You’re likely reading this right now because you want to find out more details about Walmart fried chicken prices. If so, we welcome you to read on. Walmart offers a rich menu with various items as well as chicken flavors.

Do you love the idea of grocery shopping combined with some chill-out time? Walmart is a great place to head to as you’ll get all of the above rights under the same roof.

Walmart’s fried chicken is a favorite for many as such, the prices for various items are often asked. Whether you’re alone or with a friend or family, the information here should prove useful.

How Much Does Walmart Fried Chicken Cost?

Walmart may change its pricing due to a variety of factors. As such, the prices listed here are only an average and not an exact cost for menu items.

Nevertheless, such variations in pricing aren’t wide. You should be able to have a good meal within the stated amounts.

Factors Affecting Walmart’s Fried Chicken Prices

When you go out to eat at a Walmart restaurant, you’ll find that there are variations in prices. These variations are caused by multiple factors such as the volume of purchase and the side dishes attached to it.

  • Volume of Purchase

There are noticeable variations in Walmart’s pricing structure based on purchase volume. Its fried chicken prices range from $0.50 to $1 per piece.

However, economies of scale apply here with prices dropping per piece with higher volume purchases.

In other words, the quantity of fried chicken you order will determine the price you pay. Bulk purchase of Walmart’s fried chicken means you pay less for each piece.

  • Side Dishes

There are lots of side dishes that come in varieties. Your pick determines how much you end up paying. Walmart gives you the option of making the choice.

Apart from the type of side dish added, its quantity also determines the cost of your meal.

Standard Fried Chicken Prices At Walmart

There are so many variations when it comes to Walmart’s fried chicken prices.

Some of these have been mentioned above. Walmart’s menu items include a Marketside rotisserie chicken meal that goes for $10. There’s also an 8-piece fried chicken that goes for $6.98.

Additional menu items include rotisserie chicken that goes for $8.88 and a Marketside 29 oz chicken at $4.98.

  • Walmart’s Chicken Trio Tray Prices

If you order for Walmart’s chicken trio tray, you get to build your own tray by picking anywhere from 1 to 3 chicken parts. This includes ranch dressing. The size of your chicken trio tray menu will determine its price.

Prices normally range from $32 to $38.

Still dwelling on the size of the tray, a 16-inch tray holds anywhere from 15 to 20 servings while an 18-inch tray holds 20 to 25 servings. So, what are the offerings on this menu category?

There are several! They include chicken, chicken tenders, crispy popcorn as well as boneless and regular Buffalo wings.

  • Walmart’s Flavored Wings Tray

The price for this menu item is determined by its size.

Talking about size, available sizes include the 12 inch, 16 inch, and 18-inch trays. 12-inch trays of flavored wings hold about 12 to 16 servings. Its 16-inch tray holds about 20 to 24 servings while 18-inch trays of Walmart’s flavored wings hold up to 28 to 32 servings. The price for this menu item starts from $24 to $38.

Fried Chicken Add-On Prices

At Walmart, multiple fried chicken menu items come with add-ons or side dishes.

These are moderately priced and include mashed potatoes at $2.98. Others are cheesy mac at $3.98, breaded okra at $3, save green beans at $2, and wing zings costing about $5.98.

Other add-ons include cheese sticks at $3.98, Pilgrim’s Pride chicken tender with a price tag of $5.98. Another side dish includes the savory brown gravy cost about $2.98. Walmart’s chicken salad costs $5.98, its popcorn shrimp starts at $5.98 while its loaded baked potato costs around $3.94.

  • Additional Side Dishes

There’re a whole lot of options to include for your side dishes.

These range from its Amish potato priced at $1.74, tilapia fit at $5.48, red bliss potato going for $2.28, and wingdings at $5.98. More side dishes include chicken-salad with fruit & nuts for $5.78, potato wedges at $2.98.

Other side dishes consist of cheddar stuffed Jalapenos for $5, corn dogs for $1, seafood, and shrimp salad starting at $3.96, and Carolina BBQ wings for $5.98. Amish Mac salad costs around $2.47, deviled egg potato salad starts at $2.48.

Other Menu Options

Walmart offers you a lot of options when you visit its restaurant. These include a slider tray, a sandwich tray cheese tray, and prima della meat and cheese tray.

  • Sliders Tray

Apart from its fried chicken, Walmart also offers a wide array of options.

One of such is the sliders tray with prices within the $18 to $42range. The size you order will determine prices. It includes cheese and assorted meats.

Slider tray sizes range from 12, 16, and 18 inches. The 12-inch tray holds around 1 to 8 servings. This is higher on its 16-inch tray with about 12 to 16 servings. It’s highest tray size is the 18-inch tray that holds around 15 to 20 servings.

  • Sandwich Tray

Prices for the sandwich tray range from $32 to $42 based on size.

This menu item includes roast beef, fresh sandwich, bread, and turkey. These sandwich trays have sizes of about 16 and 18 inches. Its 16-inch tray holds 16 to 20 servings while the 18-inch tray holds 20 to 24 servings.

Discounts On Fried Chicken At Walmart

To get the best deals on Walmart’s fried chicken, you’ll need to be attentive to discounts. Walmart frequently offers mouthwatering discounts for a variety of menu items on offer. You only need to check frequently.

Walmart advertises any discount or promo offer through various channels to reach its customers.

These are Walmart’s fried chicken prices as well as optional menu items you should know of. We’ve also listed what some of these menu items consist of. With such knowledge, you’re better informed as well as prepared beforehand.

As earlier stated, it’s very important to know that the figures provided here are only estimates. Walmart’s fried chicken prices may differ based on market factors. Whatever the case is, the differences won’t be much compared to the prices listed here.

In other words, the variance between these prices and what may apply at a Walmart restaurant won’t be significant.