Grants For Starting A Horse Business | 9 Funding Opportunities

This article discusses grants for starting a horse rescue, breeding, or riding business. As a business owner needing extra capital, it will be worthwhile for you to read this content.

We will discuss the several free grants accessible to investors, how to apply, and the possible award amounts.┬áBut let’s first check who’s eligible for such assistance.

Best Horse Grants For Business Startup

Would you like to start a horse business? You must be conscious that starting from scratch can be pricey and time-consuming.

The same holds for developing or growing your existing business. If you require more funds in your account, starting this business may be a problem.

The bulk of business enthusiasts tend to use credit cards or deplete their bulk to fulfill their ambitions.

However, that is not the ideal option. You can look into grants to start a horse company without exceeding your budget.

NGOs, the government, commercial businesses, and other nonprofit agencies offer such monetary help.

Who’s Eligible for Horse Business Grants?

Each grant type has its target beneficiaries. So, you’ll need to verify which funding is ideal for you and its eligibility conditions.

But generally, most small businesses and organizations that promote economic development are qualified. Other target beneficiaries include minorities needing funds to start a venture like this.

Those interested in government grants can get more details by visiting their official website. You can also get facts that can benefit your horse business.

Available Grants for Starting a Horse Business

You can receive a lot of funding to establish this kind of venture.

Such monetary awards are issued to individuals and groups, depending on their type of business, location, and whether they’re nonprofit or not-for-profit companies.

Sounds interesting. Please take a look at a few of them below.

  • General Small Business Grants

Living in the U.S., you can start a horse business with nothing in your pocket.

Why did we say so? Federal, state, and local government funding aid is open to locals who want to start such a venture. Horse enterprise is considered a small investment.

Therefore, you may qualify for financial assistance.

Visit their official website and check out the prerequisites. Depending on your location, you’ll also find links on how to apply for this funding.

  • United States Department of Agriculture

Do you live in rural areas of the U.S.? The Department of Agriculture provides capital for small agriculture-based enterprises. You can explore their financial aid to set up a rewarding horse business.

One of them is the “Rural Business Enterprise Grants.” While the funds may be limited, they can still be helpful, depending on the type and size of your equine business.

  • SARE Funding

You can count on this reputable grant to kickstart your venture with a solid foundation.

The foundation supports businesses that use horses to sustain agricultural schemes with funding. They can be your best bet to start a new business.

Besides their financial support for the horse business, they offer specialist development and academic funding. Qualified candidates can win up to $50,000 in support to make their dreams a reality.

SARE funding is divided into four regions: the north-central, northeast, southern, and western divisions.

  • Rural Business Enterprise Grants

Similarly, if you live in rural areas, this financial award is ideal for your business needs. It aims to help nonprofits with horse enterprises establish a new enterprise or boost an existing one.

However, you must know that these financial awards must be used to acquire or develop land for rural communities, including equine event centers.

Charities that Help With Horse Business Startup Capital

Luckily, the U.S. has some charitable agencies that help financially support citizens interested in this venture. Both private and small businesses are eligible for their wards. Let’s check them out.

  • American Horse Rescue Network

AHRN is a reputable charitable agency dedicated to equines’ welfare. It works to save and improve equine lives by offering grants to individuals and small businesses.

You can obtain financial support from them to start a new horse business. However, eligibility is strictly based on tax-exempt agencies in the country that satisfy their conditions.

  • Banfield Foundation

This nonprofit also provides financial support for starting a horse business. Its sole objective is to serve pets and the people who love them.

So, to achieve their goals, they offer grants to qualified tax-exempt agencies in the country that provide veterinary aid to pet owners. Plus, some work is done to keep the pets in homes with their families.

You’ll be surprised to learn that this is the country’s only national animal welfare charity. It is dedicated to providing comfort and dignity to America’s horses throughout their lives.

As a tax-exempt agency, you can seek grants to establish a horse business or boost an existing one. You must meet their conditions.

  • Equine Protection Fund (New Mexico only)

Are you a resident of New Mexico? Then, you can use this grant to open a fresh horse business.

The foundation offers financial aid to over 1,000 equines all across the state. You can win up to $10,000 to create and expand agricultural events.

Moreover, they offer grants to cover expenses such as gelding, medical care, euthanasia, emergency hay, and disaster recovery. Go to their official page to learn how to apply.

Until then, you can get more details about their grants.

  • Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust (Ohio & Great Lakes region only)

Similarly, this grant is for you if you live in Ohio and other states in the Great Lakes region.

Based on reports, the foundation has distributed more than $950,000 in grants to nonprofit humane agencies. The financial awards are issued to improve the well-being of animals in the state and surrounding region.

Certain conditions must be met before you can qualify for their grant. Visit their official page for more details about their awards and how to apply.

You can get many more grants to start a horse business in the U.S. While some are awarded strictly to tax-exempt organizations, others are targeted at individuals and small businesses.

You can explore the grants listed above to make your dream of opening a venture like this come true.

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