KFC Franchise Opportunities for Sale in South Africa – Requirements & Cost

 Thinking of buying a KFC franchise in South Africa? You’re at the right place as we discuss all you need to know about becoming its franchisee.

As you read on, you’d find brief information about its history in South Africa.

We will also discuss the availability, if any of KFC franchise business opportunities in S.A. Another important piece of information is finding out what the requirements are.

As such, you only need to sit back, relax and read on as we dissect these areas. We are confident that you’d have found the most relevant information you seek regarding owning a KFC franchise.

A Brief History

KFC though a company with origins in the United States entered into the South African Market in 1971. Since then, a lot has happened as it faced a period of transition. This was as a result of a legislation passed by the U.S Congress which forbade U.S companies, including KFC from ownership of South African assets.

This meant that ownership of its franchises needed to be transferred.

It did this by handing over its franchises to an S.A investment trust Devco. This meant that Devco would pay KFC management charges. However, after the legislative ban was lifted, KFC bought back its outlets.

KFC Franchise for Sale in South Africa

Since it began franchising in South Africa, KFC has attracted a lot of interest. This has generated tons of applications.

However, you need not worry. This is because KFC opens this window of opportunity from time to time. In addition to this, you can become a franchisee by purchasing a franchise from an existing franchisee.

Existing franchisees, for a variety of reasons may decide to sell their holdings. However, this action requires the sole approval of KFC.

Minimum Requirements for Opening a KFC Franchise

While franchise opportunities are not always open, there are minimum requirements for prospective franchisees.

Regardless of this fact, meeting its minimum requirement doesn’t automatically qualify you for consideration. KFC conducts a thorough screening of all applicants. This helps narrow down the selection process.

So, what are these requirements? There are several and include;

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds

It will cost you around R5.5 million to open a single KFC store in South Africa. Nonetheless, you need to have proof of sufficient funds to be able to foot the expenses of opening up to 5 stores. This is the basic requirement.

Consequently, being able to raise more than the minimum sum places you at a better position of being selected.

  • Be Able to Demonstrate Leadership

Because KFC requires its franchisees to manage multi-stores, you are expected to have the capacity to handle the task. This is where leadership qualities come into play. You should be able to clearly show or demonstrate this attribute in the most comprehensive way possible.

  • Having Prior Experience

To effectively manage a KFC franchise, KFC South Africa requires that prospective franchisees have an appreciable level of experience.

Such experience should be in the food services industry. Without this requirement, your chances of owning this franchise will be lower.

Even so, there is a remedy for inexperience. This is by applying for an internship role in any restaurant or food service establishment.

  • Restrictions to Only KFC

By this, we mean having no interest in any other food business. KFC has made such restrictions to minimize distractions. It requires full attention in running its franchise. That being the case, you are left with the option of pulling out or going ahead.

  • Considerable Wait Time

As a prospective KFC franchisee, you need a great deal of patience. This is due to the earlier stated reason which has to do with availability.

Apart from this, there are chances you may need to relocate from your current location. KFC may need to open up an outlet in a new location in South Africa different from yours.

Because of that, you need to reconsider the possibility of moving. Though this isn’t an easy call for a lot of people, is it for you?

  • There are no Guarantees!

When applying for a KFC franchise, you need to know that there are absolutely no guarantees.

On that account, KFC will not be held responsible for approved franchise owners who don’t proceed with opening their franchise outlets for business.

  • Non-Refundable Franchise Fee

As expected, the application for a KFC franchise comes with the payment of a non-refundable fee to the tune of R5,000.00. This is paid during the submission of application forms.

Even so, you may still incur additional charges in the event that further background checks are required.

  • Exceptional Customer Service Experience

An additional requirement for prospective franchisees is that they have excellent customer service experience. This is important to the company as it seeks to ensure that it maintains its reputation among its clientele.

Having such experience and skill puts you in pole position for consideration.

  • Demonstrate an Appreciable Level of Professionalism

The higher your level of professionalism, the greater the capacity to run a successful business. KFC realizes this and has made it one of its criteria. Asides this, prospective franchisees are expected to demonstrate high business acumen.

This is a precondition to being chosen.

  • Training

KFC offers a training program that lasts a period of 6 months. Notwithstanding, prospective franchisees will have to foot their expenses during this time.

In addition to that, it may involve having to travel to a KFC training facility.

These are some of the basic information you need to know about KFC franchise opportunities in South Africa.

Although some of these may seem stringent, they are so for a reason: KFC gets tons of applications than it can accommodate whenever the window is open.

As such, being able to meet these requirements puts you in good stead to be selected.