This guide is aimed at presenting the basic tools you may need to start a successful cake business.

If you intend to start a business nowadays, cake making is one you should put into consideration as it’s a snack for all times. People consume cakes for different purposes and on a variety of occasions.

Are you an aspiring baker seeking to start your own cakery? This is a viable business opportunity with a lot of potentials. However, you’ll need to undergo training by acquiring baking skills.

As a baker, there are certain things you cannot do without; equipment.

You’ll need to get the right type of equipment for your particular cake niche. Now, the good thing with cake equipment is that pretty much every cake type can be prepared with similar equipment.

The difference of course will be in the pan sizes among other minor stuff.

Here, we’ll be focusing on cake equipment. What equipments are needed to launch a cakery? This is a question that will interest newcomers. With all of these in place, you can launch your operation with ease.

Equipment Needed For Cake Business

A market survey is very important when planning any business, and this business is not an exception. It is expected that the business owner researches viable markets for bakery products with high demand for cakes before thinking of buying tools to be used for the venture.

You can start this business from home and supply to shops or better still have your shop where people come for purchases and to place orders.

Be it as it may, the choice of location is very important if you want to have a successful business.

Cake Baking Equipment For Beginners

Starting a cake business entails a lot, depending on how small or big you want to set out.

Getting the following equipment puts you in a good position to begin your cakery.

They include mixing bowls, measuring jug, cake pans or tins, cooling rack, measuring spoons, marzipan spacers, icing smoother, shaker or dredger, food processor, baking parchment, and food mixer.

There’s more! Other equipment you need are a hand mixer, whisk, pastry brush, palette knife, spoons, spatula, rolling pin, sieve, scales, zester, and skewer. This is quite a long list.

To make our list of cake equipment more comprehensive, we’ll need to include the uses.

There are many essential types of equipment you must put in place to have a smooth-running business,  and they include the following;


An oven should be the first piece of equipment anyone interested in opening cake making shop should consider buying.

Generally, there are two classes of ovens; Gas Ovens and Electric Ovens.

Other types like the Microwave Ovens may also be considered, but your focus should be on the duo earlier mentioned as a beginner.

  • Gas Ovens

This type works, using your gas connection to bake. It is considered to be very economical as it consumes small volumes of gas and does not need electricity.

  • Electric Ovens

Electric ovens use electricity to bake. This type of oven is the best when it comes to functionality. It guarantees even distribution of heat.

Tips to Consider When Buying An Oven

As a starter baker, here are some actions to take before buying an oven;

  • Carefully check the oven type and capacity.
  • Consider the oven brand and the budget at hand.
  • Check for baking modes that will be of help to you.
  • Ask questions like; will I need simple or advanced levels of baking?
  • Check for ovens that have the temperature setting that will suit your style of baking. Select ovens that have good timers.

Cake Tins

Cake tins vary in shape and size. The shape and size of the cake you want to bake will dictate the specifications you’ll need.

The tins can be made of different materials too, depending on what you can afford.

Preferably, use a dark-colored silicon tin as this tends to absorb moisture while also ensuring that the sides of the cake come out darker.

For smaller cake sizes, Muffin/Cupcake pans are perfect choices to get desirable results. Get pans that come in two sets so that you can conveniently bake 2 dozen muffins or cupcakes at once.

  • Whisk

When the need to aerate foods arises, the whisk is a handy tool for such a task. Not only do they help you achieve such an objective, but whisks will also give volume.

  • Marzipan Spacers

Marzipan spacers are mostly applicable to cake decorations.

Even when you don’t know how to put this equipment (as well as the others) to good use, there are always online video tutorials to teach you. So, adding this to your collection will be a great idea.

  • Baking Parchment

If you’ll be making fruit cakes, one of the tools you’ll need is a baking parchment. This paper material can be applied to a wide range of things such as the wrapping of greasy foods.

The baking parchment can also be used as a lining material in a cake tin.

