Sample Pooper Scooper Service Business Plan Template


Do you own a pet? Or, do you know people who own pets especially Dogs? Your answers to the above questions would definitely be yes.

Dogs poop daily and there is no way you can help this, so many finds it irritating to clean the poop and as such sort to find people who can help with this, others are either unaware of how best to deal with this poop. This gave birth to the idea of poop scooping.

A poop scooper is a professional who helps clean pets poop.

Wondering how you also can become a professional poop scooper? Let’s explore the important things you need to note and put in place before you start poop scooping business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a dog pooper scooper business.


You wouldn’t be earning money by cleaning your own pet poops. Before you start poop scooping business, mark out houses in your territory that might need your services. When marking it out, try and note some important facts like:

  • How many dogs do they own?
  • How have they been disposing the waste?
  • Would they be willing to pay for my services?

This amongst other questions need to be considered when you are trying to locate clients.


If you would become a successful and professional poop scooper you need to get either a car or a bike. You might wonder how would this help when you start poop scooping business. For one, when you are mobile it would be easy for you to gain client all over the town, you would move freely at your pace and at the right time.

You would not want to disappoint a client waiting for your services especially when it is urgent, getting a cab or taxi to pick you up and drop you off might not be easy at those moments so preparing ahead would do you a lot of good.


Every job has its own tool, and your success depends on getting the required tools for your work. Going into a client house with substandard tools would make them doubt your efficiency, remember they might have done a little research on things needed to start poop scooping business.

You need tools like a neat plastic poop bag, gloves amongst others.


There are no formal requirements needed to start poop scooping business, but you would do yourself a lot of good by learning few things about dogs before starting your work. Being circumspect of all involved in dealing with dogs will not only make your client appreciate your service, but it will also protect you.

When you enter a client’s house, you could read the mind of the dog and decide if you will need to get the dog chained or not. Remember you only work when you’re alive and not when dead.


You need to let people know about what your services include. So many think only those who are rich require your services, don’t be fooled. Your services are definitely needed by everyone and all depends on how well you can market your business.

Distributing flyers, making billboards and online advertisement are some useful ways to go about this. In fact, you could use social media to introduce your business to the world, you could train people to start poop scooping business and make extra money. You have no limit to how much you can make, but you can limit how much you can make by not choosing the right marketing plan.


One other factor to note while planning to start poop scooping business is your price. You define your price, at times though there seems to be a general scale for measuring how much some services costs.

So, you should at first make enquires as to how much people in your area offer their services and check if you can improve your service and add to the price or offer the same service at the same price. Remember you need to be kind with your pricing, and don’t hurt yourself trying to help others.


Presently the best way to speed up the growth of your business is by buying a franchise. When you start poop scooping business under a franchise company, that is becoming a franchisee, you tend to enjoy a whole bundle of offers.

First you receive training from professionals on the best way to carry out your business, next you get equipment needed even a car for easy transportation. They also setup advertisements for you so as to be able to get some clients to work with at the early stage.

With a franchise you only need not overly worry about how your business will turn out, you can be sure that you are already a success story. You could find the best pet franchising industry online.


In conclusion, having explored some important tools needed to start poop scooping business, you now can see that it is quite easy than you would have thought. Remember, you first need to locate the right clients by considering the aforementioned questions.

Also, you need to be mobile so as not to disappoint your clients, getting the required tools will definitely make your work a bit easy, and when all hope seems lost remember getting a good franchise could be the help you need.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and prepare to start poop scooping business.

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