How to Get Snow Removal Contracts

In this guide, we will be discussing how to get snow removal contracts under three basic strategies.

Snow events and storms are a yearly occurrence and the need to remove or clear these off surfaces requires reliable hands. Lots of businesses exist for this purpose.

Although this is the case, getting snow removal contracts isn’t so easy for most companies. This is a reality small snow removal companies face every time. This is why we’ve come to the rescue.

How to Get Commercial Snow Removal Contract

Our goal here is to show you how to go about it. There are certain things you must know and apply to begin to attract an increasing number of snow removal contracts.

Enough talk already! Let’s begin our discussion thus;

Know the Types of Contracts

Having a perfect understanding of the types of existing snow removal contracts helps a lot. Entrepreneurs starting a new snow removal business should pay close attention to this.

A lot of times, contracts will depend on the budget of the client. You will have to present or make all options available when bidding for the contract.

The client gets to review your contract proposal before deciding if you’d be the company to get the job. Sometimes, the client has no clue about which contract is right for them. Therefore, you will need to fully explain the contents of your proposal.

In addition to that, you should be able to recommend a contract type that is best for the client. Types of snow removal contracts include;

  • Pay Per Event, Pay Per-Push

Under this type of snow removal contract, snow clearing is based on the when snow falls. So, during times when there’s no snow event, clients don’t get to pay anything. Many clients will consider this contract more reasonable as regards pricing.

However, when snow falls, it has to reach a certain depth (at least 2 inches) before clearing begins.

Under the Pay Per Push pricing model, removal companies will structure their pricing based on depth. For instance, starting from a minimum depth of 2 inches, price will tend to increase with more depth.The reasons are obvious. It will take more time and effort to remove or clear snow at a greater depth than doing same for a depth of 2 inch or less.

This will suit a certain category of clients.

Also, clients will only pay per event. This is kind of a cost saver which will be preferred by a lot of potential clients. The more comprehensive this is, the more likely clients will will approve your handling of their snow removal job.

  • Seasonal Snow Removal Contracts

Seasonal contracts are much different from per event contracts. This is much more comprehensive and covers a period of time as determined by you. You can begin by finding the average time a snow removal contract lasts for most companies. This will enable you choose what works best for your business and clients.

Seasonal contracts normally attract a flat or fixed rate.

In other words, you clients get to pay a lump sum for a services covering a number of years. A lot of snow removal companies offer a 2 to 3 year term. Whatever you decide on, value should be your major goal. A client is likely to sign a contract where they see value for money.

Clients on a budget also opt for this type of contracts. This is because they don’t need to fear for price fluctuations.

Apart from being a cost-friendly solution, clients don’t need to worry about snow problems for a long time!

  • Full Contracts or Service

This is among the most patronized snow clearing contracts. Corporate bodies and major organizations choose such contracts due to its comprehensive nature. It involves being actively involved in the snow clearing process throughout the season.

Constant follow-up services are provided round the clock to keep the client’s surroundings snow free.

You need to have the capacity to be considered competent enough. Such organizations want to do business with industry experts. This is the most comprehensive type of contract you sell. The contract period will have to be determined by you.

However, you’ll need to consider what works best in the industry.

Having What it Takes

Being able to attract snow removal contracts doesn’t end with knowing the contract types. It also has a lot to do with being qualified, experienced and fully prepared. This is a major consideration for clients when screening through proposals.

You will have to impress a potential client with your track records in snow clearing.
This includes informing them of what they stand to gain by approving your services. Your pricing structure is also an important part of the entire contract bidding process.

First, you need to make profits, second, you want to offer potential clients an irresistible deal. Hence, you’ll have to strike a balance between the two.

Be more interested in creating a win-win situation where everyone is happy at the end. But more than anything else, your brand or image will matter. This counts a lot when it comes to bidding for snow removal contracts.

You are more likely to be considered a strong contender for a contract when you have a long list of satisfied clients.


Getting a steady flow of snow removal contracts depends on how many satisfied clients you have. A greater number of satisfied clients will translate to increased referrals. This is an important strategy you should consider to create increased acceptance for your business.

Once a client is recommended by another, there’s a higher chance that you’ll end up getting the snow removal contract. This boils down to how dedicated you are to executing your job. Strive to go the extra mile in order to surpass client satisfaction. This will eventually count in being considered for other jobs.

Getting snow removal contracts is something you can achieve once you have an idea of what to do. The tips provided here are meant to help you achieve this goal.