If you care so much about their similarities, read on. This article will discuss Scott’s Cheap Flights vs. Thirty Traveler. But before doing that, let’s briefly review these services.

No doubt, taking a flight to your destination can be thrilling. But having a cheap flight deal can make the entire trip better.

You can save money for extra expenses such as food, accommodation, and other living costs. But the question is, where can I get an inexpensive flight deal?

Thrifty Traveler vs Scott’s Cheap Flights

Several subscription services exist to help you secure a cheap flight deal.

A few are Scott’s Cheap Flights and Thrifty Traveler. These two services can help you save up to 90 percent on flights. But choosing between them can be tricky.

That’s because their services and offers are almost similar.

Is Scott’s Cheap Flights Worth It?

This email subscription service sends out flight deals for many foreign and domestic users in the U.S.

Scott Keyes founded it and operates on a freemium model. In other words, they have both limited and premium options for customers.

Limited members can receive flight deal emails at no cost.

Such emails include instructions about the procedure to book the flight deal, what travel dates and airlines are open, and what platform you can use to book the flight.

You can receive flight deals from up to five airports as a limited member.

However, the flight deals will only be displayed for 30 minutes after premium subscribers receive theirs. You won’t receive mail about domestic deals, error fares, or premium cabin deals.

Is Thrifty Travelers Worth It?

This is also another reputable flight subscription service that Jared Kamrowski founded. The website offers helpful travel resources and tips for travelers in the U.S.

You can get free domestic flight deals, travel tips, and advice. Those who opt for their premium services can get the cheapest and best flight deals of the day.

One unique aspect of this platform is that it has flight-scanning software. Additionally, they have a productive team working 24/7. The team works behind the scenes, hunting for every reasonable online fight.

Comparing Scott’s Cheap Flights and Thrift Travelers

In this section, we will weigh the two email subscription services above.

Our comparison will be based on flight deals, membership options, and cost. After reading through, you’ll know which service provider will fit your traveling needs.

  • Flight Deals 

Scott’s Cheap Flights offers inexpensive deals on only foreign flights. This makes it ideal for those traveling to and from other countries.

However, Thrifty Traveler provides both international and domestic flight deals.

You can get those from Alaska and Hawaii among their deals. They can be your best bet if you’re looking forward to traveling within or outside the U.S.

  • Membership Options 

This is one of the critical things to look at when searching for cheap flight email subscribers. As noted above, it will help you save on air travel costs.

Both Scott’s Cheap Flights and Thrifty Traveler offer free and paid membership options. Only Thrifty Traveler has a premium plus membership option.

If you sign up for Scott’s free membership, you can get emailed about a third of the open flight deals. But those with premium membership can get all extended flight deals.

In addition, you can get up to 40%–90% off flights and five times more access to their best deals. What’s more? Premium customers can receive alerts on the best travel dates.

  • Costs 

There needs to be more disparity in the membership costs of these two subscription websites. Scott’s Cheap Flights is much cheaper than Thrifty Traveler.

Their membership costs only $49 annually (i.e., at the time of publishing). Meanwhile, membership costs at Thrifty Traveler are around $59 annually (also at the time of publishing).

You can enjoy many benefits once you sign up for the premium membership. One is customized flight deals based on your home airport in the specified region.

You can also get over 40 flight deals straight to your inbox monthly. Subscribers like Thrifty Traveler can help you save up to $250 to $500 per ticket.

Because most fares are six to nine months out, there’s enough time to budget and save for your trip. Premium subscribers can also use their official Facebook page to network and find travel friends for the next adventure.

Pros of Using Scott’s Cheap Flights and Thrifty Traveler

You’ll reap many benefits by patronizing any of these email subscription services.

Among them are fantastic flight offers, free flight updates, refund options, a catchy and user-friendly interface, and lots more. Allow us to review these perks separately for better understanding.

  • Amazing Flight Deals 

Both subscription services are renowned for offering rounds of the cheapest flight deals across the internet. Their system also captures mistaken prices by airlines and other flight booking sites.

So those who are hasty in booking their flights can get deals at low prices. However, access to top-notch services is only provided to premium subscribers.

  • Free Flight Updates

You can get free flight updates when registering as a member with either Scott’s Cheap Flights or TT.

Besides their premium subscriptions, the platforms post amazing flight offers daily on their websites. However, the majority of these options are domestic flights.

But you can also get some cheap foreign flights if you check regularly. Most posts are displayed later in the day. When heading towards the site, you can check out new deals before they are taken.

Premium members can get access to exclusive discounts.

  • Refund Option

Another perk of using these subscription services is that you can get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with their service. For instance, TT offers a refund within 100 days of your subscription.

But it would be best if you met certain conditions before they granted your request. For more details, visit their official website and inquire about their flight and membership refund policy.

  • Catchy and User-Friendly Interface

Scott’s Cheap Flights and Thrifty Traveler’s websites are incredibly engaging, intuitive, and clutter-free. Their platforms are easy to navigate, even for a new user.

Indeed, everyone prefers to fly to their destination at cheap rates. Looking at the rising rate of fuel and gas, there’s never a better time to save on flight deals than now.

Searching on the internet manually for a cheap flight to your destination can be daunting. But with the two flight booking sites listed above, you can secure a fantastic deal at lower prices.

You can use the comparisons above to choose the best site for your travel needs. But before you do that, research their services, terms, and conditions.

This will also help you make informed decisions regarding your flight.

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