Do you have an American girlfriend who you want to get married to?

If you are, you will soon get the answers you are searching for only if you continue reading this article.

We’ll figure out what to do if an American wants to marry a Nigerian.

Marrying A Nigeria: What You Must Know Beforehand

Are you aware that the Nigerian government has ordered that aliens should not be allowed to marry Nigerians?

The restriction is intended to prohibit foreign nationals from marrying Nigerians for purposes of a residence visa.

Do not worry; you will soon discover why the government has instituted this law.

What about the Marriage Restriction Order?

Sometimes, foreigners who came for tourism, vacation, and other temporary visits were allowed even to marry Nigerians.

Later on, the Nigerian government discovered that these foreign nationals were marrying Nigerians to get a permanent visa. This is why the marriage restriction order was made.

At that time, the government undertook the following actions.

  • Foreign nationals on a short visit to Nigeria or studying can no longer marry any national in Nigeria. However, if a foreign national wants to marry a Nigerian, they must obtain special and justified authorization before entering Nigeria.
  • A foreign national must remain in the country for more than six months to obtain a PR visa after marrying a Nigerian.
  • Furthermore, any foreigner who has married a Nigerian will be restricted from applying for specific jobs in the country, mainly if there are many unemployed nationals.
  • Insofar as a foreigner will love marrying a Nigerian, there are some challenges related to immigration to the country. The reason for processing your marriage and working papers may be delayed. So, any Nigerian who wants to marry a foreigner would have to consider that.

Special Application for Marriage

You must be aware that for a marriage between a foreigner and a Nigerian, you must apply to the “Marriage Registry.”

You can either do the application via the Internet or do it manually. As such, your American girlfriend must meet the following requirements.

  • A consanguinity document and a passport photo.
  • An international passport data page (U.S. passport)
  • An ‘Arrival Passport Page’
  • Her residence permit.
  • She must also present her marriage affidavit if she has already been married.
  • If divorced, she will be asked to issue an Order-in-Council 90 and an Order-in-Council. In a situation where her husband is dead, she will be mandated to bring a death certificate of her late husband.

On the other hand, as a Nigerian, you must bring your consanguineous document, a birth certificate, an indigenous form, a marriage certificate if once married, and a passport photograph.

In addition, you will issue documents to substantiate your claim if you have been divorced or widowed.

Afterward, you have completed your requirements and uploaded them online; you will then be required to make some payments and wait for your application to be processed in the next seven days.

Return to the registry office after seven days and pick a day for yourself and your American girlfriend to interview.

On the marriage day, you and your American bride must bring one witness each. Not just that, but with two wedding rings and a Koran or Bible.

Dress Code

In Nigeria, three dress codes are nationally accepted. These include indigenous attire, a business setting, and a wedding gown and suit.

It will help you to make good decisions at the time of your marriage.

Nigerian Traditional Marriage Rites

As an American girlfriend who wants to get married to a Nigerian man, it will be essential if she understands the traditional rites for marriages in Nigeria.

Traditional marriage rites in Nigeria differ from the tribe, many of which are done in the country.

This includes Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik, and and Igala. Let us examine the marriage rites of three great tribes in Nigeria.

Here is all about weddings in Nigerian courts.

  • Yoruba Marriage Rites

After the love and mutual interest between an American and a Nigerian has been established, both parties will inform their families of their intentions to marry.

Afterward, the man and his family will arrange a visit to the bride’s family for an appropriate presentation and fix the wedding date.

Nevertheless, there will be an intermediary (Alarina) Who will spearhead the wedding arrangements.

  • Igbo Marriage Rites

First, before the marriage is established between a man and a woman, there will be an investigation (Iku aka or Iju else). Here, the man and his family will also visit the bride’s family and make an official introduction.

During the introduction, the groom’s father will reveal her son’s intentions to marry the bride.

When finished, the bride’s father will also call her daughter and ask if she knows the person seeking her hand in the marriage.

Afterward, they will make an appropriate presentation to the community before arranging the traditional wedding.

  • Hausa Traditional Rites

If an American wants to marry a Hausa in Nigeria, she should keep her mind about any romance or lengthy dating.

As usual, the groom must visit the bride’s family and express his intention of marrying their daughter. Until then, he must bring a basket filled with fruits, kola nuts, etc.

There is much to be said about marital rites in Nigeria. It is because there are many steps to take to marry any ethnic group in this country traditionally.

Nevertheless, you have seen what is required for an American to marry a Nigerian.

The journey starts with the law regarding foreigners who marry Nigerians, how to apply for marriage, the dress code, and traditional marriage rites.

These are some things to consider during your marriage to a Nigerian.

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