Walmart Fishing License Hours and Cost

What is the cost to get a fishing license in Florida, Texas, California, and other states in the US? Fishing is still considered as one of the most popular past events that are still being practiced today.

However, if you would love to go fishing with your family, you may be required to possess a fishing license for every member of the family that will be going on a fishing trip.

Getting a fishing license is not quite difficult, you can acquire it in most stores, though many people still inquire about how much is Walmart Fishing License

How Much Does Walmart Fishing License Cost in 2018?

When getting a fishing license, a lot of people choose to get the transaction done at their local Walmart store, simply because it is quite convenient and quick to acquire over there.


It will be quite difficult to determine the final cost of a Walmart Fishing License as a few factors will need to be considered. For instance, the state in which the license is being bought will determine the price of the Walmart Fishing License, the age of the purchaser, the kind of water body that the purchaser will be fishing, and the period that they want the license to stay valid.

However, to get the actual value, the purchaser should visit a local Walmart store close to them.

Licenses that will only be valid for 24 hours or just a week will cost so much less than licenses that will be required to be in usage for a long time


Since there are a whole lot of factors that will determine the cost of a Walmart Fishing License, then we might as well feed you with the average cost of the license. You can find below a list of the price you will pay to purchase a Walmart Fishing License.

LICENSE FOR                                                         PRICE
Residents (16 to 65 years)                                  $20
Senior Residents                                                   $10
1 Day Residents                                                      $11
Non-Residents                                                       $40
3 Day Non-Residents                                           $19


Apart from the Walmart Fishing License fee, you will be expected to make some additional costs.

  • When you misplace or destroy your fishing license accidentally, then you can request for a duplicate, which will cost you $4
  • If you are a resident in California, you will be expected to have a report card or validation if you want to hunt special species of fish or if you decide to go into some special water bodies. This cost will range between $6 to $23
  • If you decide to purchase a hard card license that looks like a credit card, you will be spending nothing less than $5. This card is useful when you are getting a yearly or 5-year license and can hold up to seven licenses of different categories.


If you will need to buy a Walmart Fishing License, then you can check out at any Walmart store close to you.

You can also visit the company’s website to locate any store that is in your local environment.

If you will like to apply on the internet, you can check you will get to see the various requirements that are needed to get a fishing license in your state


Most of the time, you will be required to present some form of identification and proof of your resident before your application can be considered. You may not be able to purchase the Walmart Fishing License if you are not able to provide these. Assistance will be given on all the needed documents at any Walmart Store, so you might just check in there.


  1. It is important to note that not everyone can acquire a Walmart Fishing License. In some states, residents below the age of 16 will not be able to purchase the license, mentally disabled people who need fishing as part of the therapy recommended by the doctor may be required to fish on the supervision of an adult, who himself must have a license to fish.
  2. There are days set aside in different states for free fishing. You might want to check out the dates for the state in which you are resident.
  3. When you buy a Walmart Fishing License, be certain that you check the validity period as some states will only treat your license as if it was bought of January 1st irrespective of the time of the year that it was purchased. What this indicates is that your annual license will expire on December 31st in some states, even if it still extends to another year on your license.
  4. The Walmart Fishing License fees are most of the time and may not be refundable.


A lot of people have the impression that they will need an additional fishing license for their kids. Well, this is only needed if the kids will be going out on a fishing expedition without supervision from an adult. If you hold a license and your kids want to go with you on a fishing trip, then there will be no need to get a license for them.

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However, you will need to check with the state regulation before carrying out this process.