Here are some unique outdoor and home bakery business name ideas? Here are some 100+ catchy suggestions.

Modern and Memorable Bakery Names

If you’re planning on starting a bakery, one of the first things you’ll need to do is sort out the identity of the business. This simply means finding a suitable name for your bakery.

A lot of times, entrepreneurs are faced with difficulties coming up with a befitting name.

By “befitting,” we mean a whole lot of things as you’ll soon find out. Although this article is meant to provide you with name ideas, we will do so in addition to providing tips on how to choose one for your bakery business.

Choosing A Good Bakery Name

Selecting the right name for a bakery business follows several procedures. As such, it is important that you avoid making common mistakes.

The following are things to avoid when selecting one;

  • Involving Too Many People

It is important at the initial stages of choosing your business name to avoid involving too many people. These may be your friends, family, acquaintances, or associates. If you must involve people, they should be key decision-makers.

Too many ideas are brought up when a crowd is involved.

In many cases, this is likely to result in a deadlock. In other words, it makes the process even more difficult and almost impossible to come up with a good name.

Plus, certain people might just be in it to project their egos and not to help reach a decision.

  • Using Plain Words

When choosing a name for a bakery business, you should watch out for plain-sounding words. Although such words aren’t wrong to use, they hardly make your business stand out.

Remember, you want your business to stand out from the pack and this starts from the name you use.

  • Using the Name of Places

Lots of entrepreneurs use names of cities, regions, or towns for their bakery business.

From experience, this has always come back to haunt the business in spite of initial success. The common reason is that such names are restrictive.

As your bakery business expands, you’ll need to move or extend your presence to new locations. A bakery business bearing the name of a city won’t sound logical and becomes a problem for the business.

  • When A Name Turns Into a Cliché

In trying to get the best name for your business, there’s the tendency to fall back to a name that is overly used.

Adding such terms or words into your bakery business name is likely to result in a less impactful name. Choose one that draws attention and curiosity. However, such shouldn’t be difficult to use.

  • Using Obscure & Difficult To Pronounce Names

In trying to make a name stand out, there’s a likelihood of falling into a trap of obscurity.

By obscurity, we mean a name that hardly conveys meaning to your customers. Also, your bakery name should be such that is easy to pronounce. Avoid difficult to pronounce names at all costs.

  • Difficult to Find On The Web

Getting too creative with your business name is likely to ruin its efficacy.

A good bakery name should be one that is easy to find. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of replacing letters in names such as “F” for “Ph” and vice versa just to name a few.

This little alteration can make it difficult for customers to find your business on the web.

Creative Bakery Name Ideas

And now, the subject of our discussion.

Here, we’ll be providing you with a long list of names you can use for your bakery business. There’s a likelihood that the name ideas provided here may be taken or might not suit your purpose.

Nevertheless, they’ll help spur creativity to enable you to come up with something unique.

  1. Betty’s Bake Sell
  2. Stanley’s Sugar Cookie Jar
  3. Grandma’s Old Fashioned Cakes
  4. Luna Lemon Bars
  5. Ally’s Apple Pies
  6. Mo’s Monster Cookies
  7. Cindy’s Brownies
  8. Brett’s Confetti Cakes
  9. Sally’s Honey Muffins
  10. Larry’s Butterfinger Bites
  11. Pete’s Cookie Cups
  12. Mamma Jan’s Italian Cookies
  13. Jen’s Batter
  14. Luke’s Pretzel Factory
  15. Gary’s Cinnamon Buns
  16. The Epic Mixing Bowl
  17. Batter Late Than Never
  18. The Oak Spoon
  19. The Stunning Spatula
  20. Down South Cake Pan
  21. The Flaky Croissant
  22. Cupcake Nation
  23. Sunrise Pans
  24. Marla’s Sweet Treats
  25. The Twisted Churro
  26. The Bread Box
  27. Our Daily Bread
  28. Cookie Encounter
  29. Pastry Emporium
  30. The Baker’s Table
  31. The CinnaMan
  32. Jake’s Cakes
  33. Flour Shower
  34. Pie In The Sky
  35. Bake N’ Flake
  36. Bakeology
  37. Hole in the Doughnuts
  38. Creamy Creations
  39. Amazin’ Glazin’
  40. Dream Puffs
  41. Pieous
  42. Pie Bar
  43. Bootstrap Bakery
  44. Dangerously Delicious Pies
  45. Humble Pie Desserts
  46. Make it Sweet
  47. Me Myself & Pie
  48. Butternut Bakehouse
  49. Cake and Spoon
  50. Cakes of Paradise
  51. Drive-by Pies
  52. Sugar Shaker Bakery
  53. Mousse Boutique
  54. Flying Apron
  55. Cotton Cakery
  56. Crumble and Flake
  57. Delectable Desires Pastries
  58. Donut Bar
  59. Finest Donut
  60. It’s a Piece of Cake
  61. The Dough Knot
  62. The Cooling Rack
  63. The Nutty Bunch
  64. The Sweet Room
  65. Grandma’s Pastries
  66. Angel Cakes
  67. In the Mix Bakery
  68. Bake Away
  69. The Cake Room
  70. The Gingerbread House
  71. The Chocolate Chip
  72. Rockin’ Rolls
  73. Artsy Tartsy
  74. Cake Time
  75. The Dreamy Danish
  76. The Baking Room
  77. Nutty Creations
  78. The Cake Fairy
  79. The Dreamy Danish
  80. Cake O’ Clock
  81. Red Velvet Bakery
  82. Cherry on Top
  83. Sugar Sweet Dreams
  84. Manhattan Cupcakes
  85. The Bagel Shop
  86. Sugar Booger
  87. Dream Pies
  88. Cookie Crumble
  89. Sweetie Pies
  90. The Muffin Man
  91. Absolutely Muffin
  92. Diamond Bakery
  93. Imperial Bakery
  94. Knead Bread?
  95. Insomnia Cookies
  96. Cakewalkers
  97. Flavorish Bakery
  98. Confection Connection
  99. We Knead Dough
  100. The Bun Also Rises
  101. Starry Lane Bakery
  102. Muffin Top
  103. Sugarbloom Bakery
  104. We Knead Dough
  105. Perfect Pastries
  106. Fresh Friends
  107. Supreme Sweets
  108. First Comes Batter
  109. Out of the Oven
  110. Blossom Bakery
  111. Party Pastries
  112. Muffin Tin Team
  113. Cookie Cutters
  114. Cookie Monsters
  115. Shake and Bakers
  116. For Goodness Baked
  117. Sugar on Top
  118. City Cakes
  119. Sweet Sprinkles
  120. Sprinkled with Sweetness
  121. Batter Chatter
  122. Sweet Serenty
  123. Happy Harvest
  124. Take the Cake
  125. Cozy Cookies
  126. Creative Confections
  127. Oh My Goodies
  128. Cake Time
  129. Golden Crust
  130. Golden Brown
  131. Butter Up
  132. Buttercup Bakery
  133. Buttercup Co.
  134. Pure Bread
  135. The Grateful Bread
  136. The Bread Machine
  137. The Bread Boss
  138. Bake Rapture
  139. Tasty Delights
  140. Better Bakery
  141. The Happy Baker
  142. Sweet Bread
  143. The Bake House
  144. Bread Bakers
  145. Bake Best
  146. Bake it Right
  147. Baked Perfection

These bakery name ideas are quite creative, but more importantly, they are likely to give you further ideas to come up with a unique name for your business. Here is a list of cake business names.