Best Banks in Washington State For Small & Large Businesses

What major banks are in Washington state? Well, here are the best-rated ones.

Banks offer a wide range of financial services that cater to customer needs.

These institutions compete for customer patronage which brings about innovative products services and offerings aimed at benefitting the customer.

Best-Rated Banks in Washington State

Due to the competitiveness of banks, we provide the customer with a list of top banks in the state of Washington.

As you read through this article, you’ll understand why these banks have been listed among the best. Also, the list of banks follows no particular order.

You get to make your pick of the most preferred amongst them. However, further research is needed on each of these banks to have a better idea of what they’re about.

Top Banks in Washington State

The state of Washington is home to many reputable banks with some having national or regional presence.

Examples of the best banks you’ll find here include Security State Bank, Anchor Bank, Washington Federal, Banner Bank, People’s Bank, and Cashmere Valley Bank.

Other top financial institutions in Washington State include Opus Bank, Columbia State Bank, MUFG Union Bank, Heritage Bank, Kitsap Bank, and HomeStreet Bank.

Others include JP Morgan Chase Bank, Yakima Federal Savings & Loan Association, Wells Fargo, and Washington Trust Bank.

i. Security State Bank

Founded in 1903, Security State Bank offers a wide array of financial services to both commercial and individual customers. These include savings accounts, e-checking, conveniences, and security advantage checking.

Each of these service categories includes several other services.

For example, services under its convenience category include Visa gift cards, debit cards, E-statements, online bill payment, online banking, ATM cards, and round-the-clock telephone banking.

ii. Anchor Bank

Another top bank you’ll find in Washington State is Anchor Bank.

It offers a wide range of banking solutions to its clients that range from business online banking, and rewards checking. Other services include home loans and credit cards.

It has a spread of about 10 branches across the state of Washington.

iii. Washington Federal

Washington Federal is one of the best banks in Washington spread across 8 states and offering all kinds of banking solutions.

Its customers get to enjoy services that include home loans, checking, retirement accounts, and savings. Not only are its employees served, but this bank also gives back to the communities they serve in.

iv. Banner Bank

Banner Bank has a long history and tradition of excellence in banking operations.

This has clearly distinguished it from other competitors. Since its launch in 1890, Banner Bank has blossomed beyond its initial location to have a presence in over 190 different branches.

The bank has about 12 loan offices and a presence in other states like Oregon, Idaho, California, and Utah.

v. People’s Bank

People’s Bank is one reputable financial institution widespread across the state of Washington. Founded in 1920, the People’s Bank is present in about 25 locations in addition to 3 loan offices across Washing.

This bank has several services that range from consumer marine loans and mobile cash. Other innovative services include people’s perks and personal relationship checking.

vi. Cashmere Valley Bank

Founded in 1932, Cashmere Valley Bank is one of the best banks in the State of Washington. It offers a variety of services including equipment lease, traditional banking, mortgage, insurance, and investment services.

Services such as retirement savings, online banking, college savings, and freedom checking make it stand out.

vii. Opus Bank

Opus Bank offers quite a number of innovative banking services that include business banking, personal credit cards, and personal checking accounts.

These qualities distinguish the bank from its competitors. Under its personal credit cards are varying types that include Visa Bonus Rewards, Visa Platinum Card, etc.

viii. Columbia State Bank

Columbia State Bank was launched in 1933 and has since its launch grew to about 150 banking locations and counting. It also has a presence in the states of Oregon and Idaho.

Key features influencing its inclusion in this list are its personal debit cards, foreign currency, and wealth management services.

ix. MUFG Union Bank

Commonly called Union Bank, MUFG offers top-notch banking services to the citizens of Washington.

With assets of over $120 billion, it’s spread widely across the state in addition to its presence in California and Oregon. Some of its innovative services are seen in its mortgage loans, high rate money market, access account, etc.

x. Heritage Bank

Heritage bank is also a top-rated bank in Washington.

Launched in 1927, the bank has maintained its tradition of honesty and integrity. It provides a wide range of services such as wealth management personal and business banking, as well as home loans.

xi. Kitsap Bank

The Kitsap Bank commenced operations in 1908 and has since grown into one of the best financial institutions in the state of Washington.

Its range of services includes sustainable banking, overdraft services, personal loans, and smart choice checking.

xii. HomeStreet Bank

HomeStreet Bank is arguably the largest community bank in Washington State. Established in 1921, this bank offers different private and commercial banking services.

HomeStreet Bank has widened its presence beyond Washington to states like California, Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii.

xiii. JP Morgan Chase Bank

With over 5,200 branches and assets of over $2.6 trillion, JP Morgan Chase is among the biggest banks in America.

It offers a variety of services that include Chase Premier Platinum Checking, an automatic savings program, mobile banking students center, and several other services.

xiv. Yakima Federal Savings & Loan Association

This financial institution was established in 1905 and has unique services that include Better Than Free Checking, Supports Apple Pay, Home Mortgage Loans, and several other financial solutions.

It also has a wide presence in Washington.

xv. Wells Fargo

Established in 1852, Wells Fargo is a national bank and has about 7,400 branch locations with about 13,000 ATMs nationwide including in Washington State.

Its customers enjoy a wide range of service options that cater to their financial needs.

xvi. Washington Trust Bank

This bank was founded in 1902 and has grown into one of the top financial institutions in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. This bank has about 40 branches in total.

These are the best banks you’ll find in Washington State and each offer exceptional services to clients. You can find further details by researching about each and comparing services.

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