Is Inc Authority Legit?

Is Inc Autority legit?

Starting a business often comes with lots of registration stress and processes.

You’ll be required to satisfy numerous legal essentials and paperwork. All these processes can be confusing and bewildering. However, you can save yourself the stress by getting a business founder.

These experts can save you money by drafting documents and filling them independently. They can equally hire legal assistance, which is often costly.

Now, Inc Authority is one business founder you can opt for. They can provide relatively affordable services.

Additionally, they can provide you with support and the convenience of professional help. But is Inc Authority legit? We can only tell you yes or no once you read this article.

Until then, let’s review this enterprise founder.

Do You Know Who Inc Authority Is?

This is an online company that provides LLC formation and business ownership assistance.

They help break down the often confusing foundational paperwork and other legal essentials. Since 1989, this business founder has existed and is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, U.S.

One of their sole objectives is to make the enterprise formation process more manageable, transparent, and affordable for entrepreneurs.

Today, they boast over 30 years of experience serving small LLCs and corporations. Although they might not be the largest, they have a long track record of helping enterprises.

Is Inc Authority a Legitimate Business Founder?

Of course, you’ll doubt the authenticity of this firm, considering it’s not the largest in offering company formation assistance.

But that’s not the case. Inc Authority is legit, reliable, and can be trusted. Remember, they’ve existed for over three decades, serving over 25,000 enterprises.

Furthermore, they have excellent customers review that adds to their credibility.

Not long ago, Trustpilot records 17,000 positive reviews on this company. With a 4.8 star rating, they are placed among the highest with customer reviews on the platform.

However, the “Better Business Bureau” rate Inc Authority with an F. That’s because they fail to respond to two complaints. But more is needed to render the venture illegitimate. Let’s move on.

The Good About Inc Authority

Working with this firm comes with many perks. They offer free cost LLC formation and registered agent service for a year.

Secondly, they provide express processing, free cost of name search, and user-friendly service. Finally, they have reliable and devoted high-quality customer service with the longest track record.

Let’s briefly review a few of these perks.

  • Cost-Effective Business Formation

It takes work to get free or inexpensive enterprise formation assistance. But Inc Authority offers affordable and accessible options for forming an LLC.

You can also get free company name checks, digital file storage, formation filling, and customer support. Moreover, you can also take advantage of their bonus features, like the free tax consultation.

  • Professional Customer Support

To respond to customers’ needs appropriately, Inc Authority employs a team of knowledgeable individuals to support their customers.

They respond to their calls quickly and will walk you through every process accordingly. Additionally, they will answer whatever questions you ask concerning their services.

  • User-friendly System

You’ll not have trouble navigating the web page of this enterprise.

They designed it to be as simple as possible. The step-by-step processes are easy without intrusive upselling. For instance, their packages and prices are laid out to be spotted and understood easily.

  • Success Advisor

You must know that only a few formation companies provide success advisors. But Inc Authority does. This is to make your enterprise formation straightforward.

The advisors are there to help with any business questions and direct you to helpful resources. Moreover, they also help you with financial products to foster your company.

  • Funding Analysis

Inc Authority doesn’t just help with business formation; it also provides funding and tax analysis for enterprises. Their funding analysis will connect you with sources to get capital for your venture.

In most cases, it’s helpful for new company owners that need to become experienced in finding sources of money for their ventures.

There’re more goodies about this firm other than the ones listed above.

They include free S-Corp filling, online document storage, corporate bylaws, federal trademark services, and business tax analysis.

The Bad of Inc Authority

This service provider is like a bed of roses.

You can encounter a few drawbacks in your partnership. To mention a few, they have low pricing transparency, limited entity types, and no legal service.

Moreover, they have delayed filing, expensive non-basic bundles, and upselling items & third-party services. We’ll run through a few of them.

  • Low Pricing Transparency

Ideally, when you navigate a company website, you should access their pricing options.

But that’s not the case with Inc Authority. Most customers find it hard to locate a price for anything. After a long search, you may end up being presented with a bunch of pricey add-ons.

The “additional service” section, which should include the prices of trademark filing, business plan drafting, etc., is empty. You’ll have to place a call for such details.

  • Limited Class of Entity

Inc Authority only promotes the formation of LLCs and corporations.

You’ll need to go elsewhere if you need help registering non-profits, DBAs, or sole proprietorships. This is another substantial challenge customers face with this company.

  • No Legal Service

This firm undoubtedly authorizes clients to their finance, tax, and company credit specialists. However, they do not provide a team of attorneys who are offered incorporation services.

In other words, they need attorneys to help them with 501 (c)(3) applications, yearly reports, legal agreements, corporate licenses, seller’s permits, and more.

  • Expensive Non-Basic Bundles

Unfortunately, besides non-basic bundles, Inc Authority’s remainder packages are expensive. For instance, their standard package is $399.

This price is over $100 more than most of their competitor’s mid-tier formation bundles. Moreover, their executive and tycoon bundles are among the most expensive.

Having such expensive bundles, most investors are considering other options.

Inc Authority Unique Features and Price Plans

You can explore many unique features and pricing plans with this firm. They have an entry LLC formation package ($0 plus state fees) and a starter business bundle ($399 plus state filing fees).

Business LLC executive bundle ($499 plus state filing fee) and Tycoon LLC business bundle ($799 plus state fee) are additional plans you can explore.

Because of time constraints, we can’t give you a detailed explanation of these features and plans. However, you can see that Inc Authority is a legit formation company.

In addition to that, you can see their good and bad. Feel free to click on their official website whenever you require their services.

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