Quarries play a huge role in the construction industry. Therefore, the potentials are enormous. In view of this fact, we have made this quarry Business Plan.

This will give the reader useful tips when drafting a plan for a quarry business.

In addition to that, we’ve made sure that the article is simplified. In other words, this sample plan is comprehensive enough to be followed. You should replicate it’s simplicity too!

Here is a sample business plan for starting a limestone, marble or granite quarry.

– Executive Summary

Romboldt Quarries is a quarry business to be located in the mountainous region of Kentucky. We have taken advantage of the Kentucky’s booming construction industry. As a result, this has influenced our choice of location. At Romboldt Quarries, we will be providing quarry services in addition to other products which will be mentioned shortly.

These products and services are in high demand.

We also have the advantage of experience. We have carefully chosen a crop of experts with vast skills. Such skills consist of technical as well as adminstrative. A greater part of our workforce have been players in the quarry industry.

Thus, this places us at advantage.

  • Products and Services

Most of the time, people assume quarries are restricted to excavation. However, there are several other services and products we offer. At Romboldt Quarries, we our services includes quarrying, rockeries, crazy paving, paving slabs and monumental stones. Additional services include free quotations, templating, stone sawing, letter cutting and masonry. Several other services will be introduced on a need basis.

The abovementioned services will be professionally handled. We have no doubt about the quality of our services because we have skillful, trained and experienced professionals.

  • Our Mission

We are on a mission to establish a reputable quarrying company. Hence, our goal is to be known for quality. This will be visible in all areas of our operations. Such areas will include our customer services, marketing, staff welfare and other areas.

  • Our Vision

There are major players in the quarrying industry. But we are in in it to make it more competitive. Hence, our sights are set on breaking into the top tier. Breaking into the top league will be achieved with a decade. We are also interested in working the talk.

  • Financing

Operating a quarry is capital intensive. This is because heavy machinery take up a good chunk of the costs. Running costs are additional expenses incurred during operations. Therefore the financial implications are enormous. We seek to raise the sum of $1,500,000.00. This sum will be raising solely from loans. We have a preference for low interest loans. About 80% of this sum will be spent on equipment purchase. However, 20% will be channeled into operational costs.

  • SWOT Analysis

This is a part of our planning phase we cannot overlook. Hence, we have done a SWOT test. This is an analysis of our strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

 i. Strength

Our strength as a company is founded in our expertise and experience. This counts for much considering the complexities involved. Consequently, we’ve seen tremendous opportunities for improvement. Although a lot has improved, there’s still room for improvement. This is why we are upbeat in our resolve to offer enhanced services.

This is a critical role we intend to play.

  ii. Weakness

Weakness is often misconstrued with failure. However, that isn’t the case. At Romboldt Quarries, we have identified our weaknessses to include our size and capacity. However, this is only temporal in other words, we intend to enhance our capacity within the shortest time possible. The more the capacity, the higher the number of clients we can serve. There is no gain saying that we are well poised to achieve our targets.

   iii. Opportunities

We are in business for the opportunities. Hence our determination to do all it takes within legal boundaries to promote our business. The boom in the construction industry has become our major motivation. Also, this doesn’t seem short-lived. Therefore we have hired the best hands in the industry. Such team will streamline our activities towards achieving set targets. We also seek to adapt to circumstances as they unfold.

iv. Threats

Threats are ever present. However how well they are handled determines success. We have assessed our threats. While doing so, we have also measured our levels of exposure. Hence, in anticipation, we’ve been able to create a buffer (by diversifying our services). This will enable us absorb any shocks that may result. These are in the form of an economic recession as well as a crash in the housing market.

  • Sales Projection

This is the essence of our operations. Without sales, our activities can’t be sustained. Based on trends, we’ve done a 3 year sales projection. This has turned out promising and shows the following results;

  1. First Financial Year.   $890,000.00
  2. Second Financial Year. $1,800,000.00
  3. Third Financial Year.  $3,000,000.00
  • Marketing Strategy

This is critical to running a profitable business. Hence we have chosen a vibrant marketing team. This team will ensure that a robust campaign is initiated. In addition, our contacts (mostly contractors) within the construction industry will be taken advantage of.

  • Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in our wealth of experience. In other words, we have made up for size with experience and expertise. This will enable us compete favourably with other quarrying businesses. The welfare of our workforce is also a factor that sets us apart from the pack.

This quarry business plan sample has highlighted some of the most important aspects of a good plan. We are confident that you will find this very useful in preparing a plan.

However a plan isn’t sufficient enough. You need to also implement. But this stage should be taken only after you must have carefully completed your plan. It’s best to have a second opinion. It’s best to seek such from experienced persons.

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