Right at Home Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

Right at Home Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you an investor seeking for home care and medical staffing franchise opportunities like Adecco? If yes, you may find Right at Home interesting enough.

This article seeks to provide all the information you need. As you read on, you should be able to make up your mind on whether to invest or not.

Areas to consider will include a brief history, the financial requirements, available financing options as well as support and training.

Brief History

Right at Home is a medical staffing and home care franchise. It was founded in Allen Hager in 1995. As expected, he had a medical background, with specialization in hospital administration.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Right at Home began franchising 5 years later in the year 2000.

By providing ongoing assistance from discharged patients, Right at Home successfully built a major brand. This has become synonymous with premium home care service.


The Right at Home franchise provides innovative home care services. These are done through its unique approach known as the right care method.

As a result of its unique approach, clients get a exceptional customer experiences. This is a deliberate step meant to foster trust as well as create client loyalty. What more? These actions are also geared towards total recovery.

As expected, its commitment has led to a 99% client satisfaction rate. This is very significant considering the hardships patients go through which has led to hospital readmission.

Seeking for Franchisees in…

Right at Home franchise has presence across the United States, and Canada. It is also seeking for franchisees across several international regions as well as domestic locations.

So, which destinations are covered? These include Western Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Others are South America as well as Eastern Europe. So, for prospective franchisees in such locations, this is an opportunity to become part of a reputable brand.

Financial Requirements

Certain conditions have to be met to be considered for this franchise opportunity. One of such is the financial requirements. First, there’s the initial franchise fee. This starts at $49,500.

Also, there’s the initial investment. However, this depends on which investment options you choose. For this, there’s a minimum and maximum sum of $79,250 and $137,900 respectively.

You also need to have liquid cash within the $150,000 to $240,000 range. There are other additional costs. Such include the ongoing fees. These are made up of an ad royalty as well as ongoing royalty of 2 and 5% respectively.

Financing Options

If you’ve wondered if there are financing options, the good news is there are! As a Right at Home franchisee, you benefit from 2 main types. Third-party financing is the first. This provides financing covering the startup costs and franchise fee.

However, only veterans get to enjoy the second type. As a veteran, you get a 10% discount off the franchise fee.


For any franchise to succeed, it must provide comprehensive support to its franchisee. Right at Home clearly understands this which has led to the provision of all the support you need.

So, what areas are covered exactly? Several! In short, all areas necessary for enhanced productivity. These cover broad categories like marketing and ongoing support.

  • Marketing Support

All new and existing franchisees benefit from this support. Hence, it covers vital areas that include email marketing and website development.

Others are social media advertising, provision of ad templates, regional advertising as well as SEO content generation. Social media advertising for example holds tremendous potential. This has led to it (the franchisor) utilizing such due to its wide reach.

  • Ongoing Support

You need all the assistance you need during your franchise ownership term. Right at Home franchise recognizes this and has offered ample support. These cover a range of vital areas. The aim is to increase your chances of success.

This is because it creates a win-win situation for both franchisor and franchisee.

In view of this, ongoing support includes franchisee intranet platform. Others are meetings and conventions, a grand opening ceremony, online based support, as well as a toll free line.

What else? As a franchisee, you are put through safety procedures as well as security. There are also field operations, periodic newsletter and magazine publications.

The purpose of the latter is to keep all franchisees abreast of current developments and innovations. This continues to help the franchise remain competitive and attractive to investors.


Training is an important aspect of its operations. This is because without it, franchisees are bound to fail. Therefore, as a new Right at Home franchisee, you are taken through 2 major types of training. The first is its on-the-job training.

This type of training puts you through the practical procedures of running your franchise. This can also be called the hands-on training and lasts for 16 hours.

Its other type of training is the classroom training. This deals with all the theoretical aspect of the business. Under this training module, you get to spend a period of approximately 4 days or 76 hours.


What do I stand to gain by being a Right at Home franchisee? This is a likely question that may arise. This franchise opportunity offers several.

However, we will only consider the major ones. They include; being the face of the brand in your community; finding satisfaction from touching lives; as well as partnership with an international franchise. Let’s briefly consider each of these.

  • Being the Face of the Brand

Right at Home is a reputable brand known for excellence. Therefore, as its franchisee, you get to create customizable healthcare plans. These are done to fit specific client needs.

By this, you get to represent what the brand stands for. Such quality services also impact your community.

  • Finding Satisfaction from Touching Lives

Right at Home prides itself as a franchise that touches lives positively. Hence, as its franchisee, apart from returns on investment, you find satisfaction from impacting lives positively.

  • Partnership with an International Franchise

Right at Home franchise has built a reputation in the healthcare and medical staffing sector.

As its franchisee, you get the opportunity of working with an international brand. This enhances your chances for success as well as boosting your confidence and those of your clients.