Great Sources To Generate Ideas For Businesses

What are the best sources of business ideas and opportunities? How do I find business opportunities? How do I know the best business to start? How do I develop creative and innovative business ideas?

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Many entrepreneurs all over the world have confirmed that there are various unusual sources of business ideas in Nigeria, Kenya, and other parts of the world, such as:

Below, I will list and discuss the different sources of business ideas in this modern society.

Primary and Secondary Sources of Business Ideas and Opportunities

1. Hobbies: While having fun at what they enjoy doing, many people have started businesses. Converting hobbies into money-making opportunities has worked for very many entrepreneurs. For instance, if you love to travel, perform arts, or into hospitality you can look at starting a business venture in the tourism sector. Examples of hobbies that make money include sports, catering, cooking, piano playing, photography, etc.

2. Experience: Many investors find it convenient to choose business ideas in line with their background. This because they understand the terrain better. More than half of project ideas in entrepreneurship come from experiences at the workplace. For instance,

3. The Media: The mass media is also a platform for the generation and sources of business ideas in the following ways:

a. study commercial adverts on business needs and sales of entire businesses
b. extract information from reports on changes in fashions or consumer needs e.g healthy eating, weight loss.
c. sieve through adverts for popular skills demanded e.g security, catering, web design.

4. Exhibitions: If you take time to study most exhibitions, you would be able to discover the nature of new products and re-branding ideas of existing products. Through talking with sales reps, manufacturers, and end-users, you will be able to find a gap to fill to start your own business.

5. Surveys: Surveys can either be done online or offline. Talking to neighbors, co-workers, and family members about a particular product or service is a form of informal survey. The essence of carrying out surveys is to gather complaints from dissatisfied customers of new and existing products, you will be able to generate ideas to fine-tune your investment to include improvements and changes most people would like to see.

6. Complaints: Anytime you hear a customer complain about a product such as I wish there was..if they had..etc there lies an idea for investment. You can either set up a competitor business with such firms offering a better product or sell that idea/product for improvement to the company directly. Talk to people, read comments and reviews on blogs and browse popular forums to gather complaints about that product. A complaint is one of the most practical primary sources of business ideas.

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7. Brainstorming: Brainstorming involves using creative thinking to generate business ideas to solve problems. The first step is to identify a problem or question and then Brainstorming is a technique or creative problem-solving as well as for generating new ideas for small businesses. The overall idea is to come up with solutions as many as possible.

When looking for sources of ideas for new business start-ups, through brainstorming you should avoid criticizing the ideas of others on your team, allow even the wildest of ideas, allow a large number of contributions, and don’t hesitate to merge and improve upon other people’s suggestions.



The vast majority of people have cash yet they don’t recognize what to do with their resources or what business to begin. Presently to the normal personality, there appears to be a shortage of ideas, yet I need you to realize that open doors are so enormous to tap into. You should simply take a shot at your observation and build up your capacity to see these open doors.

Business ideas are all inside you and within your condition. Some of these business thoughts exude from the examination of market and shopper needs, while others radiate from long research. However, the reality remains that business openings proliferate. So if you are occupied with beginning a business, yet you don’t comprehend what item or service to offer.

The following are a portion of the wellsprings that flows with useful business ideas:

1. Search inside yourself and look at your aptitudes and abilities:

Indeed, one of the primary spots to begin when searching for business thoughts or opportunities is to search inside yourself. A lot of people miss this most noteworthy wellspring of business ideas in light of numbness, sluggishness, and self questions.

If you are capable of having a demonstrated reputation in a particular field, then this is the right time to dissect such expertise or ability. To find what you are great at or what business to begin, you can start by putting forth the accompanying inquiries:

What are you enthusiastic about? 
Do you have an aptitude that individuals will pay for? 
What are your past-times like? 
What abilities or gifts do you have? 

2. Preparation/Training:

Business thoughts can be procured through training people where they are outfitted with vital abilities and learning from schools and such different foundations of preparations.

3. Encounter:

A thought can likewise be created as a matter of fact. Involvement in itself originates from steady touch on a specific angle. For example, an individual may have an involvement in bookkeeping through his or her intermittent association with bookkeeping issues.

4. Always be informed about current occasions:

This is very helpful. Societal happenings, occasions, and patterns are likewise wellsprings of business ideas. When you are constantly open to perusing and watching the news and having the cognizant expectation of finding business thoughts/ideas, you will be amazed at what number of business openings your mind will create.

Always be aware of current occasions since it will help you to distinguish advertise patterns, new trends, data about ventures, and some of the time new thoughts that have business conceivable outcomes and possibilities.

5. Develop another service or product:

Do you have an inventive personality? How about coming up with items or services that have never existed previously? To build up an inventive personality, you require an outlook or discernment that can see past issues.
You need to have a view around and ask yourself:

What is the best answer to this circumstance or individuals’ issue? At this point, you can continue to get some information about extra services that people might want to use. You have to think like the extraordinary business people, for example, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham, and so on.

