How To Buy An Amazon FBA Business With Little Money

This article will be discussing a rare opportunity; buying an Amazon FBA business with little money.

Online commerce is currently the rage. This was strengthened with increased internet penetration across the world. The opportunities created have been massive too! It has changed the way people work or do business.

Very few people will find to have difficulties identifying and relating Amazon to online commerce. The best part is that now, you can become a part-owner of an Amazon created e-commerce business.

Are you surprised? It’s normal if it’s your first time of knowing. This is true! You only need to tag along to find out how.

How Little?

When starting an Amazon FBA business with little money is discussed the first question that comes to mind is “how little?” Well, “little” can be a relative term.

For this article, little refers to $2,000. Is this possible? Absolutely! You can operate a business that has the full advantages of a corporation with this little amount. And now to the next question.

What is An Amazon FBA Business?

To make this as simple as possible, the abbreviation FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This is for small businesses with limited reach who are allowed to leverage on Amazon’s wide reach. When visitors search for products on Amazon and make purchases, sellers are saddled with the responsibility of shipping such products.

However, that isn’t the case with Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon gives you true fulfillment by helping out with this process. What do you need to do? Simply send your inventories to Amazon’s fulfillment centers located close to your customers around the world. These products (however much or little) are kept safe.

Your listed products on Amazon qualifies you for Amazon prime and free super saver shipping. This means more of your customers get whatever they need fast and free without additional cost to you. More of Amazon’s customers become your customers.

When your listed products are bought, Amazon picks, packs, and ships such products. It also helps you with round-the-clock management of customer service. All of this happens while you focus on growing your business. Thus benefiting from Amazon’s scale while running a small business.

All necessary tools are provided to you by Amazon to help with the effective management of your business. Such tools include business analytics, price optimization, and personalized business recommendations. All of this can be done remotely from the screens of your computer, or mobile devices.

Buying An Amazon FBA Business With Little Money

Having discussed how little the amount required to start this business is and also explained what Amazon FBA business is, we’ll now delve into details on how to start. Starting this business isn’t that complex. Amazon has made it as easy as possible by simplifying the process.

First, you’ll need to create an Amazon seller account. So how do you do this? Simply visit its website and scroll down to the bottom of the page or page footer. There, you’ll find several options but the one you should be on the lookout for is the “Make Money With Us” heading. Under it, you’ll find a link that reads “Sell on Amazon.”

After clicking on the “Sell on Amazon” link, you’ll get redirected to a page where you can log in using our details. However, we assume that this is new to you so you’ll need to ignore this section and click on the “Create an Amazon Account” tab. There are options to sign as an “individual” or as a “professional.”

Individual accounts attract a monthly subscription fee. However, if you’re more of a long term person, a professional account will serve you best. Are there monthly subscription fees for professional accounts? There are, but this $39.99 subscription fee takes effect after your first free subscription that lasts a month. So there you have it; the first step of buying an Amazon business with little money.

  • Products Research

Product research is an important requirement if you need to have a great time running your Amazon FBA business. Product research is essential due to several reasons. One of these reasons has to do with competitiveness. After choosing a product to sell, you must be able to compare pricing with similar products. This helps you set a competitive price

Not adjusting your product pricing will make your price listing unfavorable to a prospective buyer. Such buyers move on to cheaper alternatives. First, you must find a popular product. This should be followed by a comparative analysis of similar products to set a competitive price.

  • Stacking The Odds To Your Favor

Running an Amazon FBA business isn’t difficult if you know what to do. The following will enable you to establish your business on a strong footing.

i. Diversify

A greater collection of products enhances your chances to sell more but there are some limitations with cash. Remember we’re discussing how to start this business with limited cash. The limited number of products your resources restricts you to must be well researched. Try to only pick those with a greater chance of being bought.

ii. Get Exciting Product Categories

Such products must be exciting for you. You’ll hardly sell when there’s no motivation and passion. The love for what you do keeps pushing you to do better.

iii. Become An Associate

You aren’t restricted to also become an Amazon associated. The process is easy. After becoming an associate, you can refer customers to your products. When such products are purchased from your site, Amazon pays you commission for attracting such sales. This is a great way to attract double earnings from the same product.

These are easy to buy an Amazon FBA with little money. This article has tried to make the process much easier to understand.

GUIDE: Becoming an Amazon Delivery Partner

Fulfillment by Amazon is an exciting way to make money for small businesses. You get the added advantage of leveraging on the reach of a global company to sell to customers from different parts of the world. All these are achieved at a cost that isn’t steep at all.

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