Does Kohl’s Sell Gift Cards?

Does Kohl’s sell gift cards? These are some of the areas covered below. As you read along, you should have your questions fully answered.

Being one of America’s foremost retail chains, Kohl’s sells tons of products distributed into several categories ranging from women, men, kids, babies, jewelry & accessories, beauty, gift ideas, toys, shoes, and more.

Besides the many products sold at Kohl’s, gift cards are a category you’ll find. However, what types are available? We’ve provided details on these and more.

Whatever event or milestone you plan on celebrating, you’ll find this guide highly informative. All your questions should be answered by going through the contents below.

You can also visit Kohl’s to learn about these and more.

Yes, Kohl’s Does Sell Gift Cards

Besides its many products on sale, Kohl’s has an extensive gift card collection, each designed for specific uses and holding various amounts or denominations.

In other words, Kohl’s gift cards come in different categories or are intended for different occasions. More will be said about this when discussing the types of gift cards.

So, what’s your occasion or event? You can purchase Kohl’s gift cards and have them shipped to loved ones or your home. Kohl’s offers you two purchase options: visiting its store is one, and online purchase.

This shows you greater convenience as a buyer, plus its gift cards can be used to shop at any Kohl’s location nearest to you.

Kohl’s Gift Card Types and Denominations

Having answered the question, it’s time to examine the gift card types available at Kohl’s and their respective denominations. Kohl’s gift cards are designed for different kinds of occasions.

These range from Graduation, Birthday, Congratulations, Just Because, Thank You, Mother’s Day, New Baby, New Home, and Valentine’s Day.

You’ll find more gift card types at Kohl’s covering Weddings, Anniversaries, Father’s Day, Christmas, Holiday, and Baby Shower. Under each of these categories are several types going for varying amounts.

It’s up to you to decide the amount you want to be loaded into your gift card. For most types, the most you can have loaded is $300. Let’s discuss each of these types.

i. Graduation

Under Kohl’s Graduation gift cards are several types with amounts ranging from $5 to $300. These include Bookwork E-Gift Cards and Birthday YAY E-Gift Cards.

More types include the “Let’s Party Gift Card,” Gift Box Gift Card, Major Milestone Alert E-Gift Card, Artsy Dots Gift Card, and Congrats Grad! E-Gift Card.

You also have Cue the Confetti E-Gift Card, etc.

ii. Birthday

The load amounts for Kohl’s Birthday gift cards range from $5 to $300. The types include Happy Birthday Balloons Gift Card and Happy Birthday E-Gift Card.

More types include Birthday YAY E-Gift Cards, Happy Birthday Cupcakes E-Gift Cards, Let’s Party Gift Cards, Gift Box Gift Cards, and Feliz Compleanos Gift Cards.

iii. Congratulations

This is another category in Kohl’s range of gift cards, with load amounts ranging from $5 to $300. Some types in this category include Congrats! Gift Card, and Congratulations Grad! Gift Card.

There are more types, like Cue the Confetti Gift Card, Milestone Gift Card, and Congrats! E-Gift Card, Let’s Party E-Gift Card, and Major Milestone Alert E-Gift Card.

iv. Just Because

This is yet another gift card category available at Kohl’s. Under this are several types ranging from Floral Pattern Gift Cards, Treat for You, and Colorful Circles.

More varieties include Treat Yourself, Popsicles E-Gift Card, Artsy Dots, Daisy Flower, Bookwork, and Multicolor.

v. Thank You

Kohl’s Thank You gift cards come in different variants, including Thank You Berry Much E-Gift Card, Peach Gift Card, and You’re a Peach E-Gift Card.

More types include Thank You for Helping Me Grow E-Gift Card, Gracias Gift Card, Muchas Gracias E-Gift Card, Thank You Gift Card, Thank You E-Gift Card, and Gift Box E-Gift Card.

vi. Mother’s Day

Looking for Mother’s Day Gift Card at Kohl’s? There are several to pick from. These include Flowers in Envelop, Floral Pattern Gift Cards, and Floral E-Gift Cards.

There are more like Peach Gift Card, Daisy Flower Gift Card, Love You A Latte E-gift Card, World’s Best Mom Green Gift Card, You’re a Peach E-Gift Card and Strawberry E-Gift Card.

vii. New Baby

Under Kohl’s New Baby Gift Card Category are types that include Welcome to the World Little One E-Gift Card, Oh Baby E-Gift Card, and Baby Stork Gift Card.

Others include the Hola Bebe Gift Card, Fisher-Price Gift Card, Baby Elephant “Congrats on your Little Peanut” E-Gift Card, and Welcome to the World Little One Gift Card.

viii. New Home

Are you looking for housewarming gift cards?

Kohl’s has you covered. Under its New Home category are types that include Major Milestone Alert E-Gift Card and the Milestone Gift Card.

ix. Valentine’s Day

The love season is marked by Valentine’s, and a range of gift cards are available for people celebrating with loved ones.

At Kohl’s, you’ll find a variety similar to those discussed in other categories. A few examples of Valentine’s day gift cards include Better Together, Love You A Latte E-Gift Cards, and many more.


x. Weddings

If you wish to purchase Kohl’s wedding gift cards, these have varying amounts between $5 & $300. The types include Flowers in Envelope Gift Cards and Better Together Hearts E-Gift Cards.

Other types include Hey, Love Birds Gift Cards, Happily Ever After Gift Cards, Love is Love Gift Cards, Just Married E-Gift Card, and Just Married Gift Cards.

xi. Anniversaries

Those celebrating an anniversary can pick from Kohl’s wide collection that includes Love You More E-Gift Card, Flowers in Envelop E-Gft Card, and Better Together Hearts E-Gift Card.

There are more types like Love is Love E-Gift Card, Love You A Latte E-Gift Card, and Flowers in Envelope Gift Card.

From our discussion so far, it’s evident that Kohl’s does sell gift cards. We’ve gone further to list the different categories, types, and load amounts (between $5 to $300).

You can start searching for one more suitable to your needs.

Buyers can choose between visiting a Kohl’s location or online shopping. For online shopping, gift cards are shipped to your desired destination.

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