Here are some trendy pizza name ideas that attract sales to your restaurant.

Establishing a pizza restaurant can be a lucrative business when everything is done right. This includes finding the right location and adopting the right marketing strategies and message among other things.

However, such a business must have a name.

The name you choose should be representative of your kind of service. Also, it should be easily relatable to your target market. We are more interested in the name, hence our decision to list some pizza restaurant name ideas you could use.

Why is this important? It is because more often than not, new entrepreneurs encounter difficulties in the selection of an appropriate name for their pizza restaurant business. There are lots of questions on what name(s) should be fitting enough. we’ve stepped in to help by providing you with several options.

However long the list of names is, we can never exhaust them because there will always be more. While searching for the best name for your pizza restaurant, you should also know that it will have to be followed by a name search.

A name search simply refers to the process of finding if your most preferred name(s) is available.

Being available means that it hasn’t been taken by another business. There are online directories where all records of business names are kept. If yours has been taken, you’ll need to find another.

The best way to go about this is to have multiple names ready (at least three). If one is taken, the others might be available.

Things To Know Before Choosing A Pizza Name

Your choice of a sweet-sounding or catchy pizza business name isn’t enough. There are underlying factors that should guide your actions. These are tips on how to go about choosing a name for your business.

They include the following;

  • Can You Trademark The Name?

This is an important question that requires some reflection. Depending on how successful you wish your pizza brand to be, you’ll need to create a trademark for it. There are ways to find out if you can.

Either check the website or for further details.

  • If You Must Use Specifics, It Must Mean Something

Sometimes, using specifics can be quite tricky. That is because specifics are likely to be restrictive. Nevertheless, there are creative ways of using it when naming your pizza business. You can either use numbers to denote the fast nature of your customer service or as an initial in your name.

In any case, it should be relatable.

  • Does Your Pizza Restaurant Name Convey A Meaning?

Every name should convey meaning right? However, this is not the case for a lot of businesses.

As such, it’s unsurprising that such names do not impact significantly in building a strong brand. The name you choose for your pizza restaurant should be such that conveys meaning to your target clients. It should also spark some level of curiosity for people to try out what you’ve got.

  • Get A Name That Sounds Good When Said Out Loud

Many times, you’ll need to find words that sound good when said out loud.

Get creative in doing this. You might want to start by going for words having the same consonant sounds. You should be careful however to avoid tongue twisters and long names. These will impact negatively on the overall result.

Try saying the name out loud too. It helps in coming up with the right name.

Catchy Pizza Restaurant Names List

This is where we provide some name ideas you can choose from. These are quite catchy and you can easily get creative with them.

Without further delay, the following should be of help when shopping for an appropriate name;

