Sample Bakery Business Plan


A bakery is one business where there is never a shortage of customers.

Its products which include bread, cakes, donuts, and a host of snacks are needed for breakfasts, fast food, and appetizers. So long as people continue to exist, no matter what part of the world they belong to, the demand for bakery products will always be high.

The baked products vary according to location depending on the types of food mostly consumed there, but the constant feature common to all is that most cultures have some particular foods that are baked.

The bakery business is ever booming and expanding as the global population increases. And you, the baker can take advantage of these vast opportunities to set up a profitable and thriving bakery business that will, in the long run, provide a needed service and at the same time, generate profits for its owner.

Do you have the mind of going into the going into bakery business and need guidance? So many still think the bakery business is all about bread. But the bakery entails much more than the production of bread.

According to Wikipedia, “a bakery is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies.”

You can now see that the bakery business has many other facets apart from the bread production aspect. So, this article is going to look into the different bakery businesses that one can start. Read on!

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So, are you passionate about baking? Or have you ever wondered how you could turn your passion into tangible profits, then, this article is just for you. Here is how to make money selling baked goods from home.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a home-based bakery business.

  • The Planning Stage

As with every other business, opening a bakery starts with proper planning, this planning includes areas such as knowing your niche. Here, niche means your area of specialty. This is crucial because having a particular specialty means that you will only have to bake only specific products.

Assessing your talents passion and also the budget at your disposal is very key in the decision-making process of starting a bakery business. It will do well to consider the type of bakery business you want to enter into. The following are some areas of the bakery business;

1. The Counter Service Bakery

Here, it means that the customer will have to walk into a bakery hall and pick up baked goods over the counter and pay for them. It is usually managed by an employee, and the goods are displayed behind the counter for customers to easily make choices on the products to buy. This is a very common type of bakery service.

2. The Sit-down Bakery Service

This is usually in the form of a diner where customers walk into and order any bakery product of their choice and enjoy either with friends or alone. Here, they do not need to carry the products home as convenient eateries are provided by the bakery where customers can comfortably enjoy their snacks. This is a growing trend in the bakery business world.

Cake Business

The cake business entails baking and selling varieties of cakes for different occasions. In Nigeria, cake making is a lucrative business because a lot of events and celebrations happen now and then.

And hardly is any of these events and celebrations complete without the cutting of a cake. So, if you are skilled at making a cake or you have an interest in it, you should consider starting a cake business.

  • Decide if the Business is for You

The first step in starting a cake business is to determine whether you have an interest in it or not. Though the cake business is quite profitable, it requires some arduous processes that can make you easily give up if you are not passionate about it. So you have to decide if the cake business is for you or not.

  • Are the Resources (Capital) Available? 

This is crucial to business success. Finance is necessary for the take-off of most businesses, especially a bakery business. Things like equipment, office space, furniture, payroll, and a host of other things need to be considered when opening a bakery business.

Someone with the interest of going into this line of business will have to ask him/herself if they are financially ready to commence business. It is never advisable to plan based on unavailable finance, hoping that when you begin with the little available, more money might later come.

Also, you will not immediately start expecting to benefit from profits. It takes some time for businesses to stabilize before you start reaping the profits. Hence, do you have enough finance to sustain you during the period of the infancy of your business? This has to be seriously considered before committing capital. Therefore, plan with capital at hand.

  • Get Trained

To start the business, you need to get the necessary skill in cake making. I advise that you start small. Instead of starting with expensive training, you can start with low-cost training or you can self-train yourself by getting training resources online or watching youtube videos.

The idea of doing this is to test the waters and see if it is something that you can do. After the basic training, if you are still interested in the business, you can then take it further by getting advanced training.

  • Test Run

After doing the basic training and getting the needed skills, the next thing you should do is to test run the business by launching it out in a small way. Start by intimating your friends and loved ones about your cake.

When you bake to make sure you reserve some extras to share with people around. If they like it, you can then market it to them. Offer free samples of your cakes for public events like fundraising events, church anniversaries, or birthday celebrations.

If your cakes are irresistible enough, people will approach you for business. Contact event planners and party organizers and send the free sample of your cakes to them so that they can help you get referrals.

