Molly Maid Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Molly Maid began in 1979 in Canada and has since expanded to the United States and several other international locations. This residential cleaning franchise specializes in carpet, baseboard, bathroom, and counter cleaning services among others.

Cleaning opportunities are available throughout the United States.

The Benefits of Owning A Molly Maid Franchise

According to the franchisor, several benefits come with owning its franchise. These range from lifestyle flexibility where owners tend to have flexible schedules due to the franchisor’s support. Recurring revenue is another benefit you get as a franchisee. This stems from repeat patronage.

Molly Maid has a 97% average customer retention.

The national brand is has created makes it a trusted name in cleaning services. As its franchisee, you get to benefit from the trust and confidence clients have in the brand. Funding guidance is an additional benefit you have from joining this cleaning franchise.

So, how is this provided?

Initial costs are influenced by multiple factors including location. Molly Maid saves you the stress by helping you figure out the cost details which apply to your location. This is in addition to helping you find financing for your business. Its ongoing support program means franchisees are never left stranded.

A dedicated franchise coach is attached to your business. This is in addition to providing you with all the resources you need to succeed. There are lots of existing franchisees who have benefited from an excellent business relationship with the franchisor.

Molly Maid Franchise Cost

The cost requirements for starting a Molly Maid franchise will be determined by a variety of factors. As such, your estimated initial investment will range from $89,200 to $137,200. What is included in the estimated initial investment? Several things.

This cost includes your start-up costs and operating expenses for 3 months.

Others include insurance, permits, equipment, rent expenses, and initial package fee. Plus franchise and territory fees among others. All these are basic components of the estimated initial investment. Now, it is necessary to consider the factors determining the cost amount.

They include;

  • Territory Size

Territory size is determined by looking at household incomes, demographics, the number of businesses within this area, as well as homes with upper or higher incomes within the location. The same applies to wherever you wish to expand into.

  • Start-Up Costs

Start-up costs are incurred when rebranding an existing business or starting from scratch. In any case, the resulting costs aren’t the same.

  • Existing Business

Prospective franchisees who are already into residential cleaning services can take advantage of Molly Maid’s roll-in program. This offers a discount to residential cleaning businesses when they rebrand such businesses to Molly Maid.

Terms and conditions may apply to this.

  • VetFran Discount

Molly Maid values the sacrifices made by veterans and seeks to reward them. Thus, through the VetFran program, veteran prospective franchisees get a 15% discount off the initial franchise fee.

Training Program

The training follows immediately after your signing the franchise agreement. Training involves an onsite training program that lasts for 127 hours. This is followed by another training session at the franchisor’s headquarters with a 20-hour duration.

Additional training will be offered to franchisees at a regional training center. This is usually a franchise outlet whose owner is experienced enough and is chosen as the franchisor’s training partner.


Support is necessary and essential to the success of Molly Maid franchisees. Hence this is given all the attention it deserves. This takes the form of ongoing and marketing support as further explained below;

  • Ongoing Support

Molly Maid’s ongoing support consists of a grand opening ceremony, online support, membership of its purchasing cooperatives, and newsletter publications. Others include its franchisee intranet platform, use of its proprietary software, field operations and security & safety procedures.

In regards to its proprietary business management software, Molly Maids prides itself as being the only franchise to have received recognition by none other than Bill Gates. This is after it had achieved first place on two occasions in the Windows World Open competition.

This gives franchisees unrivaled support through the use of its business management software. This tool gives you more control over how you operate your franchise.

  • Marketing Support

Molly Maids help franchisees to market their business effectively through the following measures; cooperative advertising and loyalty programs. Others include website development, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, regional advertising, and use of its ad templates.

Molly Maids assigns franchise consultants to cover designated franchise locations. These professionals offer help and support to its franchisees. Not only do you benefit from the expertise of franchise consultants, but the franchisor also has an entire team on standby. These consist of IT wizards, marketing gurus and instructional experts among others.


If you think this is the right franchise opportunity, proceeding with an application will be the next step. Click on the “apply” link to open an account or sign if you’ve already created an account. This redirects you to its secure “Candidate Qualification Summary” form. Fill this and submit.

Molly Maid contacts you within a short time for further discussions on its franchise opportunity. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask as many questions as you’ll like to find answers to. All the information and guidance you require to start your Molly Maid franchise is provided to you.

  • Further Your Research

You are attached to a franchise developer in charge of your area who discusses at length with you on available opportunities. Making further research requires reviewing the process. You’ll need to assess if this opportunity is right for you or not.

  • Finalizing Your Application

To finalize the application process, you might have to visit the franchisor’s headquarters. However, this only happens after meeting the minimum requirements and deemed qualified. Franchisee orientation takes place where in-depth discussions and held and additional information is made available.

There you have it! This article has provided a summary of the Molly Maid franchise. The franchisor reserves the sole right to alter some of the information regarding its operations.