Which are the cheapest franchises to buy in the UK. Below is a list to find out.

Franchising has helped reduce the risks associated with doing business significantly.

Entrepreneurs no longer need to start their businesses from scratch, but can buy into an existing and successful brand.

This is what we seek to consider as we look at low cost franchise opportunities in the UK. It’s also interesting to note that due to the scale of global trade, prospective franchisees are able to invest in international businesses.

What it’s Like Being a Franchisee in the UK

When venturing into the world of franchising, prospective franchisees are faced with a lot of uncertainties. However, the good news is that there are lots of success stories to inspire you.

Hence, what better way of finding how it’s like being a franchisee than asking existing franchisees?

To help out, there are important questions you should ask such as why they chose the particular franchise and if there are any hidden costs.

Other questions you should ask include type of training and support provided by the franchisor, the relationship between franchisees, the question of flexibility, nature of work hours, the earning potentials, and more.

Nevertheless, by reading this, you are right in the middle of finding out profitable franchise opportunities you can take advantage of.

Affordable Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Taking advantage of low cost franchise opportunities requires having the knowledge about them. This section helps you identify such opportunities across the UK.

Let’s jump right in!

This international franchise has earned the reputation of being the world’s fastest growing pet food franchise.

Currently listed in the world’s top 100 franchises, Husse England and Scotland offers its franchisees the freedom of working from home. Its high quality product has made it one of the most preferred pet food company.

Today, it has presence in over 54 countries and counting.

There are several incentives to join Husse. These include its unique Scandinavian recipe, multiple income streams, taste guarantee, its unique line of products as well as the freedom to work on your terms while making money.

The term “low-cost” is relative. As such, this franchisor offers you multiple packages to choose from. This includes the silver package (this comes with a 35,000 households exclusive territory) for £6,900 including VAT.

Others packages include the Gold and Platinum priced at £9,900 and £13,900 respectively, including VAT.

The Gold package also comes with a 55,000 household exclusive territory. Similarly, Platinum subscribers enjoy a 75,000 households exclusive territory. If you need to find out more, you only need to visit its web address to fill and submit its online form.

  • Explorer Travel

This is an internet based zero-experience, low-cost travel business that offers you a world of opportunities. A big plus for this business is that you get to operate from wherever you choose within the UK.

What’s more? There are 3 franchise packages to choose from! Explorer travel also has critical partnerships with reputable UK travel agencies.

To own this franchise opportunity, you need a minimum investment of £5,995. There is also the franchise option of being a part-time or full-time franchisee.

Mac Tools franchise is an automotive tool truck business that allows its franchisees own their own tool truck businesses. It all starts with an investment of £5,000. This qualifies you for its training and mentoring program as well as its powerful marketing campaign to help you kick start on a strong note.

Its franchise locations are spread across the UK and Ireland.

Mac Tools franchises also benefit from an in-house financing arrangement. This is in addition to a comprehensive training. As its franchisee, you are given the necessary guidance you need to succeed.

Puncture Safe is a tire protection business that manufactures as well as distributes a variety of tire protection products.

What makes this more attractive and viable is its low minimum investments that stands at £1,499. This business can be operated from home on a part time or full time basis.

What other benefits do you stand to gain? Several! The auto care industry has only grown bigger over the years. More so, puncture safe requires no prior experience whatsoever. You can easily learn the tricks through its comprehensive training program.

There are also no investment risks. These and more are reasons why you should consider giving it a try.

Really Awesome Coffee is a mobile coffee business that operates its business using specially designed high end coffee vans. This franchise is also a distributor of coffee grinders and La Cimbali espresso machines.

Franchisees are taken through a fast-track training and launch program that spans a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

The minimum requirements to own a Really Awesome Coffee franchise is £9,000. There is also the flexibility of choosing between a part-time or full-time business model. Whichever you choose, the potentials are huge!

Metro Rod is the trusted name when it comes to drainage maintenance and care. There are several things you stand to benefit as a Metro Rod franchisee.

These include its nationwide reach, round the clock customer care center, available territories, technical support, attractive earning potentials as well as business support.

Metro Rod’s drainage services include excavation, drain clearance and maintenance, high pressure water jetting, CCTV surveys as well as fat grease management.

The cost of its minimum investment is only available upon application. It has a third-party funded financing assistance as well.

These are some of the many low cost franchise opportunities in the UK. You only need to find the one that fits your needs and budget to start business.

Although these are low cost opportunities, the potentials are huge for investors willing to put in the right amount of effort required.

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