Do you know that bottled water delivery business has now become a big business? Many people enjoy the health benefit they get from drinking bottled water so they patronize the business so well.

Today, if you go to many offices you will see that they all have water dispensers so they can provide customers with fresh and safe water. Even at homes, homeowners now choose to have their own water dispenser because they want to be able to drink clean water as often as possible.

You might not believe it but the consumption of bottled water is becoming a basic need just like food and power. This is already a good sign that if you enter the bottled water delivery service business, it is most likely to become a success.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a bottled water delivery business.

If you are thinking about starting a bottled water delivery service business, then read this post to the end. I want to share with you possible steps you will need to take to start a bottled water delivery service business and become a boss of your own.

  1. Conduct a Market Research

This is the first step you must take to start a bottled water delivery service business. Don’t think that because the business is already there and booming that you won’t need to conduct a market research. To start a bottled water delivery service, you will need to conduct a market research so you know your target market and what products are in demand. This is an important process in developing a bottled water distributor business plan.

You will either choose to sell to private individuals or commercial establishments. Commercial establishments that welcome this service includes hotels, schools, banks, shopping malls, fitness centers etc. You will have to approach your target customers (depending on your choice) and ask for the chance to be delivering bottled water to them.

Aside that, you will also need to study your competitors and learn how they operate their business and see if you can do something different and better.

Also, from your research you should be able to conclude on the brand and size of bottled water that you will be delivering to your customers.

  1. Obtain a Business License to Become a Distributor of Mineral Water

You must be obedient to any legal requirements that will be required to start a bottled water delivery service business in your locality. You should find out the necessary documents needed to run a bottled water delivery service business and comply accordingly without being disturb by government authorities.

  1. Seal Agreement with a Bottle Water Company

After being issued the necessary license, you then need to go ahead and seal an agreement with a bottle water manufacturing company as a distributor. As a recognized distributor with the bottle water manufacturing company, you will be able to get bottle water at a cheaper rates and this will as such maximize your profits.

  1. Purchase a Delivery Van

To effectively run this business, you will need a delivery van to convey your bottled water to your customers. If due to finance you are not able to buy a delivery van for your business, you can go lease one from a car dealer shop and agree on installment payment.

  1. Rent a Warehouse  

You will need a warehouse to be storing your bottle water. The warehouse must be clean and free from any impurities that may infect the water and cause any health problem to your customers.

The location of your warehouse is also very important. The warehouse should be in a public area where potential customers can still come to buy from you if there need it urgently.

If you also cannot afford to rent a warehouse, you can either use any available space in your home or only order for the amount of bottle water you can deliver for that day.

  1. Hire Employees

You can’t run a bottled water delivery service business alone. You will need to hire employees to assist in the area of driving the van, helping to stock the bottled water into the van, stay at the warehouse incase customers come to place order etc.

  1. Promote your Company

You will need to promote your bottled water delivery service business so people can subscribe to your delivery. You will need to meet with organizations and private individuals to let them know about your delivery service if they will need it.

You can promote the business online or through newspapers and magazines.

  1. Be Consistent and Punctual

To succeed in this business, you will need to be reliable. You must always show up whenever your customers need you or place an order. Drinking safe water is very important and you cannot disappoint your customers when they need you.

  1. Consider Recycling

You can also make money from recycling used bottles too if you are very smart. This can make you extra income if you can consider it.

You are in the best position to collect used bottle water from your customers as a way of helping them dispose the bottles but you will be selling these bottles back to the manufacturing company to make extra cash.

What you will need to do is let your customers know that you will be coming back for the bottles to help them dispose them. They will be very happy because you will be helping them clear their trash for free.