To create winning thoughts/ideas, you have to focus on a particular target advertisement to examine and conceptualize business thoughts for services that the gathering would be intrigued by. The way to landing at business ideas for another item or administration is to recognize a market need that has not been met.

For instance, the need for enhanced security has prompted a blast of new security items and administrations; from iris-acknowledgment machines through home security administrations.

6. Increase the value of an effectively existing item:

The uniqueness between crude wood and completed timber is a decent example of putting a product through an extra procedure that expands its esteem, yet extra procedures are by all means not the only way that esteem can be included. You should include services or join the item with other related items.

Presently, how would you build up these business thoughts? The appropriate response is straightforward – look past the lines and put forth the accompanying inquiries: What are those items you utilize that could be enhanced?  Which industry are things ineffectively done? It is when you are very confident in answering such questions that you can make a productive business.

7. Interests:

Interests are what one is enamored within a large portion of his or her time. At any rate, every single one discovers something intriguing and open to doing it without fail. Indeed, that may be a wellspring of business thought.

8. Franchising:

A franchise is a course of action whereby the producer or the sole wholesaler of a trademark, item, or service offers selective rights for neighborhood circulation to autonomous retailers as an end-result of their installment of similarity and royalty with a specific end goal to institutionalize working methodology. Franchising may take a few structures, yet the most intriguing one is the sort that offers a name, techniques for running the business, pictures furthermore, and working standards.

Presently, by what means can franchising turn into a wellspring of business openings? Indeed, you can take a gander at great organizations or items that exist in other nations that are not functioning in your nation. At that point, you can buy a franchise to that item and turn it into a pioneer in your nation.

9. Abilities:

A business thought can likewise originate from individual abilities. You are best in what you are gifted at and this may frame a decent base for beginning a business when you recognize an idea around. For example, if you are capable of playing football, you may detect an idea for providing football packs to clients in the market.

10. Through Broad communications:

The broad communication is a great wellspring of data, thoughts, and regular opportunities. The radio, TV stations, Magazines, Cable systems, daily papers, what’s more, web asset destinations are all good sources for broad communications. Simply investigate the business commercials in daily paper or magazine, you will find organizations that are available to be purchased or do business with.

Likewise, articles in the printed press or on the net or documentaries on TV may report changes in consumers’ needs or designs. If for instance, you heard or read that individuals are presently very inspired by adhering to a good diet or physical wellness. You should find commercials offering the arrangement of specific services for the need. Or, on the other hand, you may discover another idea for which financial specialists are required such as a franchise.

11. From Presentations, Expos, and Trade Shows:

Another way to generate business ideas and opportunities is to go for presentations and exchange fairs. These are normally publicized on the radio or in daily papers. By going to such occasions consistently, you won’t just discover new items and services, however, you will also meet deals agents, wholesalers, merchants, makers, and franchisers.

These are constantly incredible wellsprings of ideas in business.

12. Mechanical Surveys:

The primary key for another business idea ought to be on the client. The necessities and needs of the client, which will give more insight into an item or service, can be dissected or learned through a study. Such an overview might be led formally or casually by addressing individuals; through meetings or utilizing a poll or through perception.

13. Tuning into clients protests:

Protests and dissatisfactions concerning clients have prompted numerous new items or services. At whatever point, shoppers grumble gravely or sharply concerning an item or benefit, or when you hear somebody saying ‘I wish there was … “or “If just there were an item/service that could … “, at this point, you have the potential for a business thought/idea. The thought can be to set up an organization offering a superior item or service, or it might be another item or service which can be sold to the organization being referred to or to others.

14. From the Qualities of a Person:

An individual’s quality can likewise fill in as a wellspring of thought which is tuned to a thought for doing business.

For example, let say you have specific quality in assisting customers through conferences, that could frame a base to begin a business.

15. Showcase hole (specialty):

Detecting a hole in any market can likewise frame a thought/idea. A market crevice for this situation is utilized to mean some imperative zone that is not involved. Once in a while, a specific territory in the market might be unfilled with no one truly giving a few merchandise or services required by clients. This is the thing that can be framed to an idea that will be successful.

16. Conceptualizing:

This is an inventive, critical thinking system, and a hotspot for creating thoughts and ideas. The question is to be touched based on the same number of thoughts as conceivable.  As a rule, it starts with a question or issue proclamation. For example, you may ask “What are the items and services s required in homes today which are inaccessible?” Each thought can prompt at least one extra idea, bringing about a decent number.

As a last note, you can likewise check some enterprise assets online that normally list patterns, business thoughts, and openings. Cases of such sites are,, and so forth.

17. Consolidating existing organizations:

Specialists can likewise come up together to combine their business as another improvement towards accomplishing or getting more clients or for the arrangement of better services to clients.

Sound business thoughts/ideas will be considered good investments when executed. Business visionaries are advised to deeply think about ideas from various sources that could lead them to begin a well-organized business.

I appreciate your taking the time to go through this article. Kindly drop your contributions in the comment section. Share this post with others to help them identify the sources of business opportunity too. Sharing is caring!