7 Interesting Facts About Lagos, Nigeria

Here are some interesting facts to know about Lagos State, Nigeria.

Lagos is one the most remarkable places not just in Nigeria but the whole of Africa. It is called the city that never goes to sleep. It is always bubbling with life and busy with different activities.

The city is living its name as Nigeria’s commercial and economic powerhouse.

There is one too many industries and manufacturing outfits. It also has the highest concentration of the county’s entertainment companies.

7 Amazing Facts About Lagos State

Many facts will blow your mind about Nigeria’s famous city, but we are sure that most of you don’t know these details. Why not sit down and relax while we take you through some fantastic things about Lagos?

Here are some fascinating things you probably didn’t know about the city

  • Lagos houses the tallest building in the whole West African sub-region.

You probably didn’t know that the most extended West African building is in Lagos. It is called the NECOM house in Marina, Lagos Island, and is the tallest building in West Africa. The 32-floor building stands at a height of 160m (525 feet). It houses the headquarters of NITEL.

Since its launching in 1979, the building suffered two fire infernos. First in 1983 and the second in 2015.

  • The Second lengthiest bridge in Africa is found in Lagos

If the first one didn’t fascinate you enough, this one will. You should know that the Third Mainland Bridge is the second-longest bridge in Africa after the 6th October Bridge in Cairo, Egypt. The 11.8km bridge links Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland. It underwent two construction levels.

The first part was commissioned in 1980 by Former President Shehu Shagari. Former President Ibrahim Babangida finished and commissioned the second level in 1990.

The bridge was once the lengthiest in Africa, but in 1996, the 6th October Bridge in Cairo became the longest.

  • Lagos is Nigeria’s most significant and busiest airport.

The Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos, is Nigeria’s most significant and busiest airport. It engages in both international and domestic flights. Statistically, air passenger traffic increased drastically from 5.1 million in 2008 to 7.2 million in 2018.

  • Lagos was Nigeria’s capital for more than 7 Decades

Lagos became the capital of Nigeria in 1914. When the British colonialists amalgamated the Southern and Northern protectorates. It remained until 1991 when the Military government of President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida moved it to Abuja.

Thus spending more than 70 years as Nigeria’s capital.

  • It is the smallest State in Nigeria.

Lagos State is the smallest in Nigeria. It has a landmass of 3,345 km2. You can call it “small but mighty.”

  • Three significant bridges link the city with the mainland

Carter, Eko, and Third Mainland bridges were constructed to connect the city with the mainland. Carter Bridge was built in 1901. Whereas Eko and Third Mainland bridges were built in the 70s.

  • The Ports of Lagos Handles Majority of Nigeria’s Imports and Exports

Lagos manages about 80 percent of the country’s imports and exports as a coastal city-state. This could be the reason the ports have become congested. Recently, a new port is being constructed at the Lagos free trade zone in Lekki.

Where Is Lagos in Africa

Lagos is a state in Nigeria. This is located in West Africa. The State lies in the South-West of Nigeria, on the Gulf of Guinea’s coast. It shares a border with the Benin Republic.

Lagos Time Zone

Lagos uses the West Africa Time (WAT). The WAT zone means that Lagos is an hour ahead of the coordinated universal time (CUT+1:00).

Lagos Population

Often referred to as the city that won’t stop growing, Lagos has an estimated population of 21.32 million people. It is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

It is Africa’s most densely inhabited city, with about 9 million residents.

Lagos Weather

Lagos weather is tricky; its wet season is gloomy. And the dry season is partially cloudy. It is always scorching and cruel all year round.

So, if you want to feel the warmth on Lagos beaches, the best time to visit is in mid-July and late August or early December and January.

Average Lagos Temperature

There are hot and cold temperature seasons in Lagos. The warm temperature lasts about four months, usually from December to April. At the same time, cold temperature lasts for three months, from June to September.

In addition to that, the average Lagos temperature goes above 89oF.

Lagos Logo

A lot of Lagosians don’t know the formal logo of Lagos state. The Lagos state coat of arms is the official logo. It symbolizes and signifies the seal and authority of the state government.

It was designed in 1967 and has distinctive features that express the Lagos people’s culture, traditions, and rich history.


  • Cowries: it denotes the history of the past. It was used as a legal tender before the introduction of coins and notes.
  • Three Lines Dividing The Shields: indicates Lagos’s past, present, and future.
  • White Cap, also known as the Keremesi, symbolizes authority.
  • Akoko Leaves is used to install¬†obas and chiefs in Lagos and other Yoruba areas. It is a sign of longevity.
  • Wheel: represents Lagos state’s industrial power. At the same time, the red background shows power generation.
  • Motto: Justice and Progress.
  • Fishing Activities: highlights the old profession of the initial dwellers in Lagos.
  • Coconut Palm: this shows the primary agricultural produce of Lagos.

Is Lagos A City?

This is a commonly asked question by a lot of Nigerians. It is also essential to ask as the given answer gives a clear direction to the status of Lagos as a city.

Lagos is a city indeed. It is one of the fast fastest-growing in Africa. And its population is increasing exponentially. People from all over Nigeria and the world visit Lagos for business endeavors and leisure.

In Lagos, you will find a representation of people from the different ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds of the country living there. It accommodates everybody.

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