This article will prove helpful for persons looking for mattress payment plans with no credit checks. Does this describe you? There are several options to explore, as you’ll discover in this article.

Credit report checks or credit inquiries tend to go hand-in-hand with payment plans for several reasons, such as risk assessment, payment terms, etc.

Bed on Finance No Credit Check

People seek mattress payment plans for a variety of reasons. Such include the inability to make total up-front payments, debt consolidation, and taking advantage of promotional offers.

These and many other reasons are why people will consider mattress payment plans. Those without credit checks attract the most attention; we’ve discussed these in detail.

  • About the Concept

Is a mattress payment plan with no credit check a new concept for you? This involves buying a mattress on a payment plan with zero credit checks.

Credit checks are used or applied for various reasons, including protecting the lender, assessing the buyer’s creditworthiness, and setting interest rates.

So, why will some mattress payment plans come with zero credit checks?

Retailers offer mattress payment plans with no credit checks to make the buyer’s payment process as easy as possible. The short-term nature of these purchases means lenders become less interested in credit checks.

While that is true, some mattress payment plans still require credit checks. However, we’re not interested in such, as we only consider plans without credit checks.

Mattress Payment Plan Vs. Financing Without Credit Check

Can you get a king-size mattress on finance? Yes.

Often, people use mattress payment plans and financing interchangeably. On the surface, this may sound appropriate, but there are differences.

The similarities between the two concepts are seen in the fact that both allow the spread of mattress payments over time. Plus, they can be crucial for improving your creditworthiness.

The differences between mattress payment plans and financing become more evident when considering the purpose or objectives.

While payment plans are designed to spread out the cost of mattress purchases over time, financing involves borrowing for mattress purchases.

This, too, may include spreading out payments over time or could be a complete, one-time payment.

Mattress Retailers Offering Payment Plans with No Credit Checks

This section identifies businesses or retailers offering payment plans without credit check requirements. Such provisions are made for the reasons stated earlier.

While there are several retailers, we’ve included a few to try out. Examples include Mattress Firm, The Pillowtop Factory, Abunda, DreamCloud Sleep, and MetroMattress.

More mattress retailers with payment plans without credit checks include Unbox Mattress. While there are more, we’ll be focusing on these.

So, what are the payment plans like, and are they really without credit checks? To answer, let’s take a look at each of those mentioned as follows:

i. MattressFIRM

Under MattressFIRM’s lease-to-own program, you enjoy a range of perks, including zero credit requirements and flexible payment options that include weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

MattressFIRM has an instant-decision process in place with approvals of up to $3,000 available. Besides mattresses, other products sold by this retailer include box springs & bed cases.

More products sold by Mattress FIRM include pillows, bedding, furniture, pet beds, massage & wellness, futons, and more.

Do its payment plans cover these other products?

You’ll need to contact the retailer for more details on these and more. Start by applying to its lease-to-own program today by visiting its application page.

ii. The Pillowtop Factory

Pillowtop Factory also has mattress payment plan provisions without credit checks, and you can explore such when purchasing its range of mattresses.

If you’ve tried traditional financing with little success, you might want to give this option a chance. All that’s needed to get started is a $15 down payment, a source of income, and a credit union or bank checking account.

So, don’t have credit? No problem! The Pillowtop Factory has you covered. Your less-than-perfect credit score won’t hinder getting its range of products.

You only need to enroll in its financing program to get started. The best part is this retailer’s financing has no hidden fees, zero surprises, and zero interest (for the first 100 days after purchase).

iii. Abunda

Have you heard of or shopped at Abunda before? This is another trusted name for quality mattresses.

This company has a range of financing provisions designed to help buyers achieve their objectives with greater ease and fewer financial challenges.

It prides itself in its hassle-free mattress payment plan with no credit checks.

Abunda’s ultra-low monthly mattress payment plans are why the brand is well-known and widely embraced among its growing clients.

The best part is there are no credit checks; you can choose the best options. Abunda’s payment plan starts from as low as $20. Explore its offerings by visiting its site or contacting the company directly.

iv. DreamCloud Sleep

With a whole year of night trial, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns, DreamCloud Sleep is a trusted brand and customer favorite for persons seeking the very best experience.

The company has partnered with Affirm & Split to offer its clients affordable payment plans, which can be made in 3, 6, 12, and 24 monthly installments.

You can choose which of its payment plan options best suits your needs by visiting its site or contacting customer care representatives at DreamCloud Sleep for more detailed discussions.

To take advantage of its 365-night trial program, you only need to pay a token of $42 monthly. More details about its payment plans can be learned after reaching out.

v. MetroMattress

MetroMattress offers you a convenient shopping experience through its financing program for its range of products. Options available include Koalafi and Synchrony HOME Credit Card or Fortiva credit.

Upon financing approval, you must take along your application number & photo ID. You also have the option of making an online purchase.

vi. Unbox Mattress

Unbox Mattress’ financing program answers your questions about no-credit-check mattress payment plans.

Starting at $9 per month, this Amazon financing program for mattresses has no hidden fees or interest charges. As a budget-friendly brand, it’s no secret why it attracts many loyal customers.

The mattress payment plans with no credit checks discussed above are only a few of many similar financing provisions made by retailers to offer more convenience to buyers.

Explore these options to leverage the many benefits.

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