  1. Pizzaiolo
  2. ViaFest
  3. The Backspace
  4. Pizzeria Picco
  5. Pizzeria Bianco
  6. Stogie Joe’s
  7. Supino
  8. Serious Pies
  9. Punch Pizza
  10. Regazza
  11. Seabright
  12. Santarpios
  13. Pizzeria Vetri
  14. Here’s Italy
  15. Hard Times II
  16. All Round Pizza
  17. A-1 Pizza Shop
  18. Full Moon Pizza
  19. Gotham Pizza
  20. Blaze Pizza
  21. Best Pizza
  22. Crush Pizza
  23. Corner Pizza
  24. Family Night Pizza
  25. EATaliano Kitchen
  26. Fat Boy’s Pizza
  27. Flyer’s Pizza
  28. Fired Up Kitchen
  29. NY Pie
  30. The Twin Brothers Pizzeria
  31. Pizza Patron
  32. The Tipsy Pizza
  33. The Pizza Press
  34. Market Street Pizza
  35. Pizza Day
  36. Second Bar + Kitchen
  37. Speedy’s Pizza Delivery
  38. The Pizza Stone
  39. Deep Dish Pizzeria
  40. The Funky Anchovy
  41. Pizza Paradise
  42. The Onion
  43. My Pi Pizza
  44. Pizza Studio
  45. Craft Pizza
  46. Pizza Capri
  47. Pizza Castle
  48. Pizza Delicious
  49. Pastaria
  50. Coal Fire
  51. Conte’s
  52. Mozza
  53. Nicholetta
  54. Mathews Pizza
  55. Motorino
  56. Galleria Umberto
  57. Guiseppes Place
  58. Di Fara
  59. Frank Pepe’s
  60. Del Popolo
  61. Liberty Pizza
  62. Home Slice
  63. Tower of Pizza
  64. The Pizza Cutter
  65. The Corner Grille
  66. The Garlic Knot
  67. Sweet Tomatoes Pizza
  68. The American Wheel
  69. The Best Pizza
  70. Little Italy Pizza
  71. Lighthouse Pizza
  72. MOD Pizza
  73. Mi Pizza
  74. Pie in the Sky
  75. Oven & Shaker
  76. Pizza & Go
  77. Piggy Parts Pizzeria
  78. Pizza Stop
  79. Pizza Express
  80. Roman Candle
  81. Right Coast Pizza
  82. Slice of Heaven
  83. Shakespeare’s Pizza
  84. Square Pizza
  85. Speedy Pizza Delivery
  86. Square Pizza
  87. Wildfire Cold Fired Pizza
  88. Little Caesar’s Pizza
  89. Peace of Pizza
  90. Pizzeria Aroma
  91. Pizza Toss Pizzeria
  92. Smart Flour Foods
  93. Pizza-on-Point
  94. Village Pizza
  95. Pizza Metro
  96. Home Slice Pizza
  97. Brick Oven
  98. Blue Baker
  99. Flaming Pizza
  100. Basil’s Pizza Palor
  101. Hotstone Pizzeria
  102. Lighthouse Pizza
  103. Circular Pie Pizzeria
  104. Supreme Pizza
  105. Skyline Pizza
  106. University Grill & Pizza
  107. Pushcart Cafe & Pizzeria
  108. The Upper Crust Pizzeria
  109. Area Flour
  110. Land of Pizza
  111. Antico
  112. Bar Toma’s
  113. Mozzo
  114. Pizza Inc
  115. Flippashare
  116. Great Britain’s Taste Pizza
  117. PomPom Pizza
  118. Sandberry Pizzeria
  119. Cubic Pop Pizzeria
  120. Tweenbay Pizza
  121. Lovin Coast Pizza
  122. Napolli
  123. Esprite Pizzeria
  124. Feeling Pan Pizza
  125. First Taste
  126. Happy Burst Pizza
  127. Pizza Pop
  128. Crewby’s
  129. Pizzawings
  130. The Candid Pizza
  131. The Mad Pepporini
  132. Golden Pan Pizza
  133. Forza Pan Pizza
  134. Tipsy Tomato Pizzeria
  135. Bella Della Pizza
  136. Crispy Spichio
  137. Esbrana Pizza
  138. Basil City Pizza
  139. Sreebon Pizza
  140. Twisted Toppings
  141. Upside Pizza
  142. 5 Boroughs Pizza
  143. We Stuff Pizza
  144. The Masterpiece Pies
  145. Pizza Rollout
  146. Buttercrust
  147. Deep Dish Pizzeria
  148. Buddy’s Pizza
  149. Big Slice Pizzeria
  150. Big Bank Pizza
  151. Mellow Mushroom
  152. Masterpiece Pies
  153. Lazy Baker Pizza Maker
  154. Holly Rollers Pizzeria
  155. Famous Ben’s Pizza
  156. Extreme Pizza
  157. Galla’s Pizza
  158. Flippin Pizza
  159. Go-Go Gourmet Pizza
  160. Happy’s Pizza

This list of pizza restaurant name ideas can go on and on. There’s no limit to the number of names you can come up with.

Here, you’ve seen tips on how to go about choosing an appropriate name for your pizza restaurant as well as name ideas that can be of help.