BOSTON PIZZA Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Boston Pizza Franchise is a company that has been in operation since 1964 (54 YEARS). For anyone or groups that are interested in joining Boston Pizza franchise, below is all the information about redbrick pizza franchise that you will need to know.

In this article, we will at first see the overview of the company, where we will discuss important information like year of establishment when they started franchising, the services rendered.

After this, we will also discuss the important details a franchisee needs like how much Boston Pizza franchise costs, the required total investment cost. Then, we will discuss the training and supports available to franchisees at Boston Pizza and then we will round up by discussing at length the best way to start a Boston Pizza franchise business.

Is Boston Pizza a Franchise?

The Boston Pizza franchise started in the year 1964 by Gus Agioritis (the founder), a Greek immigrant. He opened the first ever Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Which became a franchise in the year 1970.

Presently, they have been in operation for over 40 years with headquarter in Canada.

Boston Pizza International Inc. deals majorly in the baking of pizza for day to day consumption. They are popularly known as one of the best in the whole of Canada has more than 300 outlets in Canada and with nothing less than $1 billion in sale annually serving more than 40 million guests.

What makes them so unique and successful in the marketplace is the way they make their sports bar and dining room family friendly and different from others.

As a Boston Pizza franchisee at you will be required to feature varieties of high quality. At the moment, they are looking for franchisee worldwide.

How Much Does Boston Pizza Franchise Cost?

Boston Pizza franchisee must pay a franchise fee of $30,000 and show $200,000 in liquid asset before being accepted to become a franchisee at Boston Pizza, this is also added to other fees that would need to be paid.

Boston Pizza Franchise Fee

Boston Pizza requires a franchisee fee of $60,000 to be paid before becoming a franchisee at Boston Pizza, a royalty fee of 7% and AD royalty fee of 2.5-3% is also required.

Boston Pizza Startup Cost

For those planning to become a franchisee at Boston Pizza franchise company, you will be required a total investment of $1.5 million as the minimum or the lowest requirement and a high of $2.4 million.

Boston Pizza Training and Support

When you get accepted to become a franchisee at Boston Pizza Franchise Company, you will not be left alone without the needed help to survive. You can be sure to receive the following benefits in training and support:

  • A 7-week intensive training program that will cover everything from how to successfully operate a Boston Pizza to marketing your outlet to get customers.
  • Operations overview.
  • Management of front of house and back of the house.
  • Prompt customer care service.
  • The preparation of the food and some business tips.
  • A compulsory investor orientation program that will be held at Boston Pizza restaurant offices which will last for 10-15 weeks for all non-operating franchisee principals.
  • Boston Pizza will help you with site selection so as to get you the right location to plant your business.
  • Provision of good templates by them will help you in marketing your business in the best way possible.
  • You will be taught the basic security and safety procedures.
  • Regular supply of newsletter will also be made to help keep you informed about latest developments.
  • Regular visits from the quality assurance unit will help keep you informed and also help you deal with the problems you will be facing.
  • Regular supply of newly developed recipes and ingredients.
  • On request, you will receive further training from Boston Pizza franchise staffs.

Boston Pizza terms of Agreement/Renewal

To know more about the terms of agreement and renewal offered by Boston Pizza, you will need to contact them by requesting for the information online by filling a request form which will be seen on their website.

How Much Does a Boston Pizza Franchise Make?

At the moment, there is no complete information on the exact amount a Boston Pizza franchisee makes. But one would reasonably agree that since food is useful for all and most enjoy taking snacks at launch, then a Boston Pizza franchisee will make a lot of money.

Another fact that must be behind our mind is the factors that affect how much sales he makes, this may include his business location, his specialty, his price etc. More detailed information can be received by contacting them online.

How to Open a Boston Pizza Franchise

Having gone through the information available at this time about Boston Pizza franchise, if you are interested in joining them as a franchisee, you will need to visit their website and kindly apply.

During the process of your application, you can still ask further questions just in case you still have areas you need clarification in that was not covered in this post.