Sample Veterinary Clinic Business Plan Template


In starting a veterinary business, you must be a veterinarian or someone who has a basic knowledge about the health of animals.

Even if you are not a veterinarian, you can always employ veterinarians that will help with the business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a veterinary practice business.

Business Name: Scobe Vet Business


  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion


The veterinary industry or clinic exists to serve the several medical needs of animals like dogs, fish, cats, birds among others.

Looking at the existence of pets and their need for medical services, we can see that the veterinary business is a very lucrative one. In this type of business, the owner must have an experience of how veterinary clinics are run.


Scobe Vet Business is a standard and well licensed veterinary clinic owned by John Scobe and his immediate family members. The business will be located in New York, USA.

The main intention of the business is to provide standard and reliable medical services to animals. Our business will provide dental and surgical treatments for them.


In serving the medical needs of pets in New York and also to be successful in our business, we have decided to offer the following services to pet owners in the United States:

  • Medical examination
  • Diagnosis
  • medical treatment
  • surgery
  • reproductive services
  • dental care
  • skin disorder
  • orthopedics
  • geriatric care
  • consultancy service


The vision of this business is to succeed and grow into recognition as a vet clinic that offers the best medical services to pets in the area of New York. Also, we aim to be a well standard and one-stop veterinary clinic for pet owners.


Our mission is to have a constant good sale in the first three years of operation and also be known for the reliable and quality services we offer our clients.


Having a good business structure is very important in succeeding as a business, hence, we will ensure that we put the right business structure in place which will help in running the business smoothly.

We will ensure that every employee is attuned to the vision and goal of the business so we can all work towards achieving our business goals.

We will be employing hard-working, honest, passionate, professional, goal, and customer-centric people to occupy the following positions:

  • Managing Director
  • Marketing Team
  • Customer Care Executives
  • Cleaners
  • Driver

Market Trends

Studies have shown that there has been an increase in the way Americans care for their pets.

According to research, some cities have the highest number of pet owners such as New York and California which makes them thriving places for a veterinary clinic.

Most veterinary clinics now own their own in-house blood bank and analyzers and technology has also made certain things easier in the industry. Several clinics are now able to offer state of the art and very standardized services as a result of medical technology.

Target Market

The market was surveyed to ensure that will determine the right target market and looking at the findings of the survey, the following set of people will be our target market:

  • business people
  • corporate executives
  • Celebrities
  • Households
  • Sportsmen and women


In having a firm stand in the industry and also to become successful, we have decided to do the following:

  • providing efficient and reliable medical services
  • provision of high-quality medical equipment and regular availability of drugs at fair prices
  • satisfactory customer care services
  • advertising the business in print, online and broadcast media
  • installing billboards on strategic locations in New York
  • distributing fliers and handbills


The business will be established with a startup fund of $200,000, out of which we have gotten 80% and the remaining 20% will be gotten from the bank as a loan.


We are not only in the business to offer medical care to pets and generate profit but also to compete favorably well in the market and in doing so, we have drafted strategies that will help in having an edge over our competitors and these strategies are:

  • Paying the staff well and providing a conducive environment for them to work so that they can all be motivated in their service to the business.
  • Providing standardized medicals services to our customers.
  • Offering a wide variety of services to attract more customers.


This is a veterinary clinic business plan owned by John Scobe and is located in New York, USA. This is a business plan sample that can be used as a sample in writing your own business plan.

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