Sample Wealth Management Firm Business Plan


As the financial services sector grows, a growing number of people have become increasingly dependent on its wide range of services. This is cheering news for anyone having such skills.

Do you fall under this category? If yes, read on.

Our wealth management business plan has been written specifically for you. We understand the value of a good plan.

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Hence this sample gives you the basics of all you need.

After following this guide, also consider its full implementation. This is the icing on the cake.

In other words, it enhances your chances for success.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a wealth management company.

  • Executive Summary

Fidelity Investments is a financial advisory service that offers a wide range of products. Our team is made up of highly qualified experts. Also, these have been carefully picked to reflect our brand.

Our corporate headquarters will be situated in the heart of New Jersey. This is due to the high demand for our services by both individual and corporate clients.

Also, we are driven by service excellence. Hence, client satisfaction is our major goal.

What more? We seek to expand beyond New Jersey. This will involve spreading our presence to more states.

  • Products

Wealth management services are varied. Consequently, we will offer several of such. A few of these include investment planning, tax planning, education planning,  retirement planning, and debt management.

Others are special situations, asset preservation, estate planning, and insurance. Although such services are vital, we aren’t restricting ourselves. We are open to developing further solutions to financial situations that may arise.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is simple! To provide top-notch financial advisory services. This will be achieved using industry best practices. This has influenced our actions towards sourcing the best hands.

As a result, nothing short of the best is to be given. This reflects the importance of what we do. It also shows the value we attach to our clientele.

  • Our Vision

We treasure competitiveness. Hence we are open to innovations. By this, we’ll be able to compete favorably.

Therefore our goal is to break into the ranks of major financial services providers. This isn’t without a target. So, we have a five-year timeframe within which this will be achieved. This also involves a lot of work.

  • Financing

Only with adequate financing can we achieve our target. So, we have explored ways through which sufficient funds can be raised. To become fully operational, we need the sum of $780,000.00. This will be used in the purchase of office equipment.

Other equipment will include software, computers, and renting an office space. These expenses should gulp about 70% of the total sum. 30% will be channeled towards running expenses. This also covers the wage bill.

  • SWOT Analysis

We have been careful to identify our areas of strength and weaknesses. These are crucial to our performance.

Therefore we have hired the services of experts to examine critical performance indices. As expected, these have provided useful insights. So what are they? They consist of the following;

 i. Strength

Knowing our strength has enabled us to redouble our efforts. Hence by increasing efficiency, we will be improving our service delivery. Such areas of strength lie in our manpower quality. Also, our business structure allows for greater efficiency. The latter helps tremendously in achieving sustainable growth.

ii. Weakness

While others dread weakness, we see opportunities to improve. Therefore knowing our specific weakness (s) has given us an edge for improvement. This is what we have done. Our weaknesses have been identified to include our current size or capacity. This may limit our re.

In other words, this may overstretch our operations. But there’s a remedy. We are determined to improve capacity within a short time from the start of operations.

iii. Opportunities

Are there opportunities? Of course, there are! The rising need for our services is what gives us much confidence.

The better the advisory service, the greater the demand. Also, our wide contacts are an asset. It allows for greater networking. This directly impacts patronage.

iv. Threats

Threats are common to businesses. In our case, this comes in the form of tight fiscal policies or regulations. There is also a growing recession threat. These are real dangers we have to deal with.

Although such is the case, the positives outweigh the negatives.

  • Competitive Advantage

There is an influx of wealth management services. However, this doesn’t limit our operations. We have designed several financial packages to enhance our capacity.

In addition to this, we are open to innovations. We seek to be at the forefront of innovative services.

Our clear edge lies in the experience of our financial experts. These are people with significant skills and experience. They also have prior industry experience.

With these, we are certain that we will create a more diverse industry.

  • Sales Projection

Sales are impacted by patronage. This is crucial. Consequently, we have studied industry trends to get a better picture of profitability. A three-year period was covered and has brought out some positive news.

Our findings are summarised in the chart shown below;

  1. First Financial Year.      $300,000.00
  2. Second Financial Year. $580,000.00
  3. Third Financial Year.     $1,200,000.00
  • Marketing Strategies

Marketing is part and parcel of sales. Without this, little or nothing will be achieved.

To boost sales, we have a marketing plan in place. This will be coordinated by our marketing department. It includes the use of print and electronic advertising. Other strategies include the use of social media, as well as a website.

In summary, these are the approaches we will take.

This wealth management business plan sample offers a simplified approach. We are optimistic that it would help you put together a clear plan of action. We also recommend that you don’t rush the process.

You need proper brainstorming as well as implementation after it is written.

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