White Castle Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Many people have made great profit by starting a franchise business. If you want to start a white castle franchise business you will need the same determination and planning that make other types of franchise businesses succeed.

Starting a white castle franchise is not as complex as you imagine. All you need is to examine certain factors critically while considering to buy a white castle franchise.

Are you interested in owning a franchise?

Are you interested in a White Castle franchise? Do you want to know more about the White Castle franchise? Do you wish to become a franchisee of the White Castle franchise? Then, this is an opportunity for you.

Do you know how much franchising a White Castle costs? White Castle has a very deep history in the sense that it has served the American populace from generation to generation. They are considered to be the first hamburger restaurant chain in the whole of the United States after being established in the year 1921. The company became a success and a favorite among burger-lovers. They only priced their burgers for just 5 cents, until the 1940s when they increased the price to 10 cents and this remained for years.

For a successful burger company like White Castle that has existed for about 96 years, it is not a surprise that so many investors seek the information of how much is a White Castle franchise?

White Castle’s signature item is the tiny, square hamburgers that are made of 100$ beef. The majority of the restaurants are opened for 24 hours a day. And at White Castle, you can get an early breakfast as early as 5 A.M.

It will also interest you to know that so many grocery stores have White Castle’s products stocked in their freezer. The company’s slogan since 1994 has been “What you crave”. Don’t you think it will be a very great deal to get a White Castle’s Franchise opportunity?


It is a general belief that the founders of White Castle are considered to be the inventors of the hamburger pun and also a pioneer of the kitchen assemblage line prototype that paved the way for most hamburger franchise opportunities to excel. Despite this great innovation, White Castle does not sell franchise opportunities.

The company has not made it a plan to expand as other companies in the same industry. Now the positive side of this is the fact that they are not being pressurized to generate quick revenue and growth since they have no shareholders to answer to.


The main reason why White Castle has not developed any interest in growth through franchising their restaurant chains is not just for the fact that they intend to maintain their restaurant so elusive as it was acted in the famous buddy movie; Harold &Kumar.

The reason is only based on the fact the White Castle’s core desire to offer extra quality foods and localized menu to their customers requires that the restaurants are located not far from the sources of the raw materials they utilize for production.

It is the belief of the company that the construction of buildings and sourcing for new facilities from the different parts of the country (which is quite inevitable if they plan to expand) would require a very large investment and will be scrutinized by external investors.

So they have decided against this and run all their stores across the federation by themselves. This is just the main reason why White Castle does not sell Franchise.


The decision by the company not to sell White Castle franchise opportunities to the public at a point sparked controversies among their customers since they were finding it difficult to locate their favorite White Castle Restaurants in their immediate environment. Some people launched a grassroots petition concerning this, requesting that the company open more units in more locations.

Despite the plea, White Castle has only opted to operate smaller units of restaurants and they are all located near the meat plants, fresh food production facilities, and bakeries from which they get the raw materials for their products. This has helped the company to save cost and also boost their profit and overall being able to maintain a high quality of food produced and also allowing for dishing of local menus based on the request of every local region.


It is well understood that the company at the moment does not offer any form of White Castle franchise opportunity, so we might not be able to ascertain any specific cost of the White Castle franchise. We hope that in the nearest future, the company might compromise their stand and start selling off franchises. This will surely be great news for franchisees who dream to own a White Castle franchise.


Now that it is general knowledge that the company does not offer any form of franchise opportunities. But do you know that you can still own a White Castle franchise if you are a die-hard business entity and you don’t easily give up?

All you need to do is to write a proposal to the White Castle Company and indicate interest in setting up the plants that they would need to source the raw materials for their productions, at your preferred location. The company might consider this and who knows, this might even pave ways for other potential franchisees who seek interest in buying a White Castle franchise.


  1. Shaequesha Williams Young says:

    Will like to franchise White Castle. If any information is known on how to do so, please reach out. I’ve read the article

  2. I grew up in an area that didn’t and still doesn’t have a White Castle. I had my very first WC burger when I was 31. Once I tasted it. I knew it is something that my area needs to have and it would explode. I would love to open a WC in my area. If/when White Castle does start to sell franchises. I will jump at the chance to be a part of this company

  3. Kirk wood says:

    I’m from the south suburbs of Chicago where I grew up eating White Castle as a kid and young adult. Now that I have recently moved to the country in Illinois near the Sandwich/Plano area I would love to open a location in this area. The only known location around here is in Aurora and to be honest it’s a very badly run location! Please contact me with info to open a great Illinois tradition somewhere near me. I have spoken to aldermen from this area, and they are all on board for such a great Illinois staple to be built!!

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