12 Best Banks in the Pittsburgh Area

If you live in Pittsburgh, you’ll find this article very helpful. That is because we’ve identified some of the best banks within the area.

Sound financial institutions are essential to the smooth functioning of every society. The health of these institutions is crucial not only for the local economy but also for determining who to do business with.

We’ve only restricted ourselves to a few due to time constraints. Outside of those listed below are several more reputable banks you can try out.

Without a doubt, those included are among the best banks you’ll find in Pittsburgh. We’ve also discussed some of the services offered.

Banks in the Pittsburgh Area: Things to Look Out for

While different criteria may be used for picking the top banks, the end goal is to identify those with the most positive features. These tend to be the most rewarding and beneficial to the client.

Some top features to look for in a bank include low account fees and great customer service.

Other features include mobile & online access, security & fraud protection, convenient ATMs, a solid brand reputation, and a nice mix of accounts.

More features include competitive interest rates, loans (among other financial products), and convenient branch locations.

The banks mentioned here check all or most of these features of a top bank. Whether interested in personal or business banking, you only need to compare different banks to make your pick.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into business.

Top Banks in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is home to many banks having about 443 branches spread across Pittsburgh and surrounding towns.

Out of these many, we’ve identified some of the top players known to offer exceptional services. These include Standard Bank, KeyBank, SSB Bank, WesBanco Bank, and Dollar Bank.

Others include First National Bank, Bank of America Financial Center, Northwest Bank, First Commonwealth Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Citizens Bank, PNC Bank, and Huntington National Bank.

Each of these offers exceptional services to its wide client base.

Let’s briefly discuss what they’re about, shall we?

i. KeyBank

Keybank is one of the trusted banks in Pittsburgh, known for its client-focused approach to banking.

With Keybank, you get up to 2% cash on 100% of purchases. Its services are grouped into new client services, checking & savings services, borrowing services, and branch services.

Under its checking & savings services are others that include overdraft protection, order checks, set up direct payment, set up ACH payments, debit cards, ATM banking, and checking account reconciling.

ii. SSB Bank

This bank offers both personal and small business banking solutions to clients.

It’s one of the best banks in Pittsburgh due to its focus on customer needs and satisfaction. Personal banking services include online & mobile banking, borrowing, mortgages, credit cards, and Kasasa Care.

Small businesses enjoy several services that include borrowing, banking, online & mobile banking, EMS+ for small businesses, merchant services, and PPP Forgiveness.

iii. WesBanco Bank

With WesBanco, you get personal checking, business checking, mortgages & refinancing, and investment options.

Among its banking products are services that include personal savings, personal checking, loans & credit cards, as well as private banking.

Mortgage products include mortgage lending, home building & renovation loans, down payment assistance, mortgage calculators, and finding a loan officer.

Businesses enjoy business checking accounts, business savings, private banking, and business loans & credit cards.

iv. First National Bank

With First National, you get to enjoy various personal services that include checking & savings, loans & mortgages, investing & retirement, and insurance.

Businesses benefit from loans & leasing services, checking & savings, wealth management, and capital markets.

Other services First National Bank offers businesses include insurance and treasury management. You’ll find several branches of this bank and ATM locations in Pittsburgh.

v. Bank of America Financial Center

This is another reputable bank with a presence in Pittsburgh. Clients benefit from a variety of services that include savings, checking, home loans, and credit cards.

Other products include investing, student banking, auto loans, and small business.

vi. Northwest Bank

Northwest Bank serves a variety of financial needs that include personal, wealth, small business, and commercial. Under its services, you get to enjoy its banking services while also being able to borrow.

Its wealth category includes Northwest Investment Services and several others.

Small businesses get to the bank, borrow, and grow, while commercial clients have multiple solutions.

These solutions are in the form of liquidity management, treasury management, financing & credit, wealth management, and specialized industries.

vii. First Commonwealth Bank

Whether you seek exceptional banking services for your personal or business needs, First Commonwealth Bank is a great partner to trust. Its banking solutions include bank, borrow, invest, and protect.

Under its bank category are checking accounts, digital banking services, and savings & money market accounts.

Businesses enjoy business checking accounts, business saving accounts, treasury management solutions, and business online & mobile banking.

Merchant services are also included.

viii. Fifth Third Bank

Personal banking solutions are provided by bank lending, insurance, and investment, among others.

Its banking services include checking accounts, foreign currency exchange, debit cards, identity theft protection, overdraft solutions, order checks, online and mobile banking, etc.

ix. Citizens Bank

Citizens bank is considered among the top banks in Pittsburgh due to its service offerings and customer-focused solutions.

With a great customer care reputation, Citizens bank offers banking home loans, credit cards, student loans, auto loans, and investment & retirement plans.

x. PNC Bank

PNC offers many financial solutions that include auto loans, retirement, savings, mortgage, checking, and credit cards.

Products and services you enjoy under its banking plan include ATM banking, Virtual Wallet, student banking, military banking, PNC choice banking, and PNC workplace banking.

xi. Huntington National Bank

Another reliable bank you can do business with in Pittsburgh is Huntington National Bank.

This bank offers an array of online banking solutions that range from credit cards, mortgages, loans, personal, small business, and commercial services.

The above-mentioned banks in Pittsburgh are known to be reliable, and among the best, you’ll find. To make your pick, you only need to compare which best serves your financial needs.

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