Sample Roofing Company Business Plan

Thinking about writing a roofing company business plan?

Having all the guidance you need on putting a sound real estate business plan in place would be a great idea.

Launching a successful roofing business usually involves a lot of work and planning.

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Without the plan (a good one), every effort wouldn’t be properly channeled.

You might end up having a miserable start which ends up affecting the business. Here, we’re all about helping you achieve your goals. Provided here is a roofing company business plan sample or guide to work with.

With this, you should have little problem putting your own unique plan together.

Key sections to include in any plan are the executive summary section, company description, products & services, market analysis as well as strategy & implementation.

A good roofing company business plan should also include an organization & management team, as well as financial plan & projection sections.

i. Executive Summary

The first section to introduce your roofing company business to your audience is the executive summary.

As the name suggests, this should be summarized into a few pages (anywhere from 1 to 3 pages). Although it appears first in a business plan, the executive summary is written last.

The executive summary section should make the reader curious enough to go through the rest of the plan. From this section, investors can assess whether your roofing business has a real shot at success or not.

Also remember, all an investor wants is how they’ll make money.

Subsections within your executive summary must include business name & location, services offered, mission & vision statements as well as the purpose of the plan. Let’s take a look at these.

  • Business Name & Location

Before writing your plan, it’s expected that you’d have chosen or picked a name for your roofing business.

Being an identity for your business, provide such a name and state where it’s located. This gives the first glimpse of what the business is about. Other details will be supplied in the following sections.

  • Products & Services Offered

In terms of products offered by your roofing company, you’ll need to provide just that.

State all of the key products offered by your roofing company. You may have to include information on roofing sheet variants and other related products and services you may have.

  • Mission & Vision Statements

The mission and vision statements are key to charting the path the business will go. As such, your mission statement should clearly explain what your roofing business offers, how it does what it does and who its products help.

In a nutshell, the mission statement should capture the essence or overall value of your product and service.

On the other hand, your vision statement should present or paint a vivid mental image of where you want your roofing business to be at some point in the future. This is mostly in terms of goals and targets.

Also, does it inspire you and your staff?

  • Purpose of the Plan

It’s important not to mince words when stating the purpose of the plan.

One of the main purposes is strategic planning. Do you wish to access funding through a plan?

Knowing what you want is important and gives the reader an idea of what the business is about.

ii. Company Description

This is where you go into greater detail about your roofing business. The legal structure your company will adopt is a key addition. Briefly include its history if it’s already in existence.

Now, businesses are designed to solve problems. What does yours solve?

Your products and services as well as a target market or customers should be added here. You’ll need to include markets and financial highlights as well as a growth summary if your business is already in existence.

The company description section is never complete without adding details about your short and long-term goals. Another key addition is the need to show your audience how you intend to turn a profit.

Remember, for investors, it’s all about profit-making.

iii. Products & Services

Without a doubt, a roofing company will be involved in the production of roofing sheets and accessories. Some others may not be involved in direct production but marketing roofing products.

You’ll need to state exactly the products or services offered by your business.

How is such a service beneficial to your clients? Projected revenues and service cost details should be added here too. One of the best ways of providing projected revenues is in a graphical format or representation.

It’s important to have a competitive advantage. Have them listed here as well as the market role of your products.

Also include information on any research and development details being carried out.

iv. Market Analysis

Making real progress in any business operation depends on the quality of marketing.

So, your marketing analysis section should be detailed enough. Here, details such as target customer segments and a description of the industry as well as its outlook should be provided.

Historical, current, and projected marketing data are crucial additions to the market analysis section. Here, you’ll need to assess your competitors in terms of weaknesses and strengths.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Real success and growth are hinged on developing and implementing the right strategy. So, details about sales and marketing should be provided here. How do you intend to promote your roofing business to clients?

Pricing and promotions are also crucial additions. Also include information on the number of employees to be hired or currently hired including operating hours.

vi. Organization & Management Team

What’s the make-up of your team like? Here, your audience will need to be informed about the management team.

Has an organizational chart drafted with full descriptions of members of your management team and positions held?

Here, you’ll need to include finer details like names, positions held, prior experience as well as roles. Also included here is information about the roofing company ownership.

Who owns the company and what’s the percentage ownership like?

vii. Financial Plan & Projection

You’ll need professional help in drafting the financial plan and projection section.

An accountant will prove useful in this regard. Here, historical information on income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets should be added. This should cover a period of 5 years.

Capital expenditure budgets, balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements should be realistic enough during projection.

This roofing company business plan guide gives you all the help needed to put together a sound plan. The success of your business largely depends on how well this plan is written and implemented.

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