Are you looking for small businesses to start in Kenya? Do you live in Nairobi and what to start lucrative small business ideas in Kenya with small capital?

Kenya is an important country in Africa. Kenya is a nice country to invest in and run a simple business venture.

She is a big business hub for young entrepreneurs in East and Central Africa, and definitely, good and booming business ideas for beginners and experts to start there.

5 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Kenya

Here are 5 best business opportunities you should give attention to in Kenya today.



In almost every country in the world, the Real Estate industry is a very lucrative business opportunity to start – and starting a property business in Kenya is no exception.

In large urban centers in Western Kenya (and even towns and rural communities) there is a keen interest in lands. And, in almost every county in the country, having a piece of land has been converted into an investment (and don’t forget the increasing population also played it part in this).

In Nairobi today, every Kenyan desire owning their own home so they will stop paying rent.

Therefore, the rate of people that want to have land or home is high in the country. And as expected, many smart people in the country have turned into millionaires by simply buying and selling land (and in a very short period).

Why not invest in this too?

You simply buy large chunks of land and then you subdivide them into smaller portions for disposal. This is one of the best business venture ideas you can invest in Kenya counties in which the probability of you succeeding and making it big is rated 100%.

If you have more capital, you can make more money and profits when you buy the land and first develop the land before selling it off.


The rural Kenyan economy is essentially still based on Agriculture.

Do we need to emphasize the importance of starting a small agriculture business here? The fact remains that, still food is something we humans can’t do without, then Agriculture is very important.

Therefore, if you look around almost every home in rural Kenya (and even many urban homes in the country), you sure find some sort of great agriculture business ideas they have invested in.

Now as a beginner entrepreneur looking for profitable farming businesses to start for 50000, you need to stand out by doing things in unusual ways. The fact is, there are already many farmers in rural Kenya.

Therefore, you need to brand yourself and offer what these farmers aren’t offering.

If many farmers are selling just milk, you can turn yours into yogurt and cheese and sell them at higher prices in the market. If many farmers just sell fruits like that, you use them to make juices and fruit salads, then package for distribution.

Re-branding is one innovative approach to surviving agribusiness competition.


Kenyans youth are now embracing the internet.

Many university students are now looking beyond the traditional ways of buying and selling (that is conducting the transactions in a physical store) and are going after other startup online business ideas in Kenya.

You can make money with these fast-growing small scale businesses in Kenya by simply providing a platform for people to sell their items.

Look at Facebook, do you know many groups are now being created that enables people to buy and sell? That means the internet has changed the way people shop. When millions of young people give your classified site attention, that is money.

College students can then begin charging some sellers some money to be in the ‘recommended sellers’ section and category using this easy investment opportunity.

           4. A CHILD CARE CENTER

Of course, many parents in African countries will want to leave their non-school going children to the care of their housemaids and their relatives at home.

Nevertheless, with the trend of babies being abused by these house helps (thank God for CCTV cameras), people are now being cautious of who they leave their children to.

Now, a good option these parents have is taking their non-school going children to child care centers. You can invest in a child care center and get patronize by lots of families. Many parents in Kenya don’t have the time to take care of their children.

In many homes in Kenya, both parents are working in offices where they leave home very early and return home very late in the night (due to certain factors as holdups, etc).

Therefore, since a child care center is trustworthy (that is, parents are assured of the safety of their children), then you can rest assured that this cool business investment opportunity is a viable one.


Are you looking for fast-growing small scale businesses in Kenya? Homes and offices must be regularly cleaned.

People must get their homes cleaned- and many don’t always have the time (while some are simply lazy).

Again, many companies in Kenya are outsourcing their cleaning needs. That means you can set up a low-cost business that offers cleaning services to homes and offices expanding more on this creative business idea for ladies available in Kenya.

To thrive well in this unique beginner business idea for Kenyans men, women, students, youth; you need to package yourself properly.

Work with modern tools that will make your work faster, cleaner, and make you appear more professional. This will make your clients pay you more money.

Some of these ideas are good business opportunities in Kenya for youth.