The demand for dietary supplements has created a multi-billion dollar industry which continues to expand.

Marketing such products take a variety of forms. One of the most popular methods is through online sales. When it comes to online sales, Amazon takes the lead for a variety of products including supplements.

Selling Supplements On Amazon

As such, we’ll be discussing ways through which you can sell your supplements on Amazon. This process isn’t difficult as you’ll soon find out. More so, it holds enormous potential to expand demand for your products.

Choosing The Right Product

Successfully producing and selling supplements on Amazon depends on your choice of the right products.

Supplements come in different types. One of the best ways to begin is by finding or choosing the range of supplements you intend to sell.

Also, it will do well to observe current and emerging trends in the use of supplements.

That way, you’re able to capitalize on emerging opportunities way ahead of your competitors. One of the most effective ways of finding out what supplements sell faster is to take advantage of their ranking with users.

Luckily, Amazon has a Bestsellers list of products that sell well.

In choosing the right dietary supplement products to sell on Amazon, you’ll also want to consider the profit margin as well as the potential for repeat business. These two factors influence how well your products sell on Amazon.

Do You Prefer Private Labeling Or Want To Sell Wholesale?

In making your decision to sell supplements on Amazon, you’ll need to decide whether to go with private labeling or opt for the wholesale option. With privately labeled supplements, you’re contracting a manufacturer to produce your supplements to your specifications.

This gives you the highest possible profit margin because you’re only paying for manufacturing. On the other hand, going for the wholesale option requires contracting an established supplements supplier to purchase their brand of products.

None can be said to be better than the other because each has its benefits. Profitability depends on the seller and what works best for them. A lot of supplement sellers on Amazon prefer the private labeling option, hence the need to focus more on that.

  • The Private Labeling Process

Finding your preferred private label supplement manufacturers is the first step to take. These are contract manufacturers that produce or manufacture supplements as stock formula private label products that are ready to receive your brand label.

Some private label supplement manufacturers can go the extra mile to assist clients in printing their brand label, provide order fulfillment as well as packaging the finished product for consumer sale. Not every private label supplement manufacturer is good for business.

Certain things must be considered before settling for one. They include the following;

  • Production Facility, Capacity, And Space

It is important to choose a private label supplement manufacturer that has the capacity in terms of facility and space.

These are essential and become key to your success in the event of a spike in demand for your supplements.

  • Reputation

Reputation is a highly essential requirement for doing business. As such, when choosing your private label supplement manufacturer, you should consider its online presence, years of experience, and certification.

Additional things to consider include licensing, a functional website, and its level of transparency.

  • FDA Compliance, Training, And Staff Credentials

A reliable private label supplement manufacturer should fully follow all regulations guiding the production of its products. This should include quality assurance testing as well as regular inspection in addition to well-trained staff.

  • Strong Quality Agreements

Your private label supplement manufacturer should be able to abide by strict requirements. The good manufacturing practices of both parties should be well defined and acceptable before going into production.

Setting Up Your Amazon Selling Account

For you to achieve your desire of selling your dietary supplement products on Amazon, a seller account will first need to be created. This is called the Professional Selling Account.

While opening this account is quite easy, getting approved isn’t.

Amazon has made the approval process for Professional Selling Accounts more stringent due to recent sharp practices by some sellers. Such sharp practices had to do with the selling of sub-standard supplements. As a way to crack down on these practices, Amazon made the process of obtaining its approval for supplement seller accounts more stringent.

So, as someone interested in selling your supplements on Amazon, expect to pay a fee of $3,000. This deters a lot of interested sellers, and rightfully so because paying such high fees paints the picture of a serious business. Apart from this fee, interested sellers are required to present necessary documentation by Amazon.

These are part of the approval process.

The types of documents to be presented are decided by Amazon. In most cases, such documents are obtained from your product manufacturers.

Happy Customers Translate To Higher Ratings

To become a successful supplement seller on Amazon, it is important to be concerned about your ratings. Ratings are essential and help prop up the perception of your business by potential clients. You want to give such customers more choice.

Also, by giving timely responses to questions by customers and resolving complaints in time, your reputation and rating increase which in turn attracts more sales. Not only do you attract more sales using this strategy, but repeat patronage also results.

Product Promotion

Going the extra mile to market or promote your supplements on Amazon is necessary for spite of its seller’s product listing.

Different platforms and strategies can be used to promote your products such as social media as well as blogs among others.

Consider Featuring On Amazon’s Bestsellers List

Known also as an Amazon Best Seller’s Rank (BSR), this provision attaches or awards a number to nearly every product sold (whether it’s only a sale). As such, you should feature your supplements that sell better on Amazon’s page.

Buyer’s decisions are always influenced by products labeled as bestsellers.

To sell successfully on Amazon, all the above strategies must be adopted. Amazon presents a huge platform to sell your supplements. By leveraging on the opportunities presented, you stand to attract huge sales as long as you do things right.