How to Start a Cargo Van Business

So, do you own a cargo van or plan on owning one? The following information will provide you with tips on how to start a cargo van business.

All you need to do is follow and implement the information provided.

Business opportunities within the transport industry are significant and allow entrepreneurs to become critical players by providing solutions.

A profitable cargo van business can be started with the proper knowledge and preparation. It doesn’t matter if you know the basics or not.

Here, you’ll find helpful information crucial to realizing your goals.

Business Niches to Consider

As stated earlier, many cargo van business opportunities can be leveraged.

These include making food deliveries, retail deliveries, renting out the van, mobile billboards, and moving services. You can also start a towing service, Amazon delivery provider, or offer hauling services.

You can also work with delivery platforms like Uship and GoShare, or start a mobile florist business, amongst others.

Here, it’s evident that there are many opportunities to take advantage of by starting a cargo van business. With that said, let’s discuss the “how” of creating such a business.

Starting a Cargo Van Business

The first step toward starting a cargo van business is figuring out the startup costs involved.

Next, you’ll need to decide what transport niche to focus on before writing a business plan. Work out your financing sources and purchase all essential equipment required for your cargo van operation.

Choose your business structure and open a business bank account. Also, find out what licenses and permits apply to your business. Marketing is another vital requirement for doing business.

Do you wish to operate your van, or will you hire a driver(s)?

i. Workout the Startup Costs

The startup costs for a cargo van business are primarily determined by the truck size and what you intend to do with it. In some cases, a standard cargo van will serve the needs of the business.

For others, additional equipment may be needed.

Examples of such equipment include shelving & accessories, file holders, security locks, standing racks, window screens, material racks, and ladders.

Typically, the startup costs required for a cargo van business will be around $28,000 to $43,000.

If this seems like a lot of money, you can consider leasing your vans. This is a much cheaper alternative as you won’t have to spend much on buying such vans.

ii. Pick a Niche

We earlier discussed the different cargo van business niches you can choose from. This is important as it helps you streamline your focus and attention to your preferred area of interest.

You can ask around while also making independent findings about the different niches and opportunities provided.

iii. Write a Business Plan

A primary requirement for starting a cargo van business is a plan. This is the blueprint that determines how the company will unfold.

This requires a great deal of planning and must include sections like the executive summary, business description, and market analysis & strategy.

More sections include the marketing & sales plan, competitive analysis, description of management & organization, and description of services & products.

Your plan should include an operating plan, financial projection & needs, and exhibits & appendices sections.

iv. Financing Sources

One of the preparatory steps to launch your cargo van business should include identifying financing sources.

These options include venture capital, crowdfunding, buyouts, financial bootstrapping, business loans, grants, business overdrafts, business credit cards, etc.

v. Purchasing Basic Equipment

Having determined your source of financing and obtained the needed funding, it’s time to get the essential equipment required for your operation.

A cargo van will be the primary equipment for a business like this. Other tools (such as those mentioned earlier) and software can make your operation more effective.

vi. Choose a Business Structure

Your type of operation will impact the business structure to go for.

While these structures have varying benefits, there may be limitations for some business operations. You’ll do well to choose a more suitable system for cargo van operation.

These business structures include sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company.

If you have confusions about what to go for, consider discussing with a legal expert for guidance. There are also lots of online resources on that.

vii. Open a Business Bank Account

You need to open a dedicated bank account for your cargo van business. This should be provided before the launch of operations.

There are lots of benefits derived from a business bank account. These include personal liability protection and separation of personal and business finances.

Also, a separate bank account for your operation gives your business a professional appearance.

What more? You get to better allot funds for specific business-related objectives, thus helping to organize your efforts better and enhancing your chances of success.

viii. Find Out what Licenses or Permits Apply

Different types of licenses and permits apply to cargo van businesses. These vary from state to state and are based on certain factors, like the maximum payload.

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) may also be required. Plus, you may have to frequently check licensing regulations before traveling cross country.

ix. Marketing is Crucial

Marketing your cargo van business is one of the primary requirements for attracting patronage. This is an ongoing process that helps ensure steady clientele.

There are lots of marketing strategies that can be adopted. Some of these include social media advertising and building a website.

x. Hiring a Driver

You have to decide whether or not to become the business’s sole employee at its initial stages. This is how many successful cargo van businesses started, and you can do it identically.

However, if you have limited time or wish to employ other drivers, then measures must be put in place.

Using these strategies above, you can successfully launch your cargo van business. It’s a lot of work that requires dedication and patience.

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