How Corpers Make Money During NYSC Camp And Service Year

Business And Money Making Opportunities For Corpers

Do you know how to make money during NYSC? Are you looking for lucrative business to do in NYSC camp?

What kind of low cost business is best to do in NYSC program?

While most corps members rely heavily on the allowance (allowee) paid to them monthly by the Federal Government, those with entrepreneurial spirits among them look for opportunities to make money during the National Youth Service Corps Scheme (NYSC) starting from when the orientation camp opens. Apart from adding to the N19,800 that is being paid to corpers at present, smart corpers are looking at increasing their streams of income as well as building what they can fall back on when the monthly bank alerts from the government ceases.

I’m not here to take much of your time so I will briskly show you what you can do to make money while on Camp and after settling down at your Place Of Primary Assignment (PPA).

How To Make Money At NYSC Orientation Camp As A Corps Member

Are you interested in starting business in NYSC camps? For those that have passed through this programme, we understand how strictly regulated whatever you bring on camp is. You will be searched and your items checked before passing through the gates upon arrival at NYSC Camp. Also, your daily schedule is closely regimented.

Nevertheless, I will show you what you can still do to make money without going against the rules. You can make money when you pack items that corpers usually need and are allowed to bring to the camp. These materials can be offered for sale to your fellow colleagues during your break time. Examples include extra pair of plastic boots, socks, balm and lip gloss during (harmattan), satchets of detergent and beverages. Here some more business ideas for corps members:

7 Ways To Make Money During Service Year

1. ==> Start Home Tutorial

As a corper, you can make money but taking primary and secondary school pupils tutorials at home. Many youth corpers extend this service to students preparing for exams like common entrance, junior WAEC, WASSCE, neco, gce, jamb and post-utme.

All you need to do is inform the community where you are service about what you are capable of teaching. You can also print posters and distribute them in the community. This business is easy for corpers as a major percentage of them serve in schools where they have frequent contact with parents.

2. ==> Set Up A Laundry Outfit

Many people find the process of washing, rinsing, drying and ironing clothes tedious. As such, they are prepared to spend quite some cash to get the work done. If you have access to a place you can use, starting a laundry service shop is one way to make cool money during your service year. With a big or medium-sized washing machine, packs of detergent, steady source of water, industrial starch, pressing iron and a flat table top, you are good to go.

However, power is a major consideration in this business. If you can give little pecks like free deliveries, going round to collect clothes and a great personal relationship with your clients, you are on your way to building a great small business corpers can do.

3. ==> Blogging And Other Online Businesses For Corpers

Many Nigerian youth are currently involved in making money online. There are different avenues to generate income from the internet. Personally, I made quite a lot of money from blogging and selling information products during my service year.

Whether you are interested in starting a blogging, bulk sms, affiliate marketing, social media marketing or data reselling business, dedication in the face of not making anything is the key. To build a successful online business, you need more than money as your motivation. With zero capital, you can set up a free blog to discuss your areas of interest and you can then monetize it later on.

4. ==> Go Into Importation Business

Importation business needs careful survey if you want to be successful at it. You need to carry out discrete survey in order what brands people prefer and how much it is been sold locally as well as to balance what items will sell fastest with those that give the highest profit.

Electronics (including android and tablet phones; phone accessories like memory cards, batteries and original casings; power banks; cheap mini laptops and notebooks, watches etc) are some commonly imported goods. With a mastercard from GTB, Zenith WebSurfer Card, AccessBank Visa Cards and other debit cards from Nigerian banks you can easily make payment on most popular stores such as Ebay and Amazon as well as chinese stores like Alibaba and Aliexpress.

5. ==> Open A Retail Shop

If you stay in an area where getting household items or certain services are difficult to get, you can research on items and services that people in that area need and then open a retail shop. Some of these products may include palm oil, kerosene, recharge cards, toiletries, raw foodstuff, satchel/pure water etc.

Examples of services that you can render include barbing, grinding, shoe repair, tailoring, painting, carpentry, hair styling etc.

6. ==> Helping With Student Projects

If you serve in or around a tertiary institution, you can offer paid help with collating and analysis data for students that are writing project. It is very easy when you are well grounded in the use of statistical packages like Excel and SPSS as well as when the topic involved falls under your discipline.

Design hand bills which you can share among final year students and also paste on conspicuous facilities within the school area and hostels. You will be shocked at the number of people that will bombard your line with calls asking you to help them with their projects.

7. ==> Monetize Your Skills

If are lucky to have acquire a skill you are interested in developing, you can start a business after developing on it. Many corpers end up settling down in cities where they served after setting up business enterprises that may be difficult to move after NYSC service year.

Some of the skill acquisition units that are commonly set up in most orientation camps include art works and design, ankara customized accessories, leather works, paint and soap making, web design and development, make overs and Gele tying, interior decoration, cake and confectionery, fashion design, agro farming business, hairstyles for nysc, photography, aluminum and glass works, tile fixing etc.

How Much Can I Make During One Year National Youth Service?

Well, this question is simply difficult to answer because of two reasons. Cost of living varies from cities to cities across Nigeria. Also, corps members have different lifestyles and spending habits.

Basically, to make sure you have more than enough at the end of NYSC, when spending prioritize your needs over your wants, avoid extravagant friends and companies and endeavour to invest whatever funds that comes into your account monthly.

Did you make money during your NYSC days?

Are you about to go for NYSC or even serving currently? Post a comment below, let’s rub minds.

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