase our moringa products will be encouraged to patronize our business continually. One way to achieve this is by introducing incentives such as discounts and deals.

Results Monitoring

Monitoring the results of our marketing activities is strategic in helping us identify performing and underperforming strategies.

One of the ways to monitor our operations includes finding out what consumers need and if we’ve been able to meet such needs.

Customer preferences, as well as their behavior, are a significant factor in determining how we respond. Demand is primarily influenced by how our products are perceived.

Therefore, we are focused on deploying only such strategies that effectively promote our moringa products.  These will need to be reviewed periodically to consolidate our market position further.

This moringa marketing plan sample has touched on critical areas that must be focused on. You should be able to draft a clear marketing plan that gives you the most results.

One thing is very crucial. And that has to do with re-strategizing whenever you feel a specific approach isn’t as productive as desired.

That way, you can create a highly effective moringa marketing plan which adapts to changing times and market needs.