7 Best Website To Buy And Sell Stuff Online Locally

Not too long ago, I decided that the minimalist lifestyle was for me. I didn’t need as many possessions as I had.

So I decided to dispose of a good number of the things I had. Well, the internet came to the rescue. I decided to look for a website or two to sell stuff locally.

Sites To Sell Stuff Online Locally

Here’s a compilation of some of the websites. I added a little bit of information about them.

I hope that you’d find them useful, whether you want to be a minimalist just like me, or you are getting rid of old stuff to make space for new ones.

Certain Factors to Consider While Selling Stuff Online

Websites to sell stuff locally are a dime a dozen. A good number of these platforms also let you sell stuff globally.

For you to get the best out of these platforms and get the best possible prices for your stuff, there are certain factors you’d have to consider.

  • The Type of Stuff You’d Like to Sell

As earlier said, some platforms are better suited to selling niche stuff. Take Etsy, for example; artistic stuff does very well on that platform. So it’s a more niche selling place.

However, Amazon would sell almost anything, ranging from TVs to T-shirts.

Of course, except for stuff that should not be sold online, like weaponry and fresh edibles. So know the kind of stuff you want to sell and what website works best for it.

  • How Do You Intend to Fulfill the Goods?

Would you like to have maybe a delivery person handle the fulfillment for you? Who would bear the cost also if that’s what you choose? Would you rather deliver it yourself?

You could; since you’re selling locally.

You could also have the person pick it up, but then again, would the person be willing to. Whatever method you choose has its pros and cons. So choose wisely.

How One Can Sell Online Without Getting Scammed


  • Sell on Trusted Platforms

This is where reviews and word of mouth come in. Whatever platform you’re trying to sell on, make sure it is trusted; what have others say about it.

We’ll only be listing reputable platforms in today’s article, so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Meet in Person

Since you’ll be selling locally, you might want to meet in person and deal in cash also. Find a public place somewhere, you might want to take a friend along.

This is good for both parties as if the buyer doesn’t like what he/she is buying, they can return it immediately while you find another buyer.

  • Check Profile

Certain platforms verify the identity of their users.

Some of these platforms include Varagesale. Not only is this important for safety, but it also reduces the opportunity for scamming people as the platform already has your identity.

Not all platforms do this; it becomes your responsibility to check the buyer’s profile and history. Look out for poor ratings or disputes they might have with other users.

If there’s no history, the chances of being scammed increase.

7 Websites To Buy And Sell Items Locally

Now that we’ve gotten these out of the way, let’s see some of those websites where you could sell stuff locally.

  • Craiglist

The beautiful thing about craigslist is that it connects buyers and sellers on a localized level. According to county, city, state, and perhaps before going country-wide. It’s a great place for localized trade.

You can sell almost anything here, from furniture to electronics, kitchen utensils to wears, and even more.

Craigslist has been around for a long time, and it is well trusted.  However, there are no safeguards on this platform, it’s a farmhouse for scammers and con artists.

Make sure your deal is cash only, and also meet in a public location. Craigslist has a list of guidelines on how to avoid being scammed on its platform.

  • E-bay

Here’s another very versatile platform for selling stuff. However you’d be charged for posting what you want to sell, and then at the end of the transaction, you’d pay a commission.

However, the fact that it has millions of monthly visitors means that you have a very good chance of having your stuff sold as fast as possible.

Since there’s huge traffic, it means there could be more demand for whatever you’re selling, therefore, a better chance to get a good bargain.

  • Facebook Market Place

There are over 3 billion people on Facebook, making it a veritable marketplace. However, you don’t want to sell to the whole world, you just want those in your locality.

With the Facebook marketplace, you can target locally or geographically based on your location. So only those within those places will see what you want to sell.

  • NextDoor

As the name entails, this is a great platform for selling goods locally.

The platform focuses on selling to people within your locality. It comes with an app that makes it easy to list your items and track buyers. The app works as well as the desktop version of it.

However, to do research, do a proper description or edit your pictures, you’d need the desktop version. The app helps with communication and doing price changes if you so desire.

You also get notifications via email when potential buyers send you messages.

Some people consider Offerup a free version of E-bay. Well, they are not far from the truth. The platform works majorly for local buying and selling.

Of course, you get to post your goods for free.

  • Amazon

This list would probably not be complete without mentioning Amazon. Of course, Amazon is a global brand and focuses on selling to the world.

However, there’s also Amazon local selling which lets you reach people within your locality. You get to sell anything on Amazon, and you can even have Amazon do the fulfillment, of course, for a fee.

  • Yardsales.net

I particularly like this one. Do you want to do a garage sale? This website helps you get the word out, ensuring that those in your locality know the sales.

You can post the items you intend to sell beforehand, so you can gauge interest and know how many serious buyers to expect.


These are a few websites where one can sell stuff locally. As you can see, it’s straightforward. Just click on a site and list what you are looking to sell.

Of course, different websites have their rules and guidelines, you should acquaint yourself with those as you use the platforms.