Bake cupcakes in small batches and start marketing it a supermarket, provision stores, and fast foods. You can also leverage social media by sharing pictures of your cake. Also, try to get testimonials from people about your cakes and post them online.

From the response you got after doing all these, you can then determine whether to start the business on a large scale or not.

  • Start the Business 

If you got a successful result after you have done a test run, the next thing to do is a feasibility study. Research about the requirements of setting up the business, research about the equipment and resources you will need. Most importantly, draw out a business plan.

All these enable you to rightly position your business. Armed with the necessary knowledge, you can then launch out.

  • Biscuits, cookies and pastries Business

This is another very profitable bakery business. In this era of busyness, a lot of people don’t have time to cook good meals and even sit down to eat. So they resort to quick fixes like biscuits, cookies, and pastries that they can eat on the go. You can start this business by following the processes I explained for the cake business.

  • Bread business

Bread is one of the popular staple foods. People love bread, because, unlike other foods, it does not require any preparation, it is also easily available and relatively affordable.

The recent increase in the price of rice and other foodstuffs has made the demand for bread increasingly high and this, in turn, has lead to an increase in the price of bread. So, if you are looking for a profitable business to do, you can try out the bread business.

  • How to Start Bread Business

The first thing to do is to research the business procedures and most importantly the start-up cost. This will help you to determine if it is something worth your investment and time.

You can do this by getting resources online or volunteering to work in a standard bread bakery where you can get practical insights on how the business is done.

  • Get the Skill

The next step is to learn how to make bread. You can do this by enrolling in a training institute or taking a bread-making course online and watching YouTube videos. Make sure you just don’t learn about the production aspect; make sure you learn about other important aspects such as marketing, packing, and branding.

Be open-minded and creative about what you are learning. Much more than what you are being taught by your instructors, learn further. Think about how you can produce better bread that will be more appealing than that of your competitors, think about better and more effective marketing strategies.

Research to create different bread recipes that will give you a unique selling point. Also, research, how to brand and package your products in a way that is unique and cost-effective. Doing this will make your bread business stand out and give you an edge as a new entrant in the industry.

  • Create a Plan

A business plan is very vital to the efficient running of any business. This is because it enables you to properly document whatever is needed for the successful running of your business and also to keep records of happenings so that in-depth knowledge about the workings of the business and where improvements are needed are made properly utilized to further consolidate gains already made.

Creating a plan will help you to have foresight about the business. You can get free samples online that you can use as a template. Alternatively, you can hire a credible professional to help you draft one.

  • Launch out your Business

Raise the capital required to start the business. Register your business. Find a suitable location for the business. This must be close to your target market. Get the basic and necessary equipment like industrial oven, baking pans, bread slicer, milling machines, mixer, etc. Get competent hands to work with you.

Start production. You can start by introducing different varieties of bread or just a single type of bread with a unique flavor that will be very appealing to the customers. This will make your product stand out.

If you are planning to start this business, you can choose from the different kinds of bakery businesses that I shared. It is a profitable choice that you won’t regret.

Is there Available Space?

This is needed to start a bakery business. If you do not want to start from home, then looking for commercial space has to be properly done. It also involves issues with licenses; an operating license is necessary to allow you to operate out of your kitchen

  • How do you Handle Friends and Family?

This is a delicate situation, especially for those who had earlier enjoyed your free services. Having a friend and family policy in place to balance business with your relationships is very important.

Putting in place a discount policy for friends and family of say, 10% will sure do the trick. Making them realize the difference between what you do now and how you did previously will surely make them understand that you have a family to feed and a business to run, and no one is offended.

  • Consider Getting Approval from the Food and Drug Control Agency

Getting approval from regulatory agencies in your country is a key factor in setting up a bakery business. Any serious entrepreneur should always make sure he does not cut corners as that will be breaking the law and possibly endangering the lives of his/her clients.

Because bakery products are consumables, the bakery has to be approved to have met the set standard for operation. When this happens, there is more faith by the customers in the products they are buying.

