Sample Children’s Fitness Camp Business Plan


If you have a passion for children and love seeing them stay fit, then starting a children’s fitness camp ain’t a bad idea.

Fitness camps are a great experience for children as it leaves lasting memories in their mind and also benefits their health too.

As more and more parents are seeing the benefits of keeping their children fit (mostly the obese), they don’t fail to take them to any available children’s fitness camp so they can have fun and as well, burn some calories.

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a children’s fitness center business.

Starting a children’s fitness camp can be profitable but it also comes with lots of responsibility as parents trust you to take care of their children.

But, notwithstanding, after going through this article, you will learn what it takes to start a children’s fitness camp in your community and profit from it.

Here are the steps to starting a children fitness center;

  • Decide the Scope of Operation

Starting a children’s fitness camp involves a lot of preparation. You can’t just invite children or go door-to-door telling parents that you are organizing a fitness camp for their children. You will need to decide on your scope of operation.

Will your camp be for only people of a certain demographic or age group? Will it be a day camp or a camp where the children will reside in the campground? What is the number of children you will be accommodating? Will your fitness camp be seasonal or it will be just a yearly fitness camp? What kind of fitness program will you be teaching the kids?

These are things you will need to decide about when thinking of starting a children’s fitness camp.

  • Become a Certified Fitness Instructor

If you want your clients to respect you and rely on you, you will need to be seen as an expert in what you do. Being a certified fitness instructor will also make the children see you as a role model. Fitness begins with you. 

Visit the National Trainer Association in your community or city and get certified. This will give you an edge over your competitors.

  • The Business Plan

Most business owners see creating a business plan as a very big task. It is something most entrepreneurs fear most. Whether you like it or not, you must have a business plan when starting a children’s fitness camp.

The business plan must contain the aforementioned scope, target audience, expected income and costs, available capital and possible investors (if necessary), etc.

You can use expert advice when drawing out your business plan in case you have no idea how to go about it.

  • Get the Necessary Fitness Equipment

Get a pen and a paper and make a list of training equipment that will be needed for your fitness camp. You will need to visit a sports shop to check and get the necessary fitness equipment according to what you intend using for your fitness program.

You should also make sure the equipment you are picking fits the needs of the children in terms of keeping fit.

  • Choose a Workout Space and Accommodation

You can consult a real estate agent for any good place you can convert into a camp. If the cost will be too much for you, you can look for a place you can rent, like a spot in a big park.

Talking of accommodation, this is one big factor you should give priority to if your fitness camp will be like a 2 or 3 days’ camp. You should consider the safety of the children as parents will be trusting you on that. Serious incidents are rare, but can still happen with outdoor activities.

If you plan to accept children with special needs or disabilities, ensure you have a clear outline of facilities and ensure you cater for them.

  • Hire Staff

It is impossible to run a children’s fitness camp alone. You will need a hand full of staff with different skills and passion.

Having staff who will love to work with children is also an added advantage. If your camp is near a river or lake, someone with a lifeguard experience should be hired.

  • Choose your Price

To know how much you will be charging, you will need to inquire from other children’s fitness camp competitors. This way, your price won’t be too much or less than your competitors.

To charge at a higher price, you will need to make your camp unique so you can use it as an advantage over your competitors.

Don’t let your price be too cheap just to get customers attracted to your camp or else you will draw cheap customers to your camp and it might be very difficult to increase your price in the future.

  • Marketing your Children Fitness Camp

This is what makes or breaks your camp. Your marketing must be put in place. A website that is SEO friendly is very important to be found. If you have the budget and want to grow faster, you will likely need to work with an advertising agency to get your camp out to the right channel and with good publicity.

Running a children’s fitness camp is a very lucrative business, but if that is your only motivation, you may need to reconsider your plan. Helping children get fit and have fun should be your motivation and not just the money aspect of it.

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