How to Get Cleaning Contracts With Banks and Apartments

Here is how to get commercial cleaning contracts with banks and apartments.

Every cleaning service depends on contracts for its survival. While this is true, contracts aren’t easy to come by if you don’t know what to do.

Instead of general cleaning contracts, let’s discuss a particular kind: how to get cleaning agreements with banks and apartments.

Getting these contracts isn’t as tricky as you’ll soon find out.

How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts with Banks

Getting commercial cleaning contracts with banks isn’t straightforward like other types of clients.

In other words, you cannot walk in through the front door of a bank to apply for a cleaning contract. This is because banks select who they work with. This is rightly so due to the nature of the operation.

You will need to understand a bank’s operational structure before moving. Banks fall under different categories. There are significant banks with an international presence as well as local banks.

The latter’s operation is very much restricted.

A commercial contract is much easier with a local than an international bank.

  • Scale of Operation

Your scale of operation will determine if you get considered for the contract. Large cleaning businesses can negotiate more significant cleaning contracts. This is a much more challenging goal for smaller firms.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage smaller cleaning business owners.

As a small cleaning business, one of the things that will help you get considered is your experience. Banks will like to check how successfully you’ve handled previous cleaning contracts.

It proves that, beyond a reasonable doubt, it will get you a contract.

Once you can build a strong brand, it won’t matter how big your cleaning business is.

  • Make a Proposition

Banks will be interested in knowing what your cleaning business has to offer. Remember that other commercial cleaning businesses will also apply. Hence, the need to prepare an irresistible proposal. However, while doing so, you shouldn’t sell yourself short.

It would be best to highlight the benefits of doing business with you. This, coupled with your previous experience and client recommendations, will likely get you the cleaning contract.

  • Work Your Costs

Commercial cleaning contractors incur significant costs. A greater part of these is tied to cleaning supplies.

The more bank locations you need to clean, the greater your cost overhead. You don’t want to skip this detail as it could make the difference between a profit and a loss.

  • Be Ready for Some Background Checks

Before a bank enters a cleaning contract with you, your business must be scrutinized.

This process is meant to check the credibility of your cleaning business. Banks are pretty different from other commercial clients due to the nature of their operations.

This is why you must anticipate the increased scrutiny before awarding cleaning contracts. One of the ways to improve your business appeal is by registering with the Better Business Bureau.

This projects your business in a good light.

  • Employees Should Be in the Know

Another way of saying this is that your employees should know your plans to apply for a cleaning contract. That way, they can make the necessary preparations.

Employee consent is an essential requirement for background checks.

As such, this matter should be given all the attention it deserves.

How to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts With Apartments

Getting commercial cleaning contracts with apartments will require meeting specific requirements. Such requirements are meant to make your proposal more compelling.

We assume that you are applying to clients with zero knowledge about your quality of service.

  • Create An Irresistible Business Profile

Your cleaning business profile sells your business to potential clients. Therefore you want to put up a profile that will impress. More than that is the need to prove what you promise.

To choose your company for the contract, clients must know they can get value for their money.

It rests on you as a cleaning contractor to allay their fears by proving that you can get the job done. You may need to hire a professional to create a compelling business profile for your cleaning company.

That way, potential clients are likely to consider you for the contract.

  • Contents Matter

When creating a business profile, certain areas are considered vital. These include the number of satisfied customers you’ve provided your service to.

Others are the qualification of your workforce, recommendations, awards received, customer service, and your existing clients.

  • Marketing

This is crucial to getting commercial cleaning contracts.

Apartment owners won’t bother to chase your business. Without marketing, your business is as good as non-existent. Therefore, your marketing campaign must be carefully designed to make the most impact.

Marketing is all about the creation of awareness about your business. It is also about improving its visibility. Your company vehicles should be well-branded. Billboards should be used for advertising too.

The social media space isn’t left out. And, of course, you must have a fully functional website for your cleaning business.

  • Send Out Business Proposals To Potential Clients

Residential apartments are everywhere and should be targeted.

Your cleaning business should have a firm proposal that will be difficult to reject. These should be sent to as many target clients as possible. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive an immediate response.

Sometimes, clients may not be ready but will make contact when they are.

  • Make Your Clients Feel Valued

Whenever you get a cleaning contract, you shouldn’t forget to satisfy such clients.

This is one of the ways to attract repeat patronage as well as recommendations. This will help create a steady stream of cleaning contracts in the future.

We’ve seen ways to get commercial cleaning contracts with banks and apartments. These strategies have been used (and still are) with excellent results. Consider taking this approach too.

However, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be challenges. These are normal with businesses. Being able to overcome such challenges will spur you to more significant accomplishments.