Commercial Cleaning Company Names that Stand Out!

Do you need good ideas for naming your cleaning service? One of the most important things you will need to do in setting up a business is choosing its name.

This article is focused on unique cleaning business names. This is targeted at providing good cleaning business name ideas you can use.

Although this may sound easy to some, there are a whole lot of things to take into consideration when choosing the most appropriate name for your cleaning business. Before we list some of these, let’s discuss the following;

What’s in a Cleaning Business Name?

Simply Everything! Yes, that’s how important a name is to a business.

According to, up to 77% of consumers purchase goods based on a brand name. The process of choosing a name for business has proven to be one of the most difficult for most entrepreneurs.

To help you choose the right name for your cleaning business, the following are some things you should consider;

  • The Brainstorming Session

This is a necessary step that helps in leading you to the right name. You need to come up with names that contain words reflecting your products or service. These should also convey the benefits of your services and products as well. You should be open to introducing popular languages such as Latin or Greek among others.

These should be able to translate your chosen words. Although time-consuming, it is worth it.

  • Short, and Easy to Remember

While a name is expected to convey the message the business is trying to send, it should be short and simple. It should also be easy to stick or remember. Complicated names are likely to create a complicated picture of your business. Names like Qantas, HP, Apple and many more are examples to work with.

  • What is the Name Conveying?

As your business identity, your target clients should be able to easily relate your business to the services or products you are providing.

  • Eliminate Restrictions

Your business name should allow for flexibility if such a business expands. You may incorporate other things into your business as well, hence a name that will not be restrictive as a result of introducing new products and services to the ones you provide.

Also, avoid following the trend. A lot of businesses that do this end up having problems in the long run.


Now going back to our cleaning business names, the following are examples you can work within choosing the ultimate cleaning business name;

  1. After You Cleaning Service
  2. Hot Mops Cleaning Service
  3. Happy Maids Cleaning
  4. Your Neighborhood Cleaning Service
  5. White-Glove Maid Service
  6. Floor to Ceiling Cleaning Service
  7. The Glass House Cleaners
  8. Any Mess Cleaning Service
  9. A New view Cleaners and
  10. Deeper Clean Maid Service
  11. Your Panes are Our Pleasure
  12. True Shine
  13. The Dirty Spot
  14. Two Girls and a Bucket
  15. You Have it Maid
  16. Well Done Cleaning Service
  17. Twinkle Time
  18. Thorough Clean
  19. Xtreme Cleaners
  20. The Dust Busters
  21. Bright and Beautiful Cleaning
  22. Clean 4 U
  23. Broom with a Clue
  24. Clean Conscience
  25. Clean Queen
  26. April Fresh Cleaning Service
  27. Bonded Building Cleaning
  28. Clean and Bright Cleaning Service
  29. Clean Break
  30. Clean Club
  31. Cleaning by Design
  32. Cleaning Solutions
  33. Clean Freedom
  34. Dust to Shine
  35. Dust Bunnies
  36. Do Right Cleaning
  37. Clean Your Clock and Everything Else
  38. Drip and Dry
  39. Diamond Shine
  40. Dust Buddies
  41. Clean Sweep
  42. Down and Dirty Cleaning Service
  43. Loving Care Cleaners
  44. Lemon Fresh Cleaning
  45. Let Me Do the Cleaning
  46. Let Us Hurt Your Dirt
  47. Krystal Klear Cleaning Service
  48. Just Clean
  49. Feather Lady
  50. Freedom Clean
  51. Green Clean Team
  52. Grime Busters
  53. Easy Clean Services
  54. Gleam and Glisten Cleaning
  55. Hygiene Machine
  56. Heaven Scent Cleaners
  57. Happy House Cleaners
  58. Home Sweet Home Cleaners
  59. Heavenly House Cleaners
  60. Magical Maids
  61. Married to the Mop
  62. Shine Maid Shine
  63. Neat and Discreet Cleaning Service
  64. Professional Cleaning Services
  65. Pristine Cleaning
  66. Perfect Cleaners
  67. Maid in Bliss
  68. Maid to Order
  69. Neat n Tidy
  70. Perfectly Clean
  71. Pleasin’ Polish
  72. Prestige Cleaning
  73. Peachy Clean
  74. Spic-n-Span Services
  75. Spiffy Clean
  76. Spotless Services
  77. Select Cleaning Services
  78. Spic-n-Span
  79. Soft-Touch SupremeKlene
  80. Sparkle Aplenty
  81. Rise ‘n Shine
  82. We Mean to Clean
  83. Clean Break
  84. Neat, Sweet and Discreet Cleaning Service
  85. The Dream Clean Team
  86. Krazy Klean
  87. Quick Clean
  88. Star Cleaning
  89. Clean Right
  90. Friendly Clean
  91. Ever-Clean Maintenance
  92. Shine Time Cleaning Services
  93. Top to Bottom Cleaning
  94. Just Like New Cleaning Crew
  95. Nooks and Crannies Cleaning Co.
  96. Deep Clean Office Team
  97. Fresh Start Home and Office Cleaning
  98. Cleaning with Meaning
  99. Hands and Knees Professional Cleaners
  100. Breathe Easy Commercial Cleaning
  101. I-Shine
  102. WhattaRelief!
  103. Squeaky Clean
  104. Save Your Stress
  105. Reflections Cleaning Company
  106. Thorough Clean
  107. Perfectionism
  108. Jason’s Custom Clean
  109. Dirt B Gone
  110. Under the Rug Cleaners

These are some easy-to-remember cleaning business names you can work within coming up with your unique business name.

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It is important to consider these questions; Is your cleaning business name original? Is it straight to the point? Will your clients recall the name easily? And can it be easily pronounced?

These questions are vital in coming up with the best name for your cleaning business.