Sample HVAC Marketing Plan Template

Here is how to write an HVAC marketing plan sample. Are you a technician willing to establish a thriving business?

If yes, it will be essential to state that there will be little or no growth without a good marketing plan.

This is why this HVAC marketing plan sample comes to the rescue.

HVAC Marketing Plan

By using this as a template, you’ll find great tips that will enable you to put together a highly effective HVAC marketing plan.

Mission Statement

AirSystem Inc. is an all-solutions HVAC service provider. We are located in Buffalo, New York, and offer all HVAC-related services.

These services include geothermal heating products, heating repair services, furnace maintenance, installation, and natural gas conversion.

Our air conditioning services include air conditioning repair services, sale of air conditioning products, ductless split systems, air conditioner maintenance, and air conditioner installations.

We also test indoor air quality by providing humidity solutions, new air solutions, and cleaning and purification.

We currently serve markets within the Buffalo area but seek to expand to more locations. This expansion and marketing drive will take off within the third quarter of 2020.

Currently, strategies are being worked on to ensure a seamless takeoff. This expansion will spread into cities like Syracuse and Albany for three years.

This will be the first phase of expansion.

Niche Market

HVAC systems have been known to guzzle energy.

This has been a problem for many consumers as bills easily stack up. At AirSystem Inc., we understand this problem and seek to find lasting solutions to eat.

This is why we have focused solely on providing energy-efficient HVAC systems.

We enter into discussions with our clients who are told of our preferences. This resonates with many people as there’s an increasing shift from old inefficient HVAC systems to new technology.

Our client category includes commercial and individual clients.

Services Provided

We have studied the trend within the HVAC industry and noticed a demand for specific types of services. These are categorized under temperature control, indoor air quality, air conditioning, and heating.

Each of these consists of several other services. We provide all of these and also sell energy-efficient HVAC systems too.

Under the temperature control category, we install thermostats and provide remote monitoring and zoning. Indoor air quality services include humidity solutions, cleaning and purification, and fresh air solutions.

Air conditioning focuses on providing air conditioning and repair services, air conditioning products,  and ductless split systems. There’s also air conditioner installation and maintenance.

Heating services include heating products, repair services, furnace installation & maintenance, and natural gas conversion. There are also geothermal services.

Marketing And Promotional Strategies

This is where the action is. We have developed a series of marketing and promotional strategies to sell our HVAC products and services more accessible.

Customer behavior and trends within the industry have been our primary guide in coming up with result-oriented strategies. We hope that clients will see the need to patronize our services and products by sending the right message.

  • Direct Selling

This involves a person-to-person advertisement for our services. Here, we aren’t restricting ourselves to TV, radio, or newspaper ads.

We meet potential clients consisting of homeowners, businesses, and corporations. Here, we discuss our product offerings and why they should choose our business.

  • Publicity And Press Releases

We will send out ads and press releases via traditional channels like radio, TV, local newspapers, and magazines. These have a broad reach and are expected to impact significantly on our sales.

  • Trade Shows

We intend to target trade shows to promote our HVAC business.

These will include both regional and domestic. We are more interested in events promoting home and building HVAC solutions. Such platforms will be exploited to promote our business.

  • Networking

This is essential to making our presence felt in the HVAC market. There are professionals in the industry who meet to exchange ideas in addition to selling their business.

We are not underestimating the possible outcomes of such mutually beneficial relationships.

Thus, we will do everything possible to encourage these professionals to put in words or refer our business when the need arises.

Identifying Our Competition

To be competitive in this industry, we must know our competition and understand their strengths.

Currently, most HVAC businesses within the Buffalo area offer similar services to ours. However, these services aren’t as comprehensive as ours.

We have deliberately gone the extra mile to provide additional services plus incentives to serve as an edge. The effects so far have been positive.

Our Goals

All our marketing efforts boil down to specific goals. The first is positioning our HVAC business as one of the three leading HVAC service providers in Buffalo.

This will be achievable within a space of 3 years. The second goal is to raise our current annual income from $14,000,000.00 to $60,000,000.00.

This second part of our goal will also be achieved within three years. We are ramping up our marketing efforts to see that we achieve this objective.

This will lead to an ongoing evaluation of our strategies for better results.

Results Monitoring

Our marketing plan won’t be complete without an assessment of our strategies. While we expect most of these strategies to work, we understand that some will perform better than others.

Such reasons will be evaluated to adjust and increase their impacts on our overall performance. The plug will be pulled on ineffective strategies.

Writing an HVAC business marketing plan involves carefully assessing your services’ realities. Your efforts should be worthwhile after using this as a template.

The better your marketing plan, the greater your chances of success.