So when you’re planning your next trip to Africa, consider taking with you some gifts. But the question is, what to bring to Africa as gifts?

You can present many items that will evoke memories or make one. Keep reading this article; you’ll know what gifts to take to Africa when visiting a friend or a host family.

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, with over 50 countries. Each of these nations has its unique cultures and traditions.

Whether you have someone to visit or not, bringing gifts to the continent shows respect and appreciation for the local culture. In addition, it’s another way to give back to the community.

Here are some great ideas for a gift for someone going to Africa.

10 Best Gifts To Take To Africa

As stated earlier, you can present many gifts when visiting Africa. Right below are some supplies you can take with you.

  • School Items 

A lot of schools in Africa need to catch up when it comes to educational materials. So bringing some school items will solve the problem in these schools.

Academic supplies include notebooks, pens, pencils, rubber, colors, coloring books, and crayons. Others are world maps, dictionaries, and storybooks in English.

You can also bring non-fictional reads like Nelson “Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom and The Fear (written by Godwin about the rule of Robert Mugabe).”

Books like this will illuminate the insights into the continent’s political struggles. Fictional books such as “Yellow Sun (about the Biafran War) and charmingly funny will work on an emotional rollercoaster.

  • Play Materials 

If your trip to Africa is to visit a host family, then consider bringing some toys. You will keep the teeth of the kids shining for a long time.

You take some play materials: balls, jumping ropes, teddy bears, and more. However, taking balloons isn’t ideal for such trips. That’s because they add to plastic waste, which can be hazardous.

  • Sophisticated Gifts

When we say sophisticated, we refer to practical items. In other words, they are for utility purposes rather than play items. Such items include solar lights, clever or simple phones, and solar-powered Bluetooth radios or speakers.

Because everyone desires to use these items, distributing them can take a lot of work. Therefore, you must consult your guide before handing out these supplies.

Ensure they are distributed evenly to people who need them.

  • Clothes

It’s not a story that most Africans can’t afford brand-new wear. Most people put on secondhand clothes because of their cost-effectiveness.

Unfortunately, such wear doesn’t last long. They also depreciate quickly due to dust, dirty water, lack of soap, and sand. So it’s hard to see a kid wearing clean clothes without holes.

With this, consider bringing nice clothes, backpacks, and shoes to Africa.

These items will bring smiles to the people’s faces. While some will keep them for special occasions, others will wear them down within a few weeks.

  • Music

Africans love entertainment just like people in other parts of the world. When planning a trip to Africa, consider taking with you some fantastic sounds.

Besides, it’s one of the quickest and easiest gifts you can transport yourself. You can check the official charts for music ideas for countries like Nigeria and South Africa.

  • Traditional Board Games

Another excellent gift you can take to Africa is traditional African board games. They are great fun for the whole family and are often beautifully made.

Some board games are relics of the past, dating back thousands of years. Examples are African favorites Mancala, Zimma, and Fonorona.

Because these games are historic and monumental, they’ll be cherished by the locals.

  • Movies

Like music, taking movies to Africa can spice up the entertainment in your host family. You can take movies inspired by events sch as “Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda.”

There are also romantic classics like “African Queen and Out of Africa.” South African comedies like Leon Schuster will fit those looking for something light-hearted for their entertainment.

  • Art & Crafts

This is another fantastic gift to take to Africa. Decorating your friend’s or host family’s space with beautiful artwork will help them recover from post-vacation blues.

Practical ideas include handmade sculptures, Zulugrass jewelry, Ndebele dolls, woven baskets, and more. These items are also considered fair trade goods and are astonishing.

  • Edible Delicacies

Of course, going to Africa without edible delicacies isn’t complete. Many Africans miss the flavors of the cuisines of the countries they’ve visited.

So, bringing a pack of edibles can be a huge surprise for them. Some foreign delicacies you can come with are boerewors, South African biltong, a bag of fine Ethiopian coffee, and Mrs. Ball’s Chutney.

Western Cape wines will also be fantastic.

  • Clinical Supplies

Many African communities don’t have medical facilities. A few that do need more clinical supplies. So you can add this essential to your list of gifts to take to Africa.

Some critical medical items include bandages, antibiotic ointment, toothpaste and brushes, medicated soap, and dental floss.

You can also get hand sanitizer and feminine care products like sanitary pads. These items will be well appreciated by whoever you are visiting.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gift to Take to Africa

It would be best to keep a few things in mind when deciding what to bring to Africa. Firstly, you must be culturally sensitive.

Africa is a place where cultures and traditions are well-preserved and respected. So the items you’ll bring must be appropriate for the local customs and traditions.

For instance, most African cultures have specific clothing norms. They don’t wear clothes that expose their unique body parts. Therefore, it’s best to avoid anything that may be considered inappropriate.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the items you take. Lightweight gifts are ideal for such trips because they’re easy to carry and have practical purposes.

Lastly, consider the age and gender of the recipient. This will ensure that your gifts are well received.

Where To Buy Gifts To Take To Africa

Are you wondering where to buy gifts for your trip to Africa? Don’t worry; several places are open to get what you need to take to this continent. It all depends on your location and preferences.

However, you can get what you need in local markets, online retailers, and fair trade organizations.

Taking gifts to Africa is more than just having fun. You’ll impact lives positively and leave behind lasting memories.

You can choose from the list above if you’re wondering what you’ll take for your African friend or family on your first or next visit. But while you do that, ensure you abide by the consideration included in the article.

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