  • Shaker or Dredger

When rolling cake icing, you’ll need this tool. The shaker is used to lightly dust surfaces with icing sugar to ensure a perfect job is done.

  • Food Processor

This is a versatile piece of equipment used for a variety of tasks including the preparation of different cake recipes. Food processors blend all sorts of baking ingredients among others. You’ll find this in several brands.


Although mixing can be done manually, a mixer may be needed to save time and energy, especially when there is a shortage of manpower and a huge baking task is at hand.

Mixers are available in online stores and also in local shops near you.

Measuring Jug

This jug is important for measuring oil, milk, and other liquids, all major ingredients in cake-making recipes.

To avoid guessing, it is advisable to get a measuring jug to measure out the exact volumes needed in the process of baking.

Mixing Bowls

A bowl is needed for mixing ingredients.

It is important to have two large mixing bowls especially when you have recipes requiring more than one. These bowls may be glass, plastic, or metal, depending on what will work for you.

Preferably go for heatproof ones, as they can serve additional functions such as microwaving and simmering water when melting chocolate.

Sieve / Pastry Brush

Get a fine sieve made from metal or plastic. Any type would be suitable for sieving flour and icing sugar.

Fine grains from this process add quality to the cake after production. You’ll also need a pastry brush to brush off excess icing sugar when decorating your cake.

Rolling Pin / Skewer

Get a one-piece rolling pin or any other type, depending on which is easier for you to use. But for maximum result, ensure that you get one wide enough to cover the entire width of the dough you are rolling out.

A metal skewer indicates when your cake is ready. When you insert it in a cake and it comes out clean, your work is completed.

 Scales/ Spatula

To achieve the required results, baking requires accuracy in the measurement of ingredients.

Getting a good set of scales would do the trick. You can go for digital or manual scales depending on your choice.  You would also need a bendy spatula to remove melted chocolate or cake mixture from your bowl after baking.

Using an offset spatula also makes icing cakes easier.

Nonstick Baking Spray

This item is a must-have for any baker because it helps to easily remove baked cakes from the pan. You’ll get a perfect result when used while baking Eggnog Bundt cakes.

Revolving Cake Decoration Stand

Cake decoration is also an important aspect of the baking process because a properly finished cake is likely to attract better sales. Equipment that can be used to achieve this include; revolving cake decoration stand, decorating bags, cake leveler, cake plate, icing tip set, etc.

The stand makes icing cakes a lot easier because you can stand in one spot and at the same time view all sides of the project.

Though expensive, it’s a tool worth having and one that is guaranteed to last you for many years.

Decorating Bags

Do you want several color designs on your cake?

‘Deco’ bags come in two options, disposable and reusable types. For either choice, note that each allows you to work with different icing colors, with minimal need for cleanups.

Deco bags can also be used when decorating other baked items.

Cake Leveler/ Cake Plate

Some finished cakes have slightly bumpy tops.

A cake leveler is an important tool that ensures cakes are flat after they are finished. Using a cake plate makes it easier to lift a cake and put it on a stand for decoration or display.

Icing Tip Set

The sets usually come with tips of different shapes and sizes. Each tip carries a unique look for a perfect job.

The 55 piece icing tip set is one of the most popular and most efficient to use because it presents a variety of choices.

  • Cooling Rack

From the name alone, you’ll have an idea of what this equipment is used for.

To avoid sogginess during cooling a cooling rack is needed to help with the proper aeration of a baked cake. This is a must-have for anyone wishing to start a cake business.

  • Zester

During baking, you’re likely to need certain ingredients grated. The zester comes in handy for such jobs. It’s a fine grater used for assorted cake ingredients.


Overall, these are the basic tools and equipment you’ll need if you intend to start a cake-making business.

As a beginner, having a checklist of tools to open your cake-making shop is vital. This ensures that you are not stranded when planning and during business operations.

However, understand that you do not need to buy every cake-making supply you see online. There is room to improvise depending on how creative you are and the available resources.

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