Sample Convenience Store Business Plan Template


A convenience store is in another word a small retail business where everyday items like snacks, soft drinks, toiletries food items amongst other are being sold.

Starting a convenience store requires at first locating the best market that would pay you I am presenting to you a sample business plan for opening a convenience store.

BUSINESS NAME: Skywalk convenience store

Here is a sample business plan for starting a convenience cafe business at your gas station.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Product and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Skywalk convenience store is a fully registered retail business which will be carrying out its business operation in Las Vegas, United State of America. The business will mainly be concerned with providing basic daily needs of each individual in our store. Skywalk convenience store will be owned by Janie Schmidt and she will be both the CEO and Manager of the store which will be based in Las Vegas.

For a start our major target would be providing our services to people in Las Vegas alone and with passing time through the whole of United State. She has contributed a total of $600,000 form her personal savings and sales of some of her properties, she will be securing a loan worth $400,000 from her bank to complete the startup capital of $1,000,000.

Our Product and Services

Skywalk convenience store is a retail business based in Las Vegas, United State. Our services will be mainly interested in providing its services for consumers only in Las Vegas. Having done a lot of research we are ready to offer something new in this environment, the following are the product and services that will be rendered by Skywalk convenience store:

  • A 24-hour retail store, where you can walk in and get your product.
  • Discounted home delivery for consumers.
  • Online shopping would also be made available.
  • Sales of all essential daily needs.

Vision Statement

Our vision in the retail business is to become the prince in satisfying the needs of each family daily, and doing this at no extra cost. We want Skywalk to be the biggest and simple convenience store ever.

Mission Statement

Our mission in the retail business is to become a reputable convenience store that provides the best services for our consumers daily. We want a profitable business that will benefit both us and our consumer, that is while we make our gain, they enjoy the service.

Business Structure

The structure of Skywalk convenience store will not be extremely large, but it will reasonably fulfil the sole aim of starting the business. Our structure will go a long way in defining the success of our business, therefore so much attention would be given to this.

Below are the posts that will be occupied:

  • Manager (CEO and owner)
  • Accountant (2)
  • Sales person (2 boys, 2 girl)
  • Delivery Man (2)
  • Security guard (2 shifting based)
  • Customer service personnel

Market Analysis
Market Trend

Two notable things that define your success in the retail business is (1) Price (2) Customer Relation. If this two are done rightly you get to have a steady and reasonable sale. This is the popular trend in this sort of business.

Target Market

Actually almost all, in fact saying “LL” is in its entirety a fact will be needing our services, but below are some of our identified target:

  • Families
  • School Children
  • Smaller retail business owners
  • Hotel and Bars and Motels
  • Passerby
  • Street Workers

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Like earlier stated, one of the key success to our business will be based on customer relation. So our business will primarily be promoted by our good customer relationship scheme. We will also be making other plans so as to inform all resident of Las Vegas of our business, below are some of them:

  • Distribution of business card far and wide
  • News media based adverts using the following medium Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazines
  • We would also make reasonable use of the social media to target residents of Las Vegas.
  • We would be making Sign post, Bill boards and fliers to also inform people about our business.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

To become successful in the business, enough resources would be needed. So far we have been able to gather a total of $600,000 from the owner, Janie Schmidt. We will need to obtain a loan of US400, 000 from the owner’s bank to complete the startup capital.

Sales Forecast

Below are the sales forecast for the first three years of operation. This is an estimated figure based on quality and valid statistical figure received from the industry.

First Fiscal Year              $800,000
Second Fiscal Year $1,500,000
Third Fiscal Year $2,200,000


This article containing a sample business plan for a convenience store with the name Skywalk convenience store owned and headed by Janie Schmidt, will be carrying out their activity in Las Vegas, United State.

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