InventHelp George Foreman: Coverage & Funding Partnerships

For those not conversant with what InventHelp stands for or what it does, InventHelp is simply America’s biggest inventor services company which offers investors a ready partner that helps connect them with the critical funding which is necessary to the survival of their ideas.

InventHelp does not just connect inventors with experts within the industry, but also helps in getting the patents that would protect and identify these inventors as the brains or originators behind such inventions.

About George Foreman’s InventHelp

George Foreman is a notable name in the industry, especially as it concerns InventHelp.

Being a retired boxer who was renowned for his skills, he saw a reason to partner InventHelp, as it had an attractive brand buoyed with the services provided with was aimed at helping and encouraging inventors to succeed notwithstanding the difficulty normally faced by such inventors in staying afloat.

George Foreman has since become Invent Help’s brand ambassador, and this business relationship has since blossomed to its current state.

Invention Services Companies

There are several invention service companies spread across the United States. These firms provide a range of services aimed at enabling inventors to cross the hurdles involved in commercializing their inventions.

These companies provide professional advisory services to clients, as well as helping their clients (in this case the inventors) to protect their intellectual property rights.

With a plethora of such available services, one of the most important key requirements needed by inventors is usually lacking. This is simply an increasing scarcity of professionals who are willing to help these inventors succeed with their ideas.

It is important to note that even the best inventions do not see the light of day, as there is an increasing lack of real support that enables them to succeed.

Most invention service companies are only interested in the fees paid by these inventors. Such services include the provision of contract negotiations, prototyping, patent filings, and other similar services provided by these companies or by patent attorneys.

There is really nothing wrong with what they do, as they are only providing a service to the inventor who needs to patent his invention and also seek ways to commercialize the same.

Why InventHelp?

But how are all these related to the services offered by InventHelp?

InventHelp offers similar services but even more. Every business looks at the economic advantage of its activities before starting, although some may have a bigger picture of the services and profits they intend to make, others have a smaller view of their business transactions.

This is what distinguishes InventHelp from other invention services companies as it also seeks to encourage the success of the inventor.

By helping the inventor succeed in commercializing the business, a win-win situation emerges, where both the inventor and the service provider (in this case InventHelp) are the better for it.

Although this may take a longer time to realize, the benefits are normally bigger and better. InventHelp in collaboration with George Foreman has the goal of turning these ideas by the inventors into profitable and successful business ventures.

In other words, they are more interested in commercializing such business ideas.

InventHelp and Commercialization of Inventions

To be in business and make real and meaningful profits, InventHelp is always on the lookout for viable and practicable inventions that are likely to succeed.

Its commercialization drive, therefore, takes center-stage whenever it scans a business idea.

This is because a successful business will pay-off in the long run. This is far better and more profitable than most services provided by most invention services companies who are more interested in the fees accompanying services rendered to the inventors.

InventHelp does not promise the inventor profits from their activities or effort, however, it ensures that it does the best in helping the inventor by directing him/her to a licensed and independent patent attorney who carries out a background check or search of the patent.

After obtaining a satisfactory result, the attorney then files for a patent application on behalf of the inventor.

After obtaining the patent, InventHelp takes up from there.

InventHelp Coverage

Founded in 1984, InventHelp has grown to become a global company, with regional offices spread across more than 60 cities in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Australia where it has its presence.

This is a truly global brand that has a higher global presence more than other similar competitors. Its global headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The George Foreman Grill Invention

George Foreman captures the essence of InventHelp by being their face, as he attributes his successes in inventing the George Foreman Grill to the invention ideas made available by InventHelp.

People are always drawn to success stories, and this partnership between George Foreman and InventHelp has been very critical to the successes recorded by this invention service company.

The InventHelp George Foreman business partnership has gone a long way in encouraging inventors across the world to come forward with their business ideas, and many of these are success stories today.

This feat does not come easy, as it requires effort on the part of the inventor as well, as having a bright idea is not enough in itself, but successful commercialization of this idea is the ultimate aim.

InventHelp and George Foreman will help you with that.

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