America’s Mattress Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

AMERICA’S MATTRESS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

America’s mattress is a bed and accessories company founded in the late 1990s. The company has been successful over the years with the aim of making life easy for customers and it is the eighth largest bedding retailer in the country.

America’s Mattress offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs and if you have the desire to own one with them you are in the right place. I have made efforts to bring in all the necessary information you need to have before deciding to set out for the business with America’s Mattress Franchise. Requirements such as your net worth, franchise fee, terms of agreement, and startup cost will be spelt out in details so study this carefully.


About America’s Mattress Franchise Business Opportunity
America’s Mattress had a unique birth, it all began when a business test was carried out in Chicago in the year 1996. A company named Serta was experiencing very poor patronage from the people of Chicago and in a bid to change their pathetic situation, they went to a local bedding company in the city which had only three branches, and made a partnership with them.

Serta promised to help the company increase their branches to over sixty in Chicago if they changed their system from multivendor to single vendor. The owner agreed to help with the sales of Serta products and few years after that, the business spread to over ninety branches of America’s Mattress company in both Indiana and Chicago cities.

Because of the robust success from this partnership, the owners of Serta decided to meet more dealers and give them the same offer; promising to help them spread if they sell Serta products. In the year 2001, this business had grown into a massive 144 locations and in may that same year, America’s Mattress Program was officially launched.

The business continued to experience steady growth, in two years the number of branches had doubled and in the year 2004, America’s Mattress had ranked among the top ten bedding retailers in the United States. The jumping growth of this business forced America’s Mattress to divide the company into three main departments; part one was charged with the recruitment of new dealers, part two with the grooming of the new and already existing dealers, and part three had the duty of maximizing the growth of the program. This happened in 2006.

The business started taking the form of a franchise support system in 2010 and the support group was named the Retail Concepts Group and they managed the growth of America’s Mattress Franchise. Any ambitious entrepreneur would jump at the opportunity of franchising with America’s Mattress Franchise and make good money. But such an entrepreneur has to be qualified, so use the information below to grade yourself.

How Much Does an America’s Mattress Franchise Cost?
Owning a franchise with this venture will cost you $80,000 of minimum liquid capital.

America’s Mattress Franchise Fee
America’s Mattress Franchise does not require you to pay any franchise fee and there are no ongoing royalty fees either.

America’s Mattress Franchise Startup Cost
To startup your franchise with America’s Mattress Franchise, there is no startup payment required of you. However, you must have a net worth of $150,000 to qualify.

America’s Mattress Franchise Training and Support
America’s Mattress Franchise has a record of success in business and all their partners can testify to that. Your business will not be any different because at America’s Mattress Franchise, your goals are the same as theirs; growing your business! To this end, the following training and support plan has been put in place.

  • The company helps you with advertising
  • There is a support team assigned to you and your staff
  • You have access to consultation services upfront and throughout your partnership with America’s Mattress Franchise
  • You are given a heavy presence on the company’s website
  • You will enjoy financial assistance from third party sources.

America’s Mattress Franchise terms of Agreement and Renewal
America’s Mattress Franchise offers franchisees an agreement which has a ten-year validity period, after which a franchisee might decide to renew.

How much does an America’s Mattress Franchisee Make?
This is not published and you will have to see the Franchise Disclosure Document(FDD). Have it in mind that what you make as profit is highly dependent on factors like your rate or sales, the population of the city in which your business is located, and how well you make use of the amazing support system given to you by America’s Mattress Franchise.

How to Start an America’s Mattress Franchise
Now that you have seen the mouth-watering advantages and ease of doing business with America’s Mattress Franchise, you ought to be ready to begin. To start up, do visit this website, fill the form and you will get a reply within 48 hours.

America’s Mattress Franchise currently boasts of over 320 locations, and has at about 200 dealers in their network.