  • Manage Discounts

Too many discounts can cause serious harm to your business. Before you decide how much discount you will like to use, you first have to know your profit margin, making sure that after putting in a discount, you still have the potential to make profits. This is because profits are the bedrock of any business establishment.

The above tips provided are very key in setting up any viable bakery business, as without these, the bakery business will not stand the test of time and meaningful proceeds from such a business will only be a mirage.

Businesses need a careful guidance system, from the period of planning to eventual implementation to ensure their survival, and these tips will greatly enhance your success as a potential baker.


If you have decided to take that bold step to start your bakery, then the first thing you are probably thinking of is getting a business plan. This is where this article comes in. Below is a sample bakery business plan to guide you in writing yours.

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Products and Services
  • Market analysis
  • Target market
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management Team


Chums Bakery is a bakery located in the heart of New York City. Chums Bakery would offer its customers sit-down as well as delivery service of tasty desserts and other snacks.

Chums Bakery will offer New Yorkers innovative and tasty flavors that would be enticing and exciting with an image that is both fun and quirky.

At Chums Bakery, our customers’ taste buds will be our main focus as we will strive to offer different types of flavors that everyone would find their favorite at our bakery.

Chums bakery aims at reaching a level where we are at a prominent position in the baking industry by captivating the hearts of our customers through the reliability and healthy products we would offer.


At Chums Bakery, our vision is to create a bakery that is the leading bakery in America that offers high-quality baked goods and is the number one bakery that comes to mind whenever baked goods are mentioned.


The mission of Chums Bakery is to take desserts to the next level that our products become an important part of every meal or just what you need to complete your day.


At Chums Bakery, we are conversant with the fact that each of our customers would have different needs when it comes to their desserts or sweet tooth. We are also aware of the health requirements including allergies of customers.

This is why we have designed our products in a way that would as much as possible meet the needs of everyone who steps into our doors.

With this in mind, our products and services include the following;

• Cakes of different shapes and sizes
Cupcakes with a wide range of toppings
• Doughnuts, pies, sandwiches, and rolls of different types and sizes
• Bread in different sizes and other confectionaries
• Soft drinks, coffee, and tea
• Catering services for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, lunches, dinner parties, and every other occasion or event.
• Supplying different restaurants with different types of desserts.
• Delivery services.
• Online order service within New York City

We will strive to ensure that our products will strive to be at their freshest any time of the day to satisfy our customers.


Baked goods have always been on the American diet for as long as time itself. Bakeries have been a booming business as baked goods have always been present in every occasion, restaurants, and even bars.

This business is one that was not too affected by the recession and only continues to grow each day contributing a great deal to the nation’s economy. Word of mouth, good and reliable customer service has always been the driving force of this business and coupled with great advertising it has great potential in the upcoming years.


Baked goods and other confectionaries are consumed by all and sundry. Each age range usually comes with its preferences and that fact is not lost on us at Chums Bakery.

This is why we have designed our products to cut across a wide range of clients and our target market would include the following;

• School children.
• Colleges and other educational institutions.
• Offices.
• Parks.
• Restaurants and bars.
• Hotels and Resorts


At Chums Bakery, we are conscious of the fact that there exists stiff competition in the bakery industry, this is why we have developed different marketing strategies to help us find our place in this business while at the same time meeting our mission and vision to give our customers utmost satisfaction.

At Chums Bakery, the quality of our products and the sensational taste would announce us. In addition to this, the following marketing strategies would help us take our bakery business to higher levels;

• Use transparent doors and windows where we would showcase our products to attract customers.
• Encourage our loyal and satisfied customers to partake in the word of mouth advertising by encouraging their friends and families to patronize us.
• Organizing seminars and shows in our sit-down restaurant.
• Partaking in local events to make our brand known.
• Advertise on all social media channels and encourage feedback responses from satisfied customers.
• Advertise our products on radio and tv stations as well in newspapers and magazines.


Chums Bakery is owned and managed by Darl Kenneth who is also the chief baker. Darl has an undergraduate degree in Food Microbiology and an MSc. in quality control.

The management team consists of professionals who are well trained in the food industry and what it entails.
There you have it, a bakery business plan sample to guide you in writing yours.

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