The agro-allied industry, particularly the fish farming industry has witnessed a revolutionary growth in recent years.

Faced with a depleting fish reserve in our Oceans, there have been legislations in several countries aimed at regulating the way fishing is done. Certain waters are restricted to fishing trawlers due to the alarming drop in the fish population there.

However, there have been innovations developed to provide an alternative source for the rising demand for fish.

While fishing is still a practice the world over, there has been a major shift in the fishing industry with fishes now reared to augment for the undersupply. Fish farmers have emerged across the world, rearing fish on both commercial and subsistence level.

The modes these fishes are raised has continually witnessed constant changes. This is in response to the changing lifestyles of people. There are those fish farmers who stay in rural neighbourhoods, and so has a lot of land at their disposal for building permanent structures for their fish farms.

These structures include the concrete fish ponds among other types. In the same vein, there are fish farmers, mostly subsistence farmers who live in the cities and are prone to change location at any time.

For these types of fish farmers, innovative ways of rearing their fish has been developed resulting in equipment like the collapsible mobile polygon fish pond.


What is a Collapsible Mobile Polygon Fish Pond?

For those farmers who don’t yet know what a collapsible mobile polygon fish pond is, this is a fish pond made primarily from materials that consist of PVC tarpaulin material, and supported by metal reinforcements.

These are easily foldable and provide the much needed portability especially for farmers located in cities who are likely to change residence. In other words, these type of farmers do not have a permanent residential address.

Characteristics of a Collapsible Mobile Polygon Fish Pond

The collapsible mobile polygon fish pond has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other types of fish ponds. Some of these characteristics are what makes them more attractive to farmers, as both urban and rural dwelling fish farmers can use them, depending on the need. Some of these include;

  • Being Easy to Setup/Assemble:

This feature makes the collapsible mobile polygon an easy alternative for fish farmers with low technical knowledge, as they come with all the necessary installation information (installation manual) to provide the needed help.

  • Fireproof, Antibacterial and Acid/Alkali Resistant:

The materials used in the manufacture of the collapsible mobile polygon fish pond greatly enhances its durability as damages that result through fire incidents do not affect it. Also, it does not support harmful bacteria that may affect the fish. Another feature that makes it stand out is its resistance to acid and alkali reactions.

  • Non-Toxic, Thermo stable and Cold Resistance:

The collapsible mobile polygon fish pond has very unique characteristics that easily stand it out from other mobile fish pond options. These include its thermo stable nature, added to its being non-toxic and cold resistant. These solve some of the challenges faced by fish farmers the world over.

  • Durability:

The durability of the collapsible mobile fish pond is an added advantage to fish farmers. It designed from materials meant to last. Apart from this, its appearance is also aesthetically appealing.

  • Its Shape and Size

Collapsible mobile polygon fish ponds come at different shapes and sizes depending on the choice of the buyer or fish farmer. The sizes range from the small to the large, while its shape could be either rectangular, square or round.

Whatever the shape or size, they are all reinforced by metal supports. It is easily foldable and moveable too.

  • The Water Holding Capacity

Collapsible mobile polygon fish ponds have varying water holding capacities. These range according to their sizes.

The smallest collapsible mobile polygon fish pond typically holds a little over 90 gallons of water, while the largest size typically holds a little above 1506 gallons of water. Between these, there are other available sizes.

Buying a Collapsible Mobile Polygon Fish Pond at Cheap Rate

The collapsible mobile polygon fish pond is an efficient way of rearing fish especially for fish farmers who do not have permanent residents, as it provides the ease of easy installation and dismantling. This makes it a highly desirable fish farming equipment among farmers. In order to get one at a fair price, it is advisable for farmers to compare the prices of this product across vendors.

Considering the option of importation will not be a bad idea. In China for instance, these collapsible mobile polygon fish ponds are sold at considerably cheaper rates than elsewhere. This is most likely due to China’s status as the world’s factory. Chinese websites such as among many others have great offers for buyers.

However, American suppliers should also be considered as there are bound to be surprises in available discounts for this fishing equipment.


Buying a collapsible mobile polygon fish pond at a cheap rate is very possible; however, carefully comparing prices between sellers is a great way to spot the best deal.


Use of collapsible mobile pond is ideal for urban dwellers and a very easy way to raise your own fish. The mobile ponds as shown are ideal mobile fish pond for your both front yard and back yard farming. A similar alternative is the use of plastic fish pond.

Advantages of Using a Collapsible Mobile Polygon Fish Pond:

1. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive.
2. It can hold water for as long as you want.
3. It can easily be removed and carried to another location.
4. Ideal for people who live in rented apartments.
5. The use of the mobile ponds is cheaper compared to concrete tanks.
6. It is an ideal pond for a starter or anyone who wants to start small.
7. With this type of collapsible mobile polygon pond, you can start your fish business with capital as low as N80, 000 (Cost of pond).

Dimensions available include:

10ft x 10ft x 4ft (800-1000 Capacity)
13ft x 13ft x 4ft  (1500 Capacity)
15ft x15ft x 4ft   (2000 Capacity)
18ft x 18ft x 4ft  (3000 Capacity)


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