170 Catchy Event Planning Name Ideas for Your Company

Here are some of the best event planning name ideas that promote your brand effortlessly.

When setting up shop as an event planner, one of the many important considerations to make is the choice of a name for your business. It is important to state here that not every name is fitting. You’ll need to choose one that resonates with clients and represents your business.

Using the right name will impact positively on your business. So, this is something you want to take seriously.

This article is solely aimed at providing you with tips or name ideas. We understand that a lot of new entrepreneurs seeking to start their event planning business are usually faced with the problem of how to go about this.

This article will prove handy as you choose from the several names a suitable one that best represents your business.

Event Planner Company Name Ideas

Here, we’ve included a long list of possible names you can choose from. These are cool and catchy names that are likely to serve your needs.

Nevertheless, there’s a possibility that you won’t find one which is befitting enough.

Under such circumstances, you still have the advantage of using the tips provided to piece one or more names together.

  1. Little Bird Celebrations
  2. Exceptional Events
  3. Fast N’ Furious
  4. Last Moment Savers
  5. Lovely Events
  6. Key Events
  7. Glow Event Designs
  8. Geo Events
  9. Great Beginnings
  10. Forevermore Events
  11. Flutes & Finesse Event Planners
  12. Posh Peony Events
  13. Origami Crane Event Planners
  14. Evening Unfolds Events
  15. Slate & Crystal Events
  16. Buttercup Events
  17. Indigo Event Planning
  18. Polished Events
  19. Done Right Event Designs
  20. Dark Roast Events
  21. Inspired Connections
  22. Party Planning Moms
  23. Wildflower Events
  24. Elegant Affairs
  25. Coastyle Events
  26. Lady Jewel Event
  27. Unique Planners
  28. The Classy Events
  29. All Occasions Event Planners
  30. Smart Associations Events
  31. Epic Events
  32. Events Beyond
  33. Black Cloth
  34. Cater To You
  35. Cupcakes & Carats Events
  36. Effortless Events
  37. Dream Creations
  38. Creative Outings
  39. Color Me Beautiful
  40. Down-the-Aisle
  41. Riverstone Events
  42. Basket of Gold Events
  43. Blacksand Event Planners
  44. Northern Lights Event Planners
  45. Crystal Waterfall Event Planning
  46. Bouquet Garni Events
  47. Eden Springs Events
  48. Mosaic Events
  49. The Polished Bannister Event Planners
  50. Honored Guest Events
  51. Encore Creative
  52. A Perfect Event
  53. All Seasons Weddings
  54. Coco Events
  55. Maximize Events
  56. Premier Event Management
  57. Staging Associations
  58. All-the-Tastes Events
  59. Butterfly Socials
  60. Feast-on-These Events
  61. Birthday Blings
  62. A Flair to Remember
  63. Balloons N’ Ribbons
  64. A Series of Fortunate Events
  65. All Purpose Flower
  66. Plan Ahead
  67. Party Poppers
  68. Make It Happen
  69. My Princess Party Events
  70. Organically You Events
  71. Revelry Life
  72. Fox Fire Events
  73. One Touch
  74. The Big Picture
  75. Beyond the Decor
  76. Polka Dot Events
  77. Event Guard
  78. Eye for Events
  79. Design Events
  80. Maverick Events
  81. We Manage Better
  82. Prestigious Productions
  83. Right Hand Events
  84. Rare Affairs
  85. Style Savvy
  86. Storyboard Group
  87. Three Cheers
  88. The Big Night
  89. Unbridled Solutions
  90. Top Notch Event Planning
  91. Hyde Park Event Design
  92. Winding River Events
  93. Dancing Leaf Events
  94. The Watercolor Orchid Planners
  95. Pink Crescent Moon Events
  96. Reflecting Pool Event Planning
  97. Dewdrops & Sunlight Events
  98. Aspen Glade Wedding & Events
  99. Morning Frost Events
  100. Spanish Moss Event Design
  101. Style Savvy
  102. Event Fusion
  103. Abbey Party Rents
  104. Conference Planners
  105. 4 Diamond Events
  106. Oh How Charming
  107. The Big Bash
  108. Fab Functions
  109. Helping Hands
  110. Dreams Come True Events
  111. Creative Affairs
  112. Wonder Weddings
  113. A Touch of Grace Events
  114. 4PM Events
  115. Belle of the Ball
  116. As You Wish
  117. Bliss Events
  118. Charmed Events
  119. Dazzle Me Parties
  120. Creative Corner
  121. Triple Time Events
  122. Valle De La Luna Events
  123. Bamboo Grove Event Planning
  124. Painted Desert Event Designs
  125. Cliffs of Moha Events
  126. Somerset Garden Events
  127. Andante & Allegro Event Designs
  128. Little Adagio Events
  129. Sterling Forest Event Planners
  130. Oak Street Event Planners
  131. Dream A Little Dream Events
  132. Happily Ever After
  133. Fuse Events
  134. Glamorous Occasions
  135. Feast On This
  136. Events Connect
  137. Events by Design
  138. Dream Come True Elegance Events
  139. Helping Hand
  140. Legendary Events
  141. The Bliss
  142. Perfect Match
  143. Neutral Events
  144. Flip Chart Events
  145. Spotlight Event
  146. Keynote Event Planners
  147. Pipe N Drapes
  148. The Big Picture
  149. Event Couture
  150. Planning Gurus
  151. Events by Isabella
  152. Rose Garden Gate Events
  153. Victoria Glen Events
  154. Meadowlands Events Design
  155. Greenleaf Court Events
  156. Winthrop Park Events
  157. Cambridge Avenue Events
  158. Morningside Heights Events
  159. Highwood Terrace Events
  160. Sterling Forest Event Planners
  161. Map Your Events
  162. Meeting in Minutes
  163. Sunset Point
  164. Seize the Day
  165. Stellar Style Events
  166. Ranch Events
  167. Reunions Unlimited
  168. Party Curators
  169. Picture Perfect
  170. Oh How Charming

What Follows After Choosing An Event Company Name?

This article is all about providing you with possible suggestions and alternatives in selecting a name that fits your event planning business.

Your choice of a befitting name is only a part of the process. Additional steps are required to complete the process.

This has to do with verifying if the name is available for use. This is also known as the name availability check.

  • Name Availability Check

There are many other existing businesses that operate under different names. It is possible that your most preferred name has been taken by another business. Now, two businesses cannot use the same names for their operations.

This is why a database of all registered business names is accessible online.

You’ll need to verify that your preferred name is available for use. Finding out isn’t that difficult. A Secretary of State name search is conducted depending on your state. Also, you should search the federal database of the U.S Patent & Trademark Office If you insist on using a name that is already trademarked, you run the risk of being sued.

It is important to have a list of possible names (at least three) in case your most preferred choice isn’t available. This allows you to move on to the next name by searching for its availability.

  • Business Name Registration

Business name registration should follow immediately after confirming the availability of your business name.

Registration will depend on the structure you choose. In other words, operating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), limited partnership or corporation will require registering the business which includes business name registration.

In the case of a sole proprietorship, you have the opportunity of registering a “Doing Business As” name. This allows you to use your preferred name without necessarily using your legal name.

These are some event planning name ideas as well as tips on what to do after finding the right name. There’s an inexhaustible number of event planning name ideas you can come up with. These are only a few and enable you to begin the process.

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