8 Nigerian Companies That Sponsor Events

This article will look at some Nigerian companies that support events. Not only this, but how to have them sponsor your event.

Let’s ride into our discussion right away.

Big Nigerian Brands For Event Sponsorship

Due to a lack of sponsorship, many ideas about events, companies, and other corporate projects were wasted.

If competent hands can sponsor these ideas, this will go a long way to opening up plenty of opportunities for Nigerians. It is not like there are no capable hands to offer such sponsorship in this country.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s more than one sponsor in the country. The issue is, who are these sponsors?

So, if you want to know about organizations that offer event sponsorships in Nigeria, you must stay until the end of our discussion.

How to Make My Event Sponsored in Nigeria?

For your event to be sponsored by any organization in Nigeria, you need to understand a couple of things before you embark on such a mission.

First, you need to understand the available sponsors concerning your event and then draft a list of supporters.

Once you have them at hand, you can research those companies that can support your event.

Once you are finished with this, you will need to arrange a persuasive proposal. Your proposal should include a summary of your event, a sponsor’s description, a call to action, and what you can offer at the end of the day.

Once you complete your proposal, please submit it to your sponsors and follow up with them.

Finally, you should establish an excellent relationship with your sponsors. How are you doing this? There are about four ways to develop a strong relationship.

These consist of regular posts sponsored by your blog event and sponsored advertisements on your website. You also need to do reviews of products, events, and advertisements.

Who Can Sponsor Your Event In Nigeria?

You may be surprised to hear that numerous companies sponsor events in Nigeria. Not only events but also fantastic project ideas and training.

These companies include Nigerian Breweries, Chevron, UAC, Guinness, Mobil, Nestle Nigeria, Texaco, MTN, Airtel, Globacom, Coca-cola, Indomie, Dangote, 9mobile, Dufil Prima, Green Hunters Sports International, and many more.

  • Nigerian Breweries

Nigerian Breweries PLC is a unique company that provides significant support for a wide range of indicators in the country.

Their sponsorship includes events, health, education, talent development, water, and youth empowerment.

In 2015, they sponsored a poetry festival in Lagos.

If you would like to contact the Nigerian Breweries to sponsor your event, when you visit their headquarters in Iganmu House, Abebe village road, Iganmu, Lagos state.

Besides their head office, they have other offices in different parts of the country.

  • Chevron

Chevron is an international organization with a significant affiliate in Nigeria for about 60 years.

This company is one of Nigeria’s biggest oil producers and investors and has contributed significantly to the country’s growth and development.

One of their contributions involves sponsoring events, education, health promotion, and economic development.

You can visit their Nigerian branch at 2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula II 12825, Lekki, Lagos state, to apply for a sponsorship. You can never tell if your request is going to be accepted.

  • UAC

Do not hesitate to contact UAC to sponsor your events.

They offer sponsorships to business ideas and other ventures such as water, health, education, and economic development in Nigeria.

You can visit them at 1-5 Odunlami Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria, or send them an e-mail to [email protected].

  • Guinness

Guinness is among the leading malting manufacturers in Nigeria. The company offers not only sports sponsorships but also life-changing events.

In case you don’t know, Guinness Nigeria sponsored the 2011 Calabar Festival, the largest street festival in Africa. That’s the extent to which they can support entertainment.

They are headquartered at 24 Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja Lagos. So you can visit and find out more about their sponsorship of events.

  • MTN

I suspect that many, if not all, Nigerians are familiar with the mobile network. They also provide massive sponsorships to events such as theatre arts productions, particularly musical ones.

Some of their musical sponsorship includes “Legends the Musical,” “Saro the Musical,” “Kakadu the Musical,” “Fela and the Kalakuta Queens,” and many others.

MTN also offers sponsorships for visual arts events like the visual arts exhibition.

As a result, you may see another potential event sponsor. Suffice it to try this mobile network and see how positively it will run.

  • Airtel

Similar to MTN, Airtel is another well-known mobile network in the country. They provide sponsoring programs for events, education, and other social projects in various Nigerian communities.

In case you don’t know, they offered to sponsor the music contest, which took place in Nigeria around 2016. They also sponsored a second international singing competition, “The Voice of Nigeria.”

  • Coca-cola

For those unaware, Coca-Cola Company has proposed to sponsor the Nigerian football team and other national teams.

They go further to open up the youth empowerment program to young Nigerians so that they have access to life and outstanding business skills.

This is to say that they may be ready to sponsor your events.

  • Nestle

Good news for you: Nestlé has always been ready to sponsor your unique events and projects once it makes the promotion of its brand.

It is “unlocking the power of food to improve the quality of life for everyone.”

Consequently, contact them quickly to get a sponsorship if you have an event related to the above objective.

Apart from these companies, many are willing to sponsor any Nigerian with a brilliant idea in events, education, water, health, and other life-changing activities.

I suppose we have listed quite a few above. Now, you need to connect with them and share your thoughts.

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