CCTV Marketing Plan Template

Here is how to write a CCTV marketing plan sample.

The surveillance industry is a multi-billion dollar business with huge opportunities for interested entrepreneurs.

One area we will focus on is the CCTV business. We won’t be discussing the entire aspects of the business but only focus on the marketing plan. This one of the most crucial business activities tied to sales generation.

CCTV Marketing Plan Sample

As you follow through, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to write a great plan for your CCTV business.

Mission Statement

Vision Line Inc. is poised to be among the leading CCTV equipment and service providers in the Country. Our equipment consists of quality CCTV, alarm, and access control systems. This is in addition to the consultancy services we offer.

While providing our clients with surveillance equipment they can trust, we also seek to offer value for money.

We serve an ever-expanding market consisting of residential and commercial clients. Also, our services are customized to fit the needs of customers. Our current target market is customers (residential and commercial) within the state of Nevada (particularly the city of Nevada).

However, we seek to expand our business to more states to cater to more clients.

Niche Markets

To be more result-oriented and to grow our business, we’ve identified niche markets we will be targeting and servicing. These include traffic signal CCTV, health institutions, residential homes, educational institutions, and the banking and retail sectors.

For residential clients, our sights are set on the upwardly mobile segment of the market. These groups have more dispensable income and form the bulk of the middle class. As people move up the class ladder, their security and safety concerns increases.

By providing them with a range of solutions, we can capture more and more clients through innovative service and product offerings.

Services Offered

When it comes to CCTV equipment and services, there are several. Each serves a specific purpose. We sell different types of CCTV as well as accessories. Installation and maintenance services as also provided too. Among the equipment we sell, the following CCTV camera types are included; C-Mount camera, Day/Night CCTV camera, and Pan Tilt Zoom camera.

Other types include Network/IP CCTV camera, Wireless CCTV camera, High Definition, Infrared/Night Vision CCTV, Bullet and Dome Cameras. In addition to these, we have a wide range of accessories as well as parts for servicing and maintenance. These are only a few of several services offered.

Others are the maintenance of the hybrid system (consisting of IP and analog cameras) and fiber-optic and wireless CCTV feed setup. We also provide CCTV configuration and management at public or government facilities.

Marketing And Promotional Strategies

We’ve adopted a wide range of marketing and promotional strategies to boost sales and response rates. Such proactive marketing efforts sets us apart from the competition. We have noticed that regular platforms like google searches and Yellow Pages (although effective) simply pits CCTV businesses against each other.

It means whenever clients research on CCTV businesses, tons of leads pop up. This strategy isn’t dismissed by us.

However, we have focused even more on result-oriented strategies such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, bus shelter, and flyer ads. Others include brochures and catalogs.

The advantages here are enormous! Clients stumble upon our business either by listening to the radio, watching a TV program, reading the papers or magazines, etc. This method has generated lots of positive responses and still does.

These strategies will be used in addition to social media marketing, direct marketing, or networking as well as through training seminars and programs.


The surveillance industry is quite competitive. Gaining a fair share of the CCTV market is dependent on identifying and learning about our competitors. Most of our competitors are major industry players. These range from Honeywell International Inc., Samsung,  Toshiba Corporation, Bosch Security Systems, Vicon Industries, and Panasonic System Network Co. among several.

Due to the penetration and dominance of the CCTV market by these companies, Vision Line Inc will not be competing but rather partner with them. As such, our surveillance equipment is sourced from these companies.

We are dealers of these trusted brands and will be spreading our reach to cover more locations.

We also plan on expanding our client base to include supplying surveillance equipment for places of historical importance and the healthcare industry.

Marketing Goals

Over the past 4 years, we’ve seen a rise in our profits. From 7% annual growth in the first year, we have been able to achieve a 20% current annual growth.

However, while this is an impressive result, it is far from what we seek to achieve in the next 5 years. We have set a 60% sales growth which should be achievable within half a decade.

To achieve our marketing goals, we will be expanding our marketing budget. This is to create a more robust strategy where our marketing activities are more relevant to our target market. These are expected to significantly boost our sales in the medium and long term.

Impact Assessment

Effective marketing of our CCTV business won’t be complete without an assessment of strategies deployed. Here, we intend to sit back to assess what strategies work, those which require improvements as well as those that need to be changed completely.

This is meant to achieve a single purpose which has to do with streamlining all our efforts towards implementing impactful marketing strategies. The result of this being the creation of the needed awareness about our business as well as products and services.

If you’ve followed to this point, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to write a marketing plan for your CCTV business.

This sample marketing plan has been simplified to help with easy comprehension and applicability. You only need to find what applies to your business while using this